Cassandra creosote continues...

Chapter 4

As time went by, Donna made sure that our greedy and gluttonous Cassandra had as much at her chubby little fingertips as possible. She even brought out milkshakes for Cassie to have with her cheeseburgers without Cassie having to even ask. Cassie then proceeded to politely finish them off. As some of the last families there for dinner were preparing to leave, it was almost breakfast time for Cassie.

"Hmmm...I smell PANCAKES," Cassie says to herself as some pink strawberry milkshake dribbles down her chubby cheeks.

It also appears that the 'fatty sauce' is already having some kind of effect. The creases on her once comfortably fitting pants that formed around the bulbous curves of her large hips, thighs, and ass are now gone indicating that Cassie might have swelled up a little.

"Ice cream lady....I need more beer!" exclaims Cassie.

There is a family getting ready to leave nearby. A five year old boy in the family asks his mother,

"Mommy? Is that fat lady gonna blow up?"

His mother looked at him like she didn't know what to say. As she gave yet another quick puzzled stare at the spectacle across the room, she looked back at the boy and said,

"No dear...she'll....she isn't going to blow up."

The mother didn't know what to say. Her eyes can't keep away from looking at the procession of waiters replacing empty plates with plates of eggs, sausages, pancakes, bacon, waffles, grits, sirloin steak, corned beef hash, fries, muffins, and fruit salad.

"Miss?" asks Donna as she approaches Cassie with a large bowl,"hot melted cheese?"

"Of course, and I don't see any omelets out," replies Cassie, snarkily.

Cassie didn't see all of that Ultra Gain being dumped into the cheese either.

"Yes ma'am," says Donna as she dumps melted cheese over the eggs, sausage, bacon, grits, and fries. They're all drowning in the thick fatty yellow cream.

"Ahhhhh," Cassie's mouth waters.

Some of the other people in the diner look on in disgust at Cassie. They are repulsed by her shoveling eggs and pancakes into her mouth, some of it falling out and making a little mess, her mouth all drenched with cheese. She could exhibit slightly better table manners, granted; nonetheless, her priority is to keep feeding the deep hunger welling up inside of her. Sometime over halfway through her breakfast portion, Donna approaches to clear out some of the empty plates.

"Mmmmmm..." moans Cassie as she shoves half an omelet into her mouth. As she chomps away, her belly lets out a loud groan.

"Huh?" says Donna upon hearing this sound.

As Donna looks on, Cassie looks down at her fat belly and holds it as it groans. As she shoves the other half of the omelet into her mouth, her groaning belly puffs out a little bit. Continuing to eat, but still looking down in a concerned manner at her expanding gut, Cassie tries to cram a muffin into her mouth, and is quite successful. With all the beer she washes it all down with, it's no surprise what happens next.

"Errrrr..." Cassie moans as she starts to hiccup one after the other.

Donna watches on as Cassie's stomach emits another groan.

""rrrrrrrRRRRR**POP!**&quo t;"

Donna jumps back, startled at the sudden sharp sound. She notices that Cassie's belt had busted and is now hanging limp to either side of her ballooning body. The sudden avalanche of blubber released by the belt puts even more pressure on Cassie's increasingly tight pants.

"What are you staring at ice cream lady?! Go get me some ice cream for my waffles!" yells Cassie as an intense wave of euphoric and orgasmic embarrasment washes through her body.

"Uh...yes ma'am," replies Donna as she rushes back to the kitchen.
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