Fatty jenna

chapter 1

This story is told from Howard's perspective and told in a particular time frame.

I didn't have a whole lot of patients to see today. It was October 31st, 2016. Halloween. So my day was cleared. I sat in my office preparing to leave. Suddenly, my receptionist calls me. Her name was Emily. She was a strikingly beautiful woman. Her and I had a "thing" once upon a time. I ended it after a few months. She met someone. It got messy. So I thought it'd be smart to just call it off and go back to working together. She was a damn good receptionist and I didn't want to risk loosing her and find another receptionist who would be boring and more than likely ugly. I stood behind my desk grabbing my coat as I picked up my desk phone. "Yes, Emily." Emily mentioned about a woman who said she has an appointment to see me. I frowned. "An appointment? For today?" "Yes." Emily said. I grabbed my schedule, checking to see who were my upcoming patients. There she was. A woman named Jenna. But she wrote Fatty Jenna. Beside the name said "nickname." Nickname? What kind of nickname is Fatty Jenna?

The thoughts that raced across my mind were, "Fatty Jenna? That's incredibly rude." Emily said, "It does seem very rude." I looked at my watch. It was 5:56. Usually I am out of here by 6PM. It was already 4 minutes till then. I thought a second before I blurted out, "Well. See if you can reschedule." And hung up the desk phone. I didn't want to see Fatty Jenna. I couldn't care less at the moment. I wanted to be home and watch horror movies. It's a tradition I've done since I was a kid every Halloween. As I grabbed my belongings, outside the door I heard Emily talking to Fatty Jenna. Mentioning about a cancellation that she could squeeze her in. I opened the door and stopped dead in my tracks. Lo and behold, here's Fatty Jenna. A young SSBBW. If I had to make a wild guess in regards to her weight, I'd see she weighed somewhere around 300-330. It was hard to tell. Her pink, soft flesh exposed from the edges of her tight sweatpants she wore. Her chubby fingers stained with chocolate that melted from a chocolate bar. Tightly grapsed in her hand, I noticed chocolate around the edges of her mouth. Apparently she isn't conscious about her weight or her appearance or otherwise she wouldn't be dressed this way. Her legs were swollen by the fat tissue that expanded over time from constant snacking on junk food. She probably hasn't drank water or ate any healthy foods whatsoever in her whole life.

She turned her chubby head toward me. Fatty Jenna staring into my eyes. She has a warm smile. If you eliminate all the fat this porky's packed, she'd be a beautiful woman. I suddenly felt this urge of wanting to rip off her clothes and play with her fat. Looking into her eyes, I wanted to do nothing but force feed this piggy and show her off while grabbing her rolls of fat. That double chin was showing and it looks sexy. I suddenly was coming to the realization that I might have a problem.

"Howard?" Emily said. I snapped back to reality. It was as if I lost track of time by looking into Jenna's eyes.

"I...I'm sorry. I don't know what happened." I was trying to regain my composure. Jenna took a huge bite into her chocolate bar. "I... I can see you today if you have time." The second I finished my sentence, I was bumped into my office door as Fatty Jenna rushed past me and into my office. She pressed up against me. She is fucking soft. My eyes closed as I was fighting the temptation of jumping onto her to explore the extra fat desperately begging to be touched and explored. Which wouldn't be a problem for me whatsoever.

"Come right on in." I blurted out. Fatty Jenna plops down into the cushy leather chair. I could hear multiple candy bar wrappers coming from inside her purse. I sat down opposite her in my leather chair, grabbed my note pad and looked up at Jenna and the sight was magnificent. She was already eating another chocolate bar. She noticed my glance at her and felt embarrassed. "Oh... I'm sorry. Am I allowed to eat in here?" Her fat cheeks started blushing. I smiled and nod it off. "Of course you can. A big girl like you deserves to eat." I said. "Well, that's why I'm here, Doc. I need help." I clicked my pen and jotted down notes on my legal pad. "I see. So, Jenna. What kind of help are you seeking?" In between bites, she loves smacking. Although I find smacking a pet peeve of mine, I somehow ignored it when Jenna eats. She eats so sloppily and grunts. She eats as though she hasn't ate in a year. She was eating like someone was going to run in and steal her precious candy bar. Her belly jiggles as she gets comfortable in the leather chair.
"Well, Doc.."
"You can call me Howard."
She gave me a surprised look.
"Ah. First name basis, huh? I must be special." She said before shoving the rest of the candy bar into her mouth. Jesus Christ I was getting an erection from her. Suddenly, I had a clever idea.
"So... you said you came here for help?"
"Oh, yeah. Y'see, my brother is getting graduated and he wants me to lose weight. A lot actually."
"Did he say how much weight he wants to lose?" She waited to answer for some reason. She felt ashamed to say the number which who can blame her? It's sad to hear a family member to tell you to lose weight.
I was taken aback.
"90? How much do you weigh?"
Her chubby fingers fumbling with her purse, then her hand slowly reaches inside for something. "It's embarrassing."
"W ell...because. Being confronted by your former friends and worst of all, your family and say, "how much fatter are you gonna get? Things like that is hurting."
I didn't know what to say at first once she finished. She opened up again candy bar, fighting back tears.
"What do you say to them?
"Well, I tell them it's my body. My choice. I told them I wanted to be a plus-size model."
And baby you will. I picked up my desk phone and dialed the receptionist, asked her to call and order dinner for us. This was going to be a fun night.
During the time we're waiting on dinner, I had a some bags of candy set aside for Halloween tonight for myself I have to please Fatty Jenna. Boy it was delightful watching Fatty Jenna devour every piece of candy in all these large bagsof candy. Her belly made a sound which seeing her chubby fingers rub gently on and belly poking out was hot. I wanted to rub my hands all over her belly and jiggle all that fat. I kept my cool and heard a knock on the door. Emily arrived carrying bags and bags of take out burgers. The bottom of the bags were soaked in grease. Waiting to be eaten. I handed two bags to her. She looked at me in surprise.
"Oh, wow. Is all this food for me?" Jenna said.
I smiled.
"Of course. You look like a hungry gir. And hungry girls deserve to eat."
I winked at her. Her chubby cheeks were red and let out a smile. She opened the bag of greasy cheeseburgers. Oblivious of the plan I had in mind of stuffing her up. Curious to see how big she gets. Wanting to make her my fat piggy to show around to everyone. I sat there, acted as though I was hungry even though I wasn't. I was mainly watching Fatty Jenna already devouring a second cheeseburger. "Boy you were hungry? Weren't you?" She nodded as she was taking large bites of the cheeseburger. As I sat there, pretending to be listening to her about her future and what not. I was mainly thinking about the future I wanted to have with Fatty Jenna. I saw her becoming the fattest woman in the world. Being force fed and her fat observed and played with by several people. She was treated as a royal Godness and damnit, I'm gonna make this dream I have become true.
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