The man of my dreams

Chapter 1 - how it began

We are driving back from the supermarket.

Most of our supplies we get delivered but once in a while I like to visit the supermarket. It is a very big one and I like to explore it. Everytime I'll find something new. And I get a lot of ideas for new recipes.

I leave my husband in a cosy cafe at the entrance. It has big benches with a soft upholsterering at the wall. So he can sit there as comfortably as possible at his size. He is 5'10" and over 600 pounds now. So it is definitely not an easy task to find places which agree to his size.

During my exploration of the store he likes to drink his coffee and enjoy a big piece (really several pieces) of their delicious cakes, pretending to read the newspaper, but silently enjoying the ogling from people and the mostly not so hidden remarks about him.

When I'm ready with my shopping we'll go for lunch at the adjusted restaurant. Luckily it is not too far, so he can walk there, although he still complains about the distance. We don't like him taking a scooter. We think he needs to walk to maintain his mobility. So he slowly waddles along. He is panting heavily with each step as it is not easy to move that massive bulk.

I go ahead waiting for him at the entrance. So I am able to enjoy the sight. He looks so sexy. His whole body is wobbling and jiggling. Everybody is watching and I would like to shout "That's all mine."

It is a chinese buffet restaurant and we always make reservations for the one seat where he can sit comfortable.

So now we are on our way back home. He is stuffed into the passenger seat, slightly snoring. I think we have to soon look for another car. He won't be able to drive it, but at least he will have more room. I hope there is one big enough, perhaps a two-door coupe with wider doors so I can get him in and out easier. I wouldn't like it if he has to sit in the back of a regular four-door. I like to watch him seated beside me, with the movement of the car going directly to his belly and creating waves like small earthquakes, particularly when we hit a bump in the road.

My thoughts are wandering and I contemplate how happy I am now.

At our first contact I really ignored him because he was too small. But then he wrote a really great story on FF and I made a review. We wrote more and more Emails and I learned that he was a really nice, humorous and intelligent man. And he seemed to appreciate my figure.

But he still didn't appeal my sexual interest. We spoke about my interest in big men and soon I was describing and showing him what the man of my dreams would look like.

I never was into gaining or feeding. I think people have to decide themseves, if they want to gain or not. Sometimes they have no choice.

But I was really pleased when he told me he liked my imagination too and was starting to gain to meet my dreams.

When he started he was a lightweight with only 250 lbs. But he really put a lot of effort in it and when he reached the 400 lbs I agreed to meet him. I couldn't believe my luck. That such a great man whom I really liked would go to such lengths to impress me. I really felt worshipped, but was still a little hesitant, waiting for the blow (I like fallout, but I'm not sure if it suits here)

At the terminal I recognized him at once. He had eaten himself so massive, I think he was lucky that they didn't charge him a second seat! He was wearing jeans with a belt between his two belly rolls. So his trousers were packed and bulging out by his underbelly and his upper belly covered by a gigantic turquoise polo shirt was hanging over that belt. He was enormous. When I hugged him I didn't want to let loose again. I wanted to stay forever in that soft, cushiony embrance. To sink deeper and deeper ... I was exploring every roll of ample flesh I could reach and so did he. We were really lost for the world until we were told in not too friendly words that we were blocking the way .

I'm sure that after the first day he recognized too, that this was the real thing.

He really liked the cold northern European weather that greeted him. It's just more agreeable for fatties than the south.

So he moved in. Fortunately I own a one story house, so that we were able to stay in it. We were only forced with the time to make some changes to accommodate his growing girth. And growing it was .. he really enjoyed my cooking and I enjoyed having someone who appreciated my efforts. So I started to spoil him with big menus and creating new recipes. Unfortunately that started to show on me too. But I only gained some pounds. I think I have to watch my weight a bit more as one of us needs to maintain his agility. And that's not going to be him ..

So he gained up to over 600 beautiful pounds. As he can work from home, and even had earned his share before, we are able to enjoy our life to the fullest. We started to enlarge the house as he enlarged too and needed more space. Small rooms cramped with furniture are definitely not a good idea. By turning around he would smash things down with his big rear or his belly or even got hurt. He just didn't realize how big he had gotten. At least no furniture had broken yet, but I was expecting that to occur before too much longer, as he just continues to eat!

Yesterday the new parts of the house were finished. This morning the cleaning lady was doing her job.- it's nice to have a wealthy husband.

So when we get home I intend to explore the possibilities of our new pool area.
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Built4com4t 8 years
Azerty 9 years
Great story
Pd500 9 years
Nice work.
Built4com4t 9 years
better and better
Built4com4t 9 years
chapter 4 is brilliant
Pd500 9 years
What's the new room? Can't weight to hear more!
Pd500 9 years
Built4com4t 9 years
well done...i hope this is just the beginning, i'm a sucker for bhm stories with a woman's pov