The mind of a crazy feeder

chapter 1

This chapter starts with our feeder, Marvin(the Evil Genius), talking to someone about his subject or girlfriend, Mary (the big Fat Pig who weighs over 600 lbs, has a massive belly that pasts her knees, big thighs and her arms and legs swollen in fat)

'She's such a big fatty. I won't stop feeding her. I'll make sure she kept eating, and eating, and eating and eating. I would always have food shoved down her throat and watch her fat chubby face devouring the food non-stop. Once she finished a chocolate cake, I'd feed her another chocolate cake. Then another, and another, and another. Basically, I'd feed her 24/7. There won't be any breaks really. I'd love to watch her fat ass get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger till she can't move at all and she would be immobile and I could feed her when she's not even hungry. I'd feed her and if I have to, ill shove it down her throat for her. If she says she's not hungry, I would tell her, too bad pig and say open wide and watch her fat mouth open and her eyes would widen as I shove plates full of donuts, chocolate cakes, pancakes, ice cream, and see her reaction go this is too much, Id say nope piggy it isn't. Then have more plates of cakes pancakes donuts twinkies you name it. I'd shout eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat till you choke and watch as her fat big chubby face eat and be forced to eat and once she's done I'd say nope pig you're not done. Then shove the hose down and make her drink and watch her get nice and chubby and pig out on yummy fatness and then shove more fat foods down her throat and hear her moan and go oh this is so good but I can't eat anymore and I'd go shut up piggie you'll eat until I say you're done in which that won't be for a long long long long long long time. Then, watch her start crying cause she's at the point of being full but I'd love to watch her belly get so damn big and nice and fat and I'd go this is why you will never stop eating and watch her get bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger till where she literally can't move her arms or anything really. And, I'd give her the impression that she's done but then I'd hit her more with cakes donuts the same thing over again. Then watch as her fat chubby face go no more please and Id hit her and make her open her mouth and she will forcefully open her mouth and I'd shove a funnel full of fatty foods, watch as her throat can't take more she starts to choke but I hit her in the throat and the food goes down. She gets so fat to where she would have to beg me to stop feeding her, but then I start beating her fat belly and say "NO! You will not stop eating you hear me? Oh, you will never stop. You better not ask me that again cause as of right now, you will never stop eating. When you sleep, I'll open your fat mouth and shove cupcakes down your throat, when you wake up, I'll be right there with chocolate cake, and make you eat it 24/7! Never ask me that again!" Id start punching her hard in her face, she would yell ow! You are hurting me." And, I'd say shut up you fat pig, this is why I keep food down your throat, so you won't have to talk again." Then, she'll try to get up, and when she does, she starts to wobble, then I'll grab a baseball bat and start beating the shit outta her, she falls and she's so fat, she falls and knocks herself out. I'd open her mouth, and shove food down her throat. While she's unconscious, her belly and body really gets even bigger, and bigger, and bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger till she wakes up.'

The Big Fat Pig was propped up as a funnel was shoved in her mouth and a hose of fatty goodness was being flown down in her mouth and into her throat, The fatness hitting the inner guts inside her fat stomach. She sucks on the hose like it's a lollipop. Marvin sits back, rubbing the Big Fat Pig's stomach as he places his head up to her belly, and can hear her stomach getting fatter. He can't help but grin. He says, "Yes, you are getting fatter, you piggie." We hear The Big Fat Pig gulping away at getting fatter. Marvin takes his remote, stops the hose, and the second it stops, we see The Big Fat Pig gulp at nothing. She stops and says, "Hey? Why did it stop? I'm thirsty." Marvin says nothing. The Big Fat Pig tries to look over her fat chest but pants and breaks a sweat. Suddenly, we see Marvin holding a garrote, he tightly grips it with his black gloves and takes the garrote and places it around The Big Fat Pig's throat. Because she's so fat, she tries to raise her arms but can't because she's too fat. She begins to squeal like a Fat Pig. He begins choking her. Her fat chubby face turns red. Her eyes water. She tries to speak but can't. He sees her fat chubby arms try to move but can't but then releases the garrote. He drops the garrote and comforts The Big Fat Pig, crying, he rubs her hair and wipes the tears away from her face. "Why did you try to kill me?" She says. He looks her in the eyes and says, "Cause I wanted to hear you squeal like a piggie in which you did." She looks at him with disgust. "Why would you do that? I could've died." The Mad Genius says, "Yeah, well, that'd be the day." He slaps her hard on the back of the head. Her fat head jiggles a little as she winces and yells OW! He shoves the hose down her mouth and says eat up porky. And turns on the remote, and liquid is flowing into her mouth. She sits there as she gets fatter and fatter. Marvin pushes in a table full of plates of butter pancakes, 20 large pepperoni pizzas, 10 chocolate cakes, 30 boxes of twinkies, 6 tubs of fattening ice cream, bacon, donuts. It's enough food for 3 years. He takes the hose out of her mouth, grabs a bib and wraps it around her throat tightly. The Big Fat Pig licks her lips in anticipation for the food that's about to be in her belly. She says, "This is a lot of food. I don't--" she stops short when she glances at the food on the table. "Oh my. Is that... PIZZA?!" Marvin grins and says, "Yes it is. 20 Pepperoni Pizzas." He grabs one of the pizzas, opens it, and stands on a ladder, holds the pizza box and a slice and says, "Open Wide piggie." "I don't like it when you call me--" "Shut your fat mouth up bitch." He intensely shoves the slice of pizza hard in her mouth. "Ow! It's hot!" She says as she chews. "I don't care you fat cunt!" She tries to fight tears. Marvin rolls his eyes. "Oh, God, What is it now?" A tear rolls down her face. "You're so mean to me. I don't think--" he shoves another slice of pizza into her mouth roughly. She tries to block her mouth but he grabs her fat face and roughly shoves the pizza in her teeth and mouth. "Just shut up piggie and eat till you die!" She breaks out crying. He takes two slices of pizza and begins shoving more pizza into her mouth. She emotionally chews the food as she cries. "I don't want to keep doing this anymore if you are gonna be mean to me. You abuse me." "I don't abuse you. I'm just trying to get you all nice and fattened up for this Friday." Her eyes widen with shock. "This Friday? What's this Friday?" He stops in his tracks, realizing what he said. "Huh? Oh. I was gonna surprise you--" "Surprise me?" "Yeah. I was going-- I wanted to surprise you with an anniversary." As she grabs the pizza box and starts eating, "Anniversary? For what?" "For... we are in a relationship, right?" She shakes her fat chubby head yes. "Well, then. That's why... we're going out this Friday." "In Public? Oh, wow. I been meaning to get out of the house." He grins devilishly. "Yes. I think it's time you did."
Marvin and The Big Fat Pig are ready to leave. Marvin has The Big Fat Pig lifted and placed onto a wagon. He pushes her as she snacks on a box of donuts and twinkies. "Hey, pretty piggie, you might wanna save your appetite for our dinner tonight, porky babe." She nods her fat head as she swallows the donuts. "I'll be hungry by the time we get there." He stops pushing the wagon, amazed. "Are you swallowing them?" She shakes her fat chubby head yes. This makes Marvin smile and say to himself, "Perfect." They arrive at a fancy restaurant. The server at the door sees The Big Fat Pig. She smiles as she is being pushed inside the restaurant by Marvin he stops pushing as they reach the server. "Uh, table for 2. For the show." The second he says Show, The Manager immediately knew why he's there. "Of course. allow me to show you two the way." He pushes the wagon as he follows The Manager through the restaurant and into a dining room. Where's there's a room full of guests sitting at tables dressed nice. They look up from their plates and see The Big Fat Pig. She smiles and tries to lift her fat arm and waves at everyone but they don't wave back. Her smile quickly fades. The Manager shows Marvin where they sit. "Would you like some assistance pushing this porky pie up--?" "Uh, Yes, that'd be great." The Manager whistles and calls out, "Sherman and Timmy." Two Men Sherman and Timmy come out from the kitchen and stop when they see The Big Fat Pig. "Oh my God, are you fat enough?" The Big Fat Pig frowns. They help push her up on the steps and onto a big empty stage. "Thank you boys. Now, if you want to... prepare the corse." "Won't we need to look at menus? I'm starving." The Manager glances at The Big Fat Pig. "Oh, you won't need the menu. We have you already prepared." Suddenly the Spotlight is turned on and on The Big Fat Pig. She looks confused as The Manager speaks into a microphone. "Hello, everyone. If everyone could take their seats. We are about to begin the experiment." The Big Fat Pig looks at The Mad Genius. "Experiment? Is there a movie?" The Mad Genius says to her, "No."

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