Weight gain stories

Too big to handle  

[STORY COMPLETE] When Megan, a sheltered christian-raised girl, develops a deep crush for bad girl Ari, her waistline begins taking a hit... will she become too big to handle?   More ▼

Dream dungeon

One night, Jess dreams of a being chained up in dungeon. There, she learns Her Mistress finds pleasure in her finding pleasure in food. But, as she returns to this dungeon every night in her dreams, every day her real life midsection grows...   More ▼

Sweet dreams: ava's 'big' vacation

With 'Sweet Dreams' the body of your ultimate desires can come true. Enter Ava, a young woman who believed in the mysterious drug. Follow her story as her mind and waistline transforms, meeting friends and love on the way. Story almost complete!   More ▼

Fairmeadow campus capers (updated 23/10/17)

A guy vs girl contest sets the terms of a risque social science experiment on a prosperous university campus. And as one group's bellies swell, the battle of the sexes changes forever. Pages 36 & 37 added 23 Oct 2017.   More ▼

šŸ©repaid in full

[Updates Monthly] When a starving homeless girl is caught robbing a bakery, she's forced to work there for one year to make up for her crime. But as she gets to know Frida, the owner's granddaughter, she starts working to gain a lot more than freedom.   More ▼

Scarlett packs on the pounds

Scarlett is a supermodel like actress who puts on weight for an upcoming role. She comes to find that she can�t get enough of her gain. Slow paced realistic gain.   More ▼

Type 6 diabetes

Jessica, a professional triathlete and ultra runner, gets diagnosed with a new form of diabetes, Type 6 diabetes where the body requires massive amounts of sugar and simple carbohydrates to survive.   More ▼

Trust me, just keep eating

When Dylan wakes up in an unfamiliar room, he doesn't know what to do. He can't leave and he's being forced to gain weight. The only good thing is the cute girl that's being forced to help him.//Will contain force feeding and dark themes.   More ▼

Too big to holiday - a tbth christmas special  

Ari and Meg are back - and Ari has once again put Meg up to going into a restaurant just to show off what a greedy eater she has become. Her feast draws eyes, comments, and disgust as Meg tries to make Ari proud. [Complete Story]   More ▼

The glow room: mightier than the sword

A young journalist journeys to a self help retreat hidden in the heart of Florida. Where she encounters the eccentric owner and a mysterious Russian woman. All while succumbing to a magical curse placed upon her. Experience a tale of romance and revenge.   More ▼
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