May i keep him?

chapter 1

It was Friday evening and I was at the postoffice beside the supermarket in our little town when it happened. Still putting away everything in my backpack I turned around to leave and suddenly collided with a big soft pillowy mass. When I looked up I noticed that I slammed my elbow deep into an enormous belly owned by a nice looking guy. He blushed to a deep crimson red stammering that he was sorry.

I assured him that it was my fault as I hadn't watched where I was going. Then I went over to a near bench to sit down, pretending to look through my things. I wanted to enjoy this glorious view as long as possible. He was a really big guy. I estimated him to weigh at least 350 kg. Not too tall but very massive with the biggest gut I've ever seen walking around. It stuck out like a round dome, hanging down to his midthighs. It was topped by two wonderful big breasts. He had a handsome face with a bit outgrown beard and haircut, big brown eyes and a catching smile.

He was sending a parcel that was looking very tiny in his big paws. Standing for so long seems to be very exhausting for him as he was leaning heavily on the counter, letting his enormous belly hang down freely, and gloriously I might add. He was clad in sweatpants that were obviously repaired several times and stretched to their maximum capacity. The t-shirt seemed to be some sizes too small too. It clinched to his body and emphasized every roll of fat. It was tucked into the pants which were hold up by big suspenders. He was really a sight and I wanted to remember every moment to recapture it later.

When he was finished he turned around and waddled towards the bench beside me. So I got an even better view of him. He was beet red and his belly was swaying so heavy from side to side that I nearly started to writhe there on the bench. His t-shirt rode up because of the constant pulling of the gravity and showed a small line of naked flesh. I noticed how everybody there stared at him as if they couldn't believe their eyes.The bench creaked loudly when he plopped down, spreading his legs to make place for his belly. He was out of breath after that short walk and I enjoyed how his belly was heaving up and down with every gasp of air that he took.

"I hope I didn't hurt you earlier. I'm really sorry about that and would like to invite you for a cup of coffee over there, as amends," I approached him, pointing to a bakery across the hall.

He looked quite surprised but to my great joy he said, still puffing, "That's very kind of you. My ride will be back in 30 minutes, so I'd like to have a coffee with you meanwhile."

He swayed back and forth slightly to get enough momentum to heave his bulk up. We slowly walked over to the bakery where I told him to take a seat whilst I bought the coffee.

Of course I watched him as he made his way through the tables and chairs to a table in the back with a soft bench on the wall. It was a tight fit and he shoved several chairs aside with his belly or his backside when he tried to pass. Luckily for him we were the only guests to sit, otherwise he would have had a problem. He then had to push the table off the bench to sit down, covering the whole width of it!

I brought him a big latte caramel and a plate with some danishes. He was again still gasping, but trying to hide it. I pretended as if I didn't notice, introduced myself and asked, "are you new in town? I never saw you before," thinking that I would never forget such a good looking guy.

"I'm Tom," he answered still taking deep breathes. "I'm not getting out so much these days. It is so exhausting when you're at my size. But I seem to be much more out of shape than I thought. I haven't been out of the house for a year."

We talked along over the coffee and the danishes and he told me that his girlfriend invited him to a Chinese buffet but had to run some errands before.

We soon found that we had a lot in common, from the same interests in books and movies, over playing games and cooking, to the same job.

We were both working at a call center. He lost his job 4 years ago caused by cost cutting measures. We had a great time and were laughing a lot, so more than 90 minutes were gone when we noticed how much time had passed. Tom got concerned and I offered him to drive him back home.

I pulled the table back to give him enough space to stand up and we went to my car. He continuously excused himself for the trouble he was causing, but I enjoyed his company so much. It wasn't too far as I got a parking space directly in front of the shop but my new friend was again at his limit when we reached it. He asked me to push the seat back as far as possible and to let it down so that he could lean back. Then he started to cramp all his mass on the passenger seat. In the end I had to help him with his right leg. He filled out the space completely and had to lean over that I could close the door. Everytime I changed the gear I was brushing his overflowing form. He had to cross his arms over his chest as there was no other place for them. I felt like I was in heaven.

When we arrived at Tom's house there were 2 suitcases standing in front of the door.

"What the hell is going on here?," he murmured into his beard.

I helped him out of the car and he thanked me for my help before he headed to the door. I had a bad feeling about the whole thing and wanted to wait until he was inside. He took a letter from the suitcases and read it. Suddenly he crumbled and slid down the wall.

I rushed back to him asking if everything was ok. He was only able to nod because he was crying and trying to get enough air at the same time. He gave me the letter to read. It said:


I can't do that any more. I want a boyfriend to go out with.You're getting too fat. I don't want to be your caretaker so I decided it's time for you to leave. I changed the locks so no need to try and get in. I'm on vacation for the next 2 weeks.


"What shall I do now? Where can I go?" Tom stammered.

"You will be coming with me!", I told him. "You can sleep in my guestroom and then you can check out your new possibilities."

After some persuation he agreed to come with me as he really had no other option.

It took some time to get him off the floor and back into the car.

When we arrived at my house I showed him the guestroom, with its big bed and told him to lay down and take a nap until dinner. He was so exhausted and still under shock that he did like I told him and fell asleep immediately. I wondered what I had got myself into before I closed the door with a last admiring glance towards my new roommate.
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Really enjoying this story - very realistic, very character focused, and still very sexy... nice work! Even if it is concluded here in Chpt 9, I would feel satisfied... But I also want these characters too keep living, too, and see where they go from her
Built4com4t 7 years
wonderful, delicious detail...your best yet madam. well done
Azerty 7 years
Very nice. Thank you
Built4com4t 8 years
Love it...don't stop
Pd500 8 years
Love where this is going!
Built4com4t 8 years
i think he'll need help in the shower ;-)
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Brillant! hope there is more chapters!
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nice first chapter sc, keep it coming ;-)