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chapter 1 - the first day

Hey, guys. Like I mentioned in the caption, this is a spin-off of my story Meeting Mary. This story focuses on Mary. I hope you enjoy my new story line for Mary. This story is going to be very dark and gritty not to forget harsh. If you want to see more, comment down below and I'll write more.


Mary is in hell. Ever since Ryan manipulated Mary by signing all her rights away at Fatworld. In other words, hell. The orderlies would never give her a break. Mary has grown so much bigger, she's unable to move. The orderlies would come in, inject her, knocking her out, strapping her down tight to a harness to lift the fat pig.

Once she was strapped securely onto the harness she was lifted and was set for her next activity of torture. At Fatworld, they will strap a fat person onto the harness, and have them stand upright by being attached to the harness.

Then, once they get them standing straight up, they are taken to a large area of a field at Fatworld where on one side of the property there's a large table of nothing but fatty foods. Big Macs, Pizza, Cheeseburgers, Hot Dogs, Fried Chicken, then will have tons of dessert trays like chocolate cake, donuts, cookies.

This is used to make them hungry. If they really want to eat, they'll have to run, while getting yelled, humiliated, stuff thrown at them, and they love hearing them squeal dressed in very tight sweatpants that makes the fat candidates even fatter than they are. "I love it when they run. They're so helpless. They try to run towards the sides but we like to cut them off." One of the orderlies says. Holding a rifle with tranquilizer darts inside. They flew Mary to the large field where she saw another massively obese woman that clocks in over 600 lbs. Her name's Jenna. Her fat cute face looking so terrified. Her fat chubby legs kicking the air as she's lifted and frozen in air. We see a massive drone holding Jenna by the harness.

Mary noticed how beautiful Jenna looks. Despite her forth chin coming in, a belly that's reached over her knees. Her face was drenched in horror. She would yell things like please let me down. I'm hungry. This is hell.

Over the loud bullhorn, the odd man's voice echoed. "Hello, Jenna. My you are looking fatter this morning. But we need to work on that." Jenna, crying, kicking and swinging her arms to get away. "I don't want to do this! I want to eat! Why are you making me do this?!" "We told you Jenna. We love you. Here at Fatworld, we are trying to accomplish a goal. By making you too damn fat too move." Jenna cries. "I don't want to be too fat!" She's become a victim just like Mary has. Her love for food has gotten her set up for entrapment.

Jenna was heavyset before she was brought here. Like Mary, Jenna was in a relationship with a man. He did nothing but abused Jenna's love for food by forcing her to eat that brought her to this place. "Set the fat piggy down." The drone that has the harness for Jenna slowly sets her down to the ground. Jenna is exhausted after using her arms and legs. She begins panting, trying to catch her breath. "My oh my. It looks like Jenna's tired. Well, get ready piggy!" Jenna, sobbing hysterically, is inches away from being on the ground. She's dressed in white sweats, they're too small on her. Highlighting her rolls of fat down her back and her large tummy that hangs over her knees.

The drone slowly comes to a stop once Jenna's feet touch the ground. "Now, Jenna are you ready? Cause you have to be ready for this next exercise. Are you hungry?" Her fat head raises at the sound of food. She smiles. "Yes! I'm hungry!" "Okay. Run for it piggy!" Jenna, while still strapped to the harness, feet on the ground, moves her legs. She starts to run but stops literally after 3 steps. She is winded.

"Oh, don't tell me you're already tired?! This is embarrassing. Rex." Rex, who is joined with Mary, aims his rifle and shoots at her feet. Jenna squeal and jumps by the gunshot. "Move fatty. Go get you something to eat." Jenna looks down the field to the table that has food. Her mouth waters and she moves her legs again. She grunts while trying to run being strapped in the harness. Rex shoots by her feet again. "Hurry up fatty! You must not be hungry today!" Jenna cries out, "But I am! I really am hungry!" "Then run!"

Jenna wipes her tears away from her face and moves her legs again. She's picking up her pace. She's jogging. But stops to catch her breath. Mary is horrified by what she's seeing. She can't believe a place like Fatworld exists. Rex glances at Mary, smiling. "I hope you are ready. Cause you are next." Once Jenna catches her breath, she moves again, halfway from the table. Food is on her mind now. Jenna is still pacing, wanting to stop to rest till Rex fired at her again. Making her jump. "Come on you fat pig! Move it!" Jenna cries as she pushes herself to get to the table. She squeals as her legs are hurting, her muscles and knees are aching. She hasn't ran like this in a while.

"Faster! Faster!" Jenna picks the pace up. "Faster!" Jenna picks her pace up. Running faster. "Faster!" She runs, till she stops, being winded. "I can't do this!" "NO! You will not stop you hear! Release the dogs!" The fence a few feet from Jenna is released, a group of Rottweiler's come racing out but they're stopped by their chains. Jenna is horrified. "What's it gonna be Jenna? You wanna eat or you wanna be lunch?" She cries and grunts by running again. She's pushing herself through the pain. She is moments away from reaching the table when "Release the chains." The chains are stretched out long enough for the Rottweiler's to charge towards Jenna. She sees the dogs and picks the pace up. Crying and screaming. Her chubby legs look like they're barely moving. Her fat tummy violently jiggling up and down. Her big breasts was making Rex horny.

Rex turns to Mary, says, "That's my girlfriend right there."

Mary looks uninterested. If she wasn't strapped to the harness, she would smother this fucker with her body fat. When Rex turns to her, he stares at her fat body. He was aroused watching Jenna then staring at Mary.

"You're a sick fuck for doing this to your girlfriend." She turns her head away. Not wanting to look at him. Paying him no attention. Rex noticed this, "Fuck you fatty." Saying that under his breath.

He turns his attention back to Jenna. She waddles fast toward the table. Rex laughing at this. Her breasts and stomach were jiggling. The fat on her arms jiggling as she was swinging her arms. "Love those back flab's porky."

The Rottweiler's are fastly approaching Jenna as she reaches the finish line at the table. She makes it but the Rottweiler's catch up to her. She grabs a Big Mac and a Rottweiler starts to bite her on the leg. She screams while she eats her Big Mac. Then Rex shoots The Rottweiler, knocking it out. "You did good Jenna. Now eat." She cries while she eats. The chains to the Rottweiler's are being pulled back. She shoves so much food in her mouth she puts on more pounds. They laced the food with fattening cream to make them get fatter.

This wasn't over

The next exercise Jenna had to go through was humiliation. A group of skinny visitors are sitting in the bleachers that were faced in front of the table where Jenna's standing. She was huffing and gorging out on the food. You can't help but feel extremely bad for poor Jenna and Mary. Till she saw the skinny visitors. "Good God Almighty. Look at how big she is." "She looks like 3 Jenna's." "She might've swallowed the food. She's not even eating it all the way. She's just shoving it in her mouth. Eat faster you fat piggy." Jenna shoves the food down into her mouth. Tears streaming down her face. "Faster." She compiles. "Faster!" She complies again.

"Faster you fat piggy! We're not standing here all day!" Jenna continues stuffing food in her mouth. She grabs multiple items of food, like first she'll eat two Big Macs at a time. Moving onto three slices a pizza. "You gotta shove more down your throat. If you don't I'll do it myself." Jenna doesn't speak. Despite being insulted and laughed at, she imagines herself at her happy place. Gorging our on the food. Then, the drone picks Jenna up. She takes her chubby hands and grabs the chocolate cake. While being escorted to another part of the Fatworld humiliation torture program

They lifted her off the ground and placed her inside a big cage. Where they didn't let the harness off her but lowered her inside the cage and shut the door. The drone would stay over the big cage. Jenna ignoring everyone out, eats her chocolate cake, her fingers and face are covered in chocolate icing. As she's eating the cake, a spotlight hit her right in the face. The skinny visitors sitting in the bleachers, watching Jenna. Now this was where they humiliate her. They started laughing. Jenna had her head down. Crying while eating her chocolate cake. Her chubby legs and arms were given out so they started throwing eggs at her.

She couldn't move so she had to take the eggs being thrown at her. One hit her right in the face. It's not just eggs either. It'll be heads of lettuce, then tomatoes. While they do this, they begin to insult her, calling her name like fatty, a big fat piggy, a ugly pig. Which Jenna wasn't ugly. She was a gorgeous fat woman. Jenna's loud sobbing was heard from Mary, who shook her head to what she was coming to next.

Stay tuned for the next chapter. I'm sorry if this chapter seems very, very dark and twisted but you won't believe what's up next. I promise you
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This might be one of my favorite stories on here. Please keep writing wow
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OMG - I love the humiliation and force feeding and all of it.
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I like the dark overtones. Sub Doom is my favorite theme. You write well.
Please continue
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