Just shut up and eat fatty

chapter 1

"Stop it! Why are you doing this to me?" Todd cut Allison's sentence off short by stuffing donut after donut into her mouth. Her hair was a mess, a triple chin proudly showing. Her tight red t-shirt begging to rip and expose Allison's hot and sexy rolls of fat dying to be seen. Her gianormus belly overlapping into her lap. Over the past few weeks it's been getting extremely difficult for Allison to get up and out of bed. When it comes to go to the bathroom, showering herself. Or fixing herself something to eat. She struggled so much just sitting up in bed has been tough for her. The last time she managed to sit or stand took her within 30 minutes not only to get up but to stand without her legs giving in. Todd stripped her ability to walk for a while now. He's been working less and less by staying home to spend 24/7 stuffing Allison's fat face non-stop. Taking advantage of every chance he got. He didn't risk it.

At this point, Allison is getting tired of eating. She's unable to fight him. She tried that last time. Before she became bed-ridden. Todd took Allison out to eat for dinner. At an all you can eat buffet. If you can guess it, she cleared out the buffet. Todd made sure of it. All her life, Allison has loved food. She would eat two breakfasts, three lunches and six dinners all in one day. Now, Todd's doubled it. He makes her eat every second, every minute and every hour. She struggled getting out of the car and into the restaurant. She waddled her fat ass inside the establishment. Having to take breaks in between.

Beads of sweat forming on her forehead, huffing and panting, Allison would say, "Hurry... get... me... to... the... table... please! My... legs... are... about... to... give..."

Todd helped Allison get to their table. While making a beeline to the table, Todd had snuck in a few candy bars and twinkies into her purse that he would make her eat while they were on their way to the table. He pulled out two chairs together and she sat down. Her ass spilling out onto the sides of the chairs. Her rolls of fat on her back sticking out of the back of the chair through the gaps. Her fat chubby fingers shoving the rest of the Twinkie into mouth. Still huffing and panting. "Geez. I sure hope you didn't burn too many calories, babe." Todd said with a bit of concern in his voice.

"I don't think you should worry about that..." Allison said with a hint of sadness in her voice. Struggling with all that fat on her has worn her down and shows. Todd told her he'd be right back, ten minutes later he showed up with several plates of fatty foods. Her eyes widen. In her mind, there's a million thoughts running around. One of them being that she knows this is way too much food. Coming from someone who loves food. Once Todd sat down the plates of food, he left and returned moments later with more plates of food. She started eating the plates of food. Everything she would eat a few plates, Todd kept bringing even more plates of food. She felt overwhelmed by all the food Todd brought. She felt the eyes of customers and a few employees staring at her. She tries to ignore them, she's use to this.

One of them whips out their phone and takes pictures of her. She hears several amongst themselves laughing and pointing at her. She tries to ignore them the best she can. Todd returns bringing a cook who helps him with tray after tray of food. Once they arrive at their table, the chef himself says, "I'm sorry but we're all out of food. Thanks to you, you cleaned us out fatty." That got to her. She's been called names before but it makes her shed a tear. This makes her want to eat more. 1 hour later, Allison's cleaned out a total of 20 plates of food. She sits back in her chair that makes a creaking sound. Rubbing her fat tummy that's pouring out from her tiny red t-shirt. Todd rubs her curry red hair, "You're not done right? Please tell me you're not done?" Allison shakes her fat head. "Mm-hmm." Her eye's getting heavy on her. "Well, baby. I really hate to tell you this but: I have a surprise for you." Todd says.

Allison's head raises, looking up at Todd who stands over her. "W-- wh-- what is it?" Allison replies. Todd pats the chef on the shoulder, whispers something in his ear then he leaves. Only to return carrying a tray with two large plates of double fudge chocolate cake. Her eyes widen. She nods her head no. "I-- I-- I can't eat this." Todd places a bib tightly around her throat. "Oh, don't tell me that. I don't like hearing that." Allison gives in and devours both double fudge chocolate cakes. Her fat chubby hands covered in icing. She licks her fingers clean. "Todd...? I wanna go home." She says weakly. She could feel the pain building in her stomach. The pain she normally gets every time she overeats, this time shes done it. Todd pushes the table over and helps the fat Allison up. It takes five minutes to get her up on her feet. Her massive belly hanging over her knees. She seems much fatter after cleaning out the entire buffet. Todd notices and smiles devilishly. Rubbing her massive belly, saying, "My, oh my. Have you ate too much? I think we ought to take you home and let you rest."

Allison nods and says, "That's a good idea. If I can make it out of here and into the car." Allison wraps her fat arm around Todd and she waddles slowly across the room and out into the parking lot. But the process is slow. Allison would stop in between, catching her breath. The customers has stopped what they're doing to watch the big fat piggy. This makes Allison feel embarrassed. Making her feel so ashamed of herself. She's struggling really bad. Panting as she says, "Todd... I don't think I can make it..." before her legs felt too weak. "My legs...!" She could feel her legs about to give up on her. She's put too much weight on them to where either she sits down or she will collapse by walking some more. "Just take a few more steps. We're almost at the door." Allison nods and takes three more steps, before falling onto the floor. Allison laying there on the ground looking like a big blob of fat. Todd tries to pick her up, but struggles. Allison's face is blood red. She's trying desperately to not cry in front of these people. Todd turns to face the others inside the establishment. "Well, as you can see. My piggy of a girlfriend is in dire need of help. She's very, very, very big. A whale basically. If there's anyway we can have a few people help her out into the car, it would mean a whole lot." A few men stepped out and they helped Todd lift the fat Allison up off the floor. They manage to help her waddle to the car and help her inside. The men helping make remarks about Allison. "Damn. She's so fat. How much she weighs? 1,000 lbs?" Todd replies, "She'll reach that number soon." Real quietly he says.

They help the poor fat Allison into the car. They leave the establishment and Allison has passed out. They arrive home and before Allison wakes up inside the car, Todd stopped at a grocery store and bought so much junk food to keep Allison nice and fat. Once he gets the groceries inside, he wakes up Allison and helps her out the car. Then she waddles inside the house and up the stairs. "We're almost there babe." Allison pants and huffs, trying to catch her breath. "I... don't... think... I... can... keep... doing... this... for... long..." she says. Todd helps her inside the bedroom where she crashes onto the bed. Todd leans over her, kisses her, then says, "Babe, that's all part of the plan." Allison looks at him confused. She replied, "What do you mean?" Todd leans in close, telling her to close her eyes. Allison does. He quietly unwraps a few twinkies and shoves them in her mouth. She opens her eyes shocked. "Wh... what... are..." He places his hand over her mouth, rough. "Chew it up. Yes, chew it up nice and slow piggy. You love that don't you? The creame icing from inside that twinkie exploding inside your mouth tastes good, doesn't it? Well, get use to it fatty. This is your life now. You are going to eat, and eat, and eat, and eat so much until you will beg me to stop... but I won't even stop there. See, your lifestyle of eating fatty foods has finally caught up to you. You can't escape it. You couldn't even walk out the restaurant today without help. Let's face it... you're becoming helpless. A helpless fatty. And what a big fat piggy you are too? The helpless big fat piglet. You are such a ***ing whale. All you do is eat. So that's what we'll do. Eat until you draw your last breath. Well that won't be long"

Cut back to the opening of this chapter, Todd on top of her on the bed, stuffing her fat face full of junk food. "Stop it! Why are you doing this to me?" Allison said, attempting to fight Todd, but he hits her hard in her big tummy. The pain inside her stomach growing, making her wince in pain. He's emptied boxes and boxes of twinkies, donuts, swiss rolls, cupcakes, cookies, oreos. She doesn't stop fighting him. Todd says, "Why are you fighting? Just stop. You're wasting your time." He's right. There's no point of Allison to keep fighting him. He's got power over her. She knows she's going to get fatter and fatter because of him. Her rights as an independent woman has been stripped away from her. The freedom she once had is now gone.

Her life is her becoming an immobile fat woman. She cries as she grows and grows and Todd's becoming rough with her. Squeezing her nipples hard. Hitting her fat tummy. Pinching her fat cheeks. Groping her fat breasts so hard. Suddenly, her tight sweats slowly rip, the rolls of new fat happily show off as she becomes

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