What a piggy?

chapter 1

Will had Lucy tied up nicely. Her wrists bound to the bed post, her ankles tied together to the bed. Lucy was coming to after being chloroformed. Will enters the room, pushing in a tray of fast food. Lucy's eyes meet Will who stands at the end of the bed.
"Look at you. You may be skinny right now. But I can promise you this much... your skinny ass won't be skinny for long."
Lucy gave him an expression that showed fear and confusion. She tries to get free but fails at trying.
"Why are you doing this to me?" Lucy said. "I haven't done anything to you! You should be ashamed-- oof!"
Will cuts her sentence off by showing a donut into her mouth. Lucy tries to spit it out of her mouth, but Will cups his hand over her mouth and keeps it closed shut. Making Lucy do nothing but have no choice other than to chew and swallow." Will smiles devilishly at her.
Once Lucy chews that donut, Will follows it up with another donut. Then another, and another, and another, and another.
"Yeah. You may be skinny now, but that'll change." Will said. "Because the plans I have in stores for you is gonna be glorious. I'm gonna make you become such a fat piggy. But not just any piggy, but the biggest piggy anyone's laid their eyes on. You're gonna get so fat and out of shape. Where you're gonna be bed-ridden for the rest of your life. Every second of your day will be spent of doing nothing but stuffing your face. For the next 24/7 you will do nothing more either than eat until I think you are fat enough."
Lucy starts crying as she eats donut after donut after donut. The new few days, what was once Lucy's thin stomach now starting to show a bit of a pooch. Her sunken face slowly starting to fill in after binging on nothing but sugar. Over the past 72 hours, Will shoves fast food down her throat. Every chance he gets, he keeps her mouth busy by eating.
Keeping her tied up, she would put up a fight, but with being strapped to the bed for the past 72 hours the strength in your arms and legs start to give out. After eating a total of 30 boxes of donuts, Will didn't stop there.
He then would follow that up with order 10 Big Macs, along with having a few friends of his order the same amount of Big Macs as well. His friends would all come in there and one at a time they would make her eat their Big Macs then the next one in line will go next. Eventually after eating all of that food, Lucy passed out.
Her belly pooch was slowly expanding but not that much. Will was not impressed. He tried of thinking of other ways of getting Lucy fatter in a hurry. He thought the process it was taking wasn't hurrying for him. So Will came up with a fattening weight gain shake recipe that'll put on the pounds for Lucy.
"I sure hope this works." Will said.
"It better." One of his friends Trent said.
Will enters the room, Lucy was still passed out. He removes a large tube from his duffel bag, he sits the large gallon jug containing the orange and thick fattening weight gain shake. He pries open her mouth, shoves the tube down her mouth and whispers, "This should speed up the process." Will pours the shake down the tube and into her mouth. Will and his friends stand in the room watching Lucy's rail thin arms are slowly replaced by fat. Her thin model-like legs are replaced by fat. It's like watching an inflatable bed blowing up. Same thing is happening to Lucy. The pounds were starting to show. Will stands there in amazement. Lucy slowly comes to as he continues pouring the gallon jug of the orange liquid shake. Her eyes widen in horror by what's happening. She begins yelling while her mouth is pried open.
Suddenly, as Lucy is getting fatter, she farts non-stop. Will and his friends cover their nose. Lucy blushes as she slowly begins losing control of losing her body to these weird people. Will sees her wrists getting too tight so he stops and cuts the rope cutting off the circulation around her meaty wrists.
"Boy. This fat piggy starting to stink, isn't she?" Will said.
"Damn. She smells nasty as fuck. What a nasty piggy." Trent said.
Lucy said, "I need to go to the bathroom."
Everyone in the room sighs as they help the poor fatty up off the bed. She slowly waddles to the bathroom.
"Look at how slow this piggy's moving? Walking with Ms. Fat Daisy." They laugh and insult the poor Lucy. She's become a victim to their fetish. Thanks to Will's shake, Lucy looks to have gained a ton of weight. She huffs and pants as she uses the bathroom then going back to the bed.
"You don't have to worry about us tying you back up. Since our goal is to make you so fat you're immobile, you don't have to worry about being tied up." Will chuckles at her expense.
Lucy starts crying uncontrollably.
"I don't want to be this fat! Please let me go! Oof!" Lucy said before getting interrupted by two donuts shoved in her mouth.
"Get ready for round 2 you fat piggy." Will said.
He pries open her mouth and shoves the tube down her mouth and pours the fattening weight gain shake down her throat. Lucy cries as the shake hits her and she expands even more.
Will gropes her fatty breasts. "Mmhm. Those feel too nice. My oh my! You are shaping out to be a beautiful piggy. Well, don't worry. You'll get even more fatter."
Lucy tries to move but she struggles to make an attempt to get away. She's swollen with so much on her arms and legs the stages of reaching immobility are rapidly approaching for Lucy.
Her face is full of fat. Her fingers are swollen with so much fat. She moans loudly as a third chin proudly shows under her double chin. She tries to swing her arms but all it looks like is an arm full of fat that barely moves. Will empties out the gallon jug and grabs another one. He pours it down her throat and her belly had grown massive. Overlapping into her lap. Her rolls of fat proudly showing in her tight white sweats. She looks massive and is ready to pop.
"Oh she's getting so nice and fat. But I'm not gonna stop here. No ma'am. You're not gonna stop anytime soon. You are shaping out to be such a big fatty you fat bitch. I hope you explode you piglet. I want you to become the fattest woman on earth. Get fatter! Come on porky. Get fatter! Drink! Drink! You fat piggy! What a fat cunt! Get fatter. Drink drink drink! God, why can't you just get fat?" While in fact Lucy is. His fetish for fat women has spiraled out of control. She cries as her rights of being a free and independent woman has been thrown out. She's going to spend the rest of her life in this room getting fatter and fatter. She sees from the corner of her eye tray after tray after tray being pushed into her room full of fast food. She continues crying. Once Will emptied that jug, his friends begin shoving multiple items of food into her mouth. She tries to keep her mouth shut but they punch her extremely hard in the stomach to make her yell in pain. Boom! They shove two orders of greasy fries into her mouth. Then they shove cheeseburgers one after another into her mouth. She can no longer fight them. She's gotten too fat. She gets winded when she attempts to put up a fight. All she's able to do now is... eat.
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I'd be nice to her. I'd not do any bad things to her.
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I get the feeling rex is just in a good mood and when they get to fatworld he will show his true colors but i could be wrong.
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