The taste of luck

Chapter 1 - saturday

I was back on a visit at my parents. They live on the countryside in a beautiful little valley. The village is well-known for the relaxing atmosphere and the great variety of very good restaurants. Most people like to hike there, but of course not me...
I was looking forward to a wellness vacation..
It was exactly the right timing, as the leaves were beautifully colored. So on my first day I decided to enjoy the sight, before the magnificient play of colours would be gone. I drove to the valley station of a charlift to get up to a cabin with a great view over the surrounding hills and valleys.
I felt a little uncomfortable in the chair as it was hanging considerably to my side and I was relieved when I arrived on the top. You have to know that I'm not ashamed of my 350 lbs. But it must have been quite a sight.
Luckily I was able to get a seat where I had a free view. So I spent my afternoon sitting in the warm fall sun enjoying a nice cup of coffee and a delicious piece of Black Forest cake.
It was nearly five o'clock when the waitress approached me.
"I'm sorry, but we are closing soon. And the last ride with the lift will be at 5,"she appologized. "But if you like you can stay." she informed me." Every Saturday evening we have a special event. It is always outbooked as we only have 16 places inside. The owner himself is cooking. It's always a 5-course surprise menu. Unfortunately we just got a call, that 2 of our guests had an accident. Nothing bad happened, but they won't be able to get here in time, so they had to cancel. But on such short notice we are not able to get a substitute."
"As you are the only one - person party today, I can offer you to participate. You have to pay only the half prize, but otherwise the food would be wasted.", she declared.
" But how will I get down later" I asked her, thinking about the long way through the dark forest.
"Don't worry. We are allowed to drive and you will get a ride", she appeased me.
"Oh, and I forgot to say, wine and mineral water are included"
It still was a bit more than I usually would pay for a meal, but when the people payed double for it every weekend , I thought it has to be something special. So I happily agreed and was invited inside.
It was smelling delicious and I noticed that I was getting hungry.
Soon the other guests were arriving and I was quite surprised to learn that they were driving 1-2 hours to take part in this event. They seemed to know each other very well,but were very kindly to me and congratulated me on my decision.  So my anticipation was increasing.
The waitress was bringing baskets with fresh bread and 3 different toppings to each table. It was seasoned butter, curd with herbs and one pot with crackling fat.
As the others started with the bread and the different spreads I followed them. Everything tasted wonderful. But I still was sitting all alone at my table.
Then the door opened and everybody greeted joyfully the newcomer.
" Hello Jon, you'll join us tonight? That's a nice surprise" I was able to understand.
The man was in his early forties and quite round. In fact he was really fat. He must be at least 650 lbs.
He's really enormous, exactly how I like it. I've never met somebody of this size by chance, I thought to myself, when he approached my table. It was then that it dawned on me, that he has to be my companion for the evening. Every other seat was occupied.
I think I started to blush deeply, because the room was suddenly getting too hot for me, as this gorgeous specimen approached my table.
His black hair, dark eyes and the well groomed beard fit just fine with his impish smile.
He was clad casual. Black jeans, which he was wearing over his belly, and a black polo-shirt tugged in.
I asked myself,"where on earth do they sell jeans in this size?"
The trousers were hold up by a pair of broad, bright red suspenders. He looked very self confident, what made him very attractive to me.
"May I sit with you this evening?" he asked me with a deep voice, which made me shuddering with delight."I'm sorry if I disturb you" he added politely.
Luckily I was seated in the corner of the room, so that he could sit on the bench, too. I doubted that it would have been comfortable for him to sit on the chair the whole time. The waitress was following him and pulled the table away so that he had enough place to sit.
When he lowered his bulk on the bench it cracked noticeably, but he seemed to trust the furniture.
But I didn't trust myself. I didn't know where to look, avoiding to stare at his beautiful belly like I was hypnotized. It was all rolls over rolls spreading forward to his knees, looking so soft that I needed all my self control to not reach out and touch it.
How should I get through this evening without embarrassing myself totally?
I 'd already forgotten my good manners while I was mesmerized by the sight.
"You're welcome. My name is Kate", I introduced myself. Adding "you have to try the bread, it's still warm"
"I'm Jon," he answered, still a little breathless, "and I know the bread. It's always the starter."
With this he took some bread himself. We ate silently. I tried to hide my secret stares and was really glad when the first course was served.
He took a tiny clothespin out of his pocket and secured the big white napkin at his collar. It made him look even bigger as the cloth accentuated his belly. So my eyes were glued to his vast belly, before I got my composure back and was able to concentrate on the plate before me.
"Venison terrine with satéed mushrooms and Cumberland sauce" announced the server.
I was really surprised. There wasn't only a tiny sample, it was really a thick slice of the terrine accompagnied by a good serving of mushrooms, nicely decorated by blossoms of Indian cress. The sauce was delivered in an extra sauce boat and the bread basket refilled.
When I took the first bite I was softly moaning. It tasted delicious. Every flavour was only increasing the combined savor.
"You like it?" my neighbor asked me.
As I agreed we slowly started a conversation. He explained that he was from the village, too and we were surprised to learn that we went to the same school. He seemed to be a bit younger than me , what explained that I couldn't remember him. Soon we were sharing stories about teachers.
But when we finished he excused himself, heaved up his bulk and waddled over to another table. I felt free to enjoy the impressive picture he gave when he sat down on a chair he was offered. The owner of the chair had to stand , but I think it was obvious to everybody that Jon wouldn't be able to stand for a longer chat. So I could watch him longingly, his mass widly overflowing the chair on every side. He was joking with them and laughing heartily. So that his whole body was shaking.
After some time he stood up and vanished in the back.
He reappeared just when the second course was delivered. Baked goat cheese with honey and garlic on a bed of field salad with again Indian cress.
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A piece of art!
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Nice finish..bravo
Built4com4t 7 years
better and better...i especially enjoy how you take your time describing their lovemaking
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brilliant detail
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chapter 9, yum...i'm a sucker for shower vignettes
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I don't need anything different... just MORE! Thanks for writing this. smiley
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I'm loving this!
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keep going ;-) i second blankpage
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better and better
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