Wasted opportunities

Chapter 1 - the past

I was always fascinated with fat. I liked to look at pictures and to read stories. But I was in a long-term relationship and never thought of meeting a man and to be in a relationship with someone really fat. But then fate decided to let me be single again. I started to dream of big bellies, but still couldn't imagine to meet someone as big as in the stories I liked so much.

Then one day my firm had the annual employees metting. As it is a big firm we had to go there by bus and we had to made a stop in another town to collect our colleagues there. When we arrived I looked out of the window and there was this man.

He was so big "Oh my god. Is he fat!" was my only thought, vocalized by more than one of my co-workers. I watched with fascination how everybody embarked. He was the last to enter the bus. Logically so, as it took him quite a bit of time to get up the stairs and then to sidle through the aisle, his protruding belly colliding with every seatback.
The bus was nearly full, so he had to make his way through the whole bus till the back. Much to my delight. He was panting heavily and was really embarassed having to appologize constantly for nudging the people.
It was quite a sight. With every seatback his belly stuck a bit until he moved further on, then when it finally freed itself of its obstruction it would nearly hit the person sitting on the next seat. Naturally it was jiggling madly and I really enjoyed watching his slow progress.
Then he came to my row. and me, myself overflowing the seat because of my size.It was an even tighter squeeze and there was no way to avoid my arms and shoulder pressing into his belly.
And then it hit me. It was like a lightning that stroke me. An amazing sensation. His belly was so soft and I was pressed so deep into his fat. The feeling was incredible and the heat emanating from his body was hitting me like a wave. Or was it me getting so hot and bothered? I'm sure I must have been blushing to crimson instantly.
I cant't remember his reaction as I was so shocked about mine. He took a seat some rows behind me so I didn't get a glance of him until we made a break. I was still shocked to the core about my reaction. The whole day I was totally aroused sexually, which was rather surprising to me because he wasn't exactly a hot guy. His haircut was really not flattering. He was wearing a tight old fashoined fasciated sweatshirt and funny old fashioned trousers. But I couldn't get over that feeling and was silently watching him moving around from afar. Not that he moved too much as fat as he was ...
When I got home that evening I instantly logged online to watch more pictures of BHM's on the internet trying to recreate that feeling. From then on my visits on my favourite web sites were significant increasing!

As he lived at least 100 km away I didn't expect to see him again. But some months later we had another lecture and there he was. And wow had he changed. He had a stylish haircut and a nicely groomed beard. He wore nice clothes and it seemed that he was even fatter, if that was possible. His trousers which he was wearing over his belly were a bit tight and filled to their capacity. The belt was cutting into his stomach and his shirt was tugged into it, pointing out his overlapping belly and clearly accentuating his moobs. But it was such an improvement that I jealously assumed a female hand had intervened ...
He had to sit in front of us behind a table and I could do nothing but stare longingly at his enormous mass squeezed together under the table. How he had to spread his legs to be able to sit comfortably and how difficult it was for him to reach for the drinks situated on the other side of the table. His belly forced him to sit too far away and his arms were too short to reach! Eventually, his neighbor had to lean over to hand him his bottle.
I think the meeting was really boring, but for me it was most exciting and I got most hot and bothered again just watching him from afar ...

When we were back at work my male colleagues started to make jokes about him.
One asked under roaring laughter "Imagine to hug him....if that's even possible...But who would want to do that?" and I only thought "Oh yes please!" Then another one commented " He looks like the Michelin Man."
I agreed silently. I always liked that figure and with his belly cut in two halfs and the breasts there was really a similarity. But, and I really regret this, I didn't say anything to stop the jokes. I was dealing with their jokes myself. Not so openly but hidden remarks. And I didn't have the courage to out myself as an FFA. I know I'm a coward...

After that I knew at least his name. I googled him and found that he had an account on a side to find friends. I learned about his hobbies and that he was only 1 year younger than me. So I made an account myself with the hope that maybe he would notice me. I never got the courage to search actively for him on the side. He would have been able to notice that and I would have been highly embarassed if he had found out that I was searching for him.
So time went on and I never got into contact with him. The page had the function to propose all possible men over the time but he never came up. A lot of others, which were really boring for me, but not him. Then I got a message from someone. The first name was the same, he was the right age, the right town and the right hobbies. But he had an avatar picture.We exchanged some messages.But when I asked for a real picture he suddenly vanished. The account was closed.
So I never got the chance to ask him directly.

There were some more assemblings where I always tried to get nearer to him, but as he knew a lot of people, there was no possiblity to approach him, without a reason.
How do you approach a stranger? You can't go straight forward saying, "Hi, I like your body."
Of course you can do that, but not me. I'm really shy. So every time I met him I wracked my mind to come up with a not too stupid opening, only to have no possibility to try it because he was called away by other people.

Then we had again a meeting at our office. The same picture as before. Him sitting behind the desk and me in the audience staring like a dear in the head-lights. This time my friend asked me something only to find me daydreaming and not hearing her question at all.
After the official part, I tried to fall behind when my colleagues were going back to work. And then I got him all for myself. I was smiling broadly to show him that I wasn't only staring pryingly. My heart was beating fiercely. We started a conversation.

Which lasted not longer than 3-4 sentences until he was called away by someone. I had to go back to work. After that our company got divided, so I think, I will probably never see him again.

I'm often asking myself if I should have been more aggressive in my attempts? Asking him straight forward if he would like to go out for a coffee? But I really can't imagine taking the initiative so early. Maybe after a longer conversation.
But I don't know what my life would be today without him. Unintentionally he had such a great impact on my life. I haven't find a partner yet, but a lot of nice friends and I had very nice experiences with man even bigger than him. So I 'm deeply grateful.

And maybe , if we'll meet again one day, I will be able to tell him.
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Fat Fiji 4 months
Wonderfully written story!
Pd500 9 years
It's easy to relate.....The what if is always great to dream about. Nice writing.
Built4com4t 9 years
i enjoy your writing, the thoughtful and descriptive details from a woman's perspective
Azerty 9 years
Thank you for this lovely story