The island: mia and noah's discovery

A couple go on a holiday that changes their lives for ever. Romance, feeding, domination and more. Updated daily from a story I've plotted out. Expect plot twists and turns to come.   More ▼

The journey of big abby

UPDATE: New Chapter for 8/4/2018 Calvin has searched for the perfect SSBBW for all his life. His desire to search for a woman comes to life once he meets Big Abby   More ▼

Annie the biggest cave girl

(Note:this story has no exact time period) Doug had recently left his wife Marilla on her own with their 18 year old daughter annie,but the two then discover that dad had left a little gift that leaves a big impact on Annie's body.   More ▼

Rendering immobile

A feedist puts a wanting feedee though her ultimate test, but he has a few twists of his own (inspired by tigerlilly33)   More ▼

Massage therapist

I saw the massage therapist they finally chose for overnights. And well, I upgraded the next day. She was very beautiful. Short, dark hair, dark eyes, and that body. That belly. The thought of seeing her belly hanging out the bottom of her shirt made me c   More ▼

My neighbour

The feeling you get when you see your hot cheerleader neighbour become a fat pig faster than you can imagine.   More ▼

Just shut up and eat fatty

A short story (1 chapter and done)about a man�s sick and twisted fetish gone too far with an overweight woman on the verge of immobility and possibly death This story is extremely dark, including harsh treatment insults, and humiliation.   More ▼

Not the typical love story

Hi, I am Eva and this is the story of how met James and how I gained. From fit to fat quite fast.   More ▼

What a piggy?

UPDATE: New Chapter A story about Will who kidnaps a Lucy who ends up being his lab rat turned into a big fat piggy   More ▼

My life

This story will be a sort of biography focused on the development of my fetish and how its changed.   More ▼
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