The extreme feeder and his big fat pig

chapter 1 - jacob meets kate

This is an idea that I've been thinking about for a while now. I honestly don't know if I'll continue with exploring this storyline or not but if you guys love what you've read here, please let me know in the comments and I'll publish more chapters.

It's been a rough week for Jacob. After getting out of a previous relationship with a woman whom he's been with for sometime between 18 months, he calls the relationship off. There was something about it that didn't seem right for Jacob. He couldn't put his finger on it. Jacob is a 33-year-old man, a former school teacher, clean shaven, black slik hair, wearing a white t-shirt and blue jeans, Jacob pulls into a gas station. His tan hands tightly gripped the steering wheel. Something on his mind and Jacob isn't too sure what it is that's troubling him. For a while now, Jacob's been trying to figure out what was going on with him. Even though the previous relationships in the past were stellar with the women he interacts with, a feeling would come over him, and it was starting to affect him and his personal life. The women Jacob dated were thin, beautiful women who lived at the gym. Even though Jacob is thin and in fit himself, the women he was in a relationship with didn't seem to appeal him. His ex-girlfriends didn't quite understand it either as Jacob would randomly call it quits in their relationship and move on. The former school teacher sat in his pick up truck and let his mind wander. His phone BUZZES and Jacob reaches into his pants pocket, removes his cellphone and looks at the home screen. A text from Melinda, one of his ex-girlfriends appears on the screen. Jacob sighs and reads the text without opening his phone. From looking at the phone screen, Jacob reads a glimpse of the text message that reads, "Hey. I know it's been a few days but is there anyway we can talk?" Jacob hesitates then signs into his phone. His tan fingers types intently as his mind tries to find the right words to compose a proper message. A moment later, Jacob hits the arrow upright in the iMessage and sends the message. We don't see the message except for a few words, "I'm not in the mood to talk." Then he turns the phone off and sits it down in the middle console. As the former school teacher glances up, a LOUD BANG stirs him. Jacob looks up to where the loud bang came from. There it was...

A young SSBBW woman with redhair, wearing tight blue jean shorts that looks like it's cutting off circulation around her massive legs and thighs, her big belly poking out from under her red tank top, her beefy arms holding a large to go cup of soda and two empty bags of potato chips in the other has accidentally bumped into Jacob's side of the car. This is Kate. The young SSBBW woman quickly raises her head in embarrassment, as Jacob watched her chubby cheeks turn red, her eyes widen, shouting the words, "Oh, my God! I'm so sorry." Jacob's mouth waters staring at pink soft flesh hanging out, purposely wanting to be seen. This makes Jacob smile as he stares through the windshield at the young SSBBW woman. As she quickly waddles away to the trash can outside the gas station, Jacob swings open the driver's side door and climbs out. He runs after her, calling out to her. "No! Wait. Come here." The young SSBBW stopped in her tracks. Jacob loved the way her ass jiggled in those blue jean cutoffs. "I'm really sorry for bumping into your car." She shouted back. Jacob smiles and said, "It's okay. You don't have to apologize." A moment passed between them before she shouted back, "Did I mess up your car?" Jacob turns around, surveys the damage on the driver's side of the vehicle. There's a big dent curving into the side from the young SSBBW woman. Jacob's first thought is, "I love this woman already and I don't even know her." The former school teacher turns back to face the back of the young SSBBW woman, clutching an empty styrofoam cup of soda and two empty bags of potato chips. "What's your name?" Jacob said. The young SSBBW woman looks over her shoulder, confused. "What?" Kate said. Jacob walks a few feet toward her. "I said what's your name?" The young SSBBW woman hesitates answering, then replies, "I'm Kate." The former school teacher continues approaches her. Sticking his tan hand out, "Hiya Kate. I'm Jacob." The young SSBBW woman wishes she can accept his hand but indicates to Jacob her hands are full. "Oh, I'm sorry." Jacob said. "Hang on. Let me throw this away." The young SSBBW woman said, as Jacob watches her walk across the pavement to the trash can. Her ass jiggling as she waddles from the trash can and back to Jacob. She accepts his hand and they shake. "It's nice to meet you Kate. How would you like to go someplace to eat and get to know each other?" Jacob said. The young SSBBW woman appraises Jacob, then replies, "Is this a dare?" Confused, the former school teacher replies to her question, "I beg your pardon?" "Is this a dare? The main reason I'm asking this is primarily because I've never had a striking, handsome fellow like yourself talk to me this long before they confess it's a dare. So that's why I'm asking if this is a dare?" The young SSBBW woman said. "Oh, no. I can assure you. This is not a dare. I'm serous. I'm serious as a heart attack." Jacob steps aside and gestures for the young SSBBW woman to his pick up truck. "Are... uh, are you sure you want me?" This makes Jacob grin ear to ear. "I'm absolutely, positively sure." She takes a few steps and Jacob opens the passenger door for the young SSBBW woman. She hastens herself into the truck. She has trouble trying to get herself seated and fastened in the former school teacher's pick up truck. Jacob stands there, helping Kate. Once she's seated, Jacob grabs the seatbelt and tries to buckle the seatbelt for Kate. It takes a minute until Jacob gets the seatbelt fastened. CLICK. The seatbelt is connected. Jacob meets Kate's gaze. her chubby cheeks red. He closes the passenger side door, walks around the pick up truck, climbs inside, gets behind the wheel, shuts the door, fastens himself with the seatbelt and they drive off and into the night where Jacob is in for the night of his life.

On the way, Jacob stops at McDonalds, orders Kate 6 Big Macs, 4 double quarter pounders with cheese, 3 orders of 20 piece chicken nuggets and 5 orders of large fries. Kate sat in the car, and reaches for the food once Jacob arrives. It doesn't take The Young BBSSW Woman long till her chubby fingers digs into the bags and chows down on the nuggets first. While Jacob drives to their next destination, from time to time Jacob glances at the young SSBBW woman eating the nuggets. Residue of BBQ sauce stains the edges of her mouth. Kate meets Jacob's gaze and chuckles, her belly jiggles as she laughs. (Her laugh is adorable). "What?" Kate said. "Oh, nothing. It's just... I can't stop looking at you." Jacob said. She blushes as she finishes the first order of the 20 piece chicken nuggets. "You're too sweet." Her eyes looks from the left and sees outside the window the pick up truck pulling into Burger King. She raises her brow as she glances at Jacob. "What are we doing here?" The young SSBBW woman said, curious. "Oh, I thought you'd be interested in trying a whopper." Jacob said pulling into a parking space and kills the engine. "Oh. I have a lot of food as it is, but I don't one whopper hurting." Kate said as Jacob climbs out of the pick up truck and walks into Burger King. Kate's fingers digs into the bag and produces a Big Mac. She takes two and a half bites and it's gone. The lettuce from the Big Mac falls onto her chest and she picks it up and eats it. She eats 4 of the Big Macs as Jacob returns to the car. His hands holding two big bags of food. Her eyes widen as Jacob climbs into the pick up truck and hands her the bags of food. Her blue eyes survey the bags, and shouts, "How many whoppers did you order exactly?" Jacob smiles and doesn't say anything. He unwraps one and hands the big whopper to Kate. "Try it." She takes the whopper from his hand, appraises the burger, and chows down on it. Her eyes close and she moans, enjoying the hell outta this burger. Jacob clocks this and can't help but smile at the young SSBBW woman. "It's good, right?" Jacob said. She shakes her head yes and replies, "Oh man it's sooooo good!" Jacob said, "Well, that's good to hear. Cause I got 20 more from where that came from." This makes the young SSBBW woman's eyes widen as big as saucers as Jacob said, "If you don't have a boyfriend, It would be an absolute honor to ask you out and make you my girlfriend." The young SSBBW woman devours the whopper and looks at Jacob, smiles and says, "We just met but, yeah. I'd love to."

Let me know if you guys are interested in seeing more of Jacob and Kate.
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