Catherine's self-discovery chapter 11 part 1

Chapter 1 - catherines selfdiscovery chapter 11 part 1

During the girls' experiment with Amy, and Catherine's old maternity wear they had agreed to venture out to the mall in search of new, better fitting clothing for Amy's rounding figure. Amy's focus, while not having totally shifted from sculpting Catherine into a living fantasy, had perhaps bisected slightly, with a little more attention on her own growing curves. She and Catherine had decided to indulge in Amy's kink of developing her into a "fake preggo", aided by plentiful feedings and minimal exercise to avoid rolls. Amy wanted her figure to remain firm and round, as did Catherine, who was only too happy to be sharing her journey of expansion with her girlfriend. This was kick-started yesterday by a thorough feeding of both voluptuous beauties, and had predictably ended with a heated sexual romp, putting both girls happily into a deep fed and ***ed coma for the night.

In the car on their way to the mall Amy was fidgeting in her seat, clearly uncomfortable. As a special request from Catherine, she had forgone the much more comfortable maternity attire that she had worn yesterday, and instead wore her usual, rather small clothing and underwear. Amy wasn't sure what to think of the request, but knowing Catherine as well as she did, she knew she had a plan up her sleeve and went along anyway.

Catherine looked Amy over from the passenger seat, Amy's belly was clearly peeking over the waistband of the black cargo pants she was wearing, with soft love handles bulging from the sides. She could even see Amy's underwear digging into her skin through the tight material, that coupled with the rather snug cargos Catherine thought she could see a slight camel toe developing. On her upper half Amy was wearing a tight, white tank top which was considerably lower cut than it was intended to be, on top of which was an open navy blue button up shirt which was showing some strain around her upper arms. Catherine herself was currently wearing a very comfortable peach coloured, thin, long sleeved maternity hoodie, while not tight on her expanding body, it hugged her curves and showed off her figured. Underneath the hoodie her belly sat restrained by the stretch panel of a pair of her maternity jeggings which she had come to love.

Upon entering the mall hand in hand, Amy started to veer off in one direction before being pulled back to Catherine, "Uh uh, no shopping yet, I'm feeling a little hungry and we've got to get you ready for the maternity store, ok."

"Get me ready, what do you mean?" Amy asked, casting Catherine a confused look.

Placing a hand on Amy's round paunch she said, "Well we can't very well have you walking into a maternity clothing store NOT looking pregnant, now can we? Oh no, we've gotta make sure you pull off the act without a hitch, which means THIS-" she pinched a few inches of Amy's belly fat, "- has got to look the part: large, round, and tight. In a word: STUFFED." Grabbing Amy's wrist Catherine led her to the most likely of locations: the food court. Both of their heads were filled with memories as Catherine steered Amy towards The Fat Panda, causing Amy to stop in her tracks and yank on Catherine.

"No way, we can't go in there after last time", she said with an almost terrified tone.

"That was weeks ago, relax, they won't remember us, don't be such a baby", grasping Amy's wrist again she led her slowly into the spacious restaurant, both girls instinctively looked round for the booth they had occupied, and sullied somewhat, last time they were here. Catherine grinned with delight when she saw it and giggled a little when pointing it out to Amy who struggled to look over in the indicated direction. In it sat a happy couple who were smiling as they discussed who knows what, Catherine leaned towards Amy and whispered, "Do you think they're having as good a time as we had?" She gave a playful nudge to Amy belly, "Come on, let's find a table and get you ready for your role."

The two girls were shown to a booth on the opposite side from the one they had previously occupied, but it was identical nonetheless. Leaving their bags and such in the safety of the booth Catherine grinned at Amy and placed a hand on her tummy, "Start your engines."

Amy rolled her eyes in response, "This is gonna be a disaster, isn't it?"

Catherine giggled, "As if it would be any fun if it wasn't". Both girls made their way to the serving area and begin loading up their plates, or rather Catherine began loading up her own plate and adding plenty to Amy's too.

"Hey, we're not out to pop my pants, or yours again either. I've agreed to stuff myself, but I'm not out to make a spectacle of myself... yet, at least."

"Ok, fine, I'll let up a little, but I just want you to look the part", she said with a playful frown.

"And I will, don't worry, but I'm taking it slow."

Both girls returned to the booth and seated themselves, Catherine required a hand getting into the booth due to her larger size than the last time, "I swear these booths are smaller now, I can barely fit in this one, I mean look at this." She gestured to her preggo belly which was pushed up against the table's edge, "I'm actually wedged in here now... I've really packed on the beef, haven't I?" she asked rhetorically with a knowing smile.

"Yup, you're quite the preggy porker now, just how I want you", Amy winked.

The girls tackled the buffet with gusto, and after four plates they sat back on their opposite sides of the booth, Catherine looking considerably more uncomfortable than Amy due to her full belly being compressed by the padded bench upon which her chubby ass now sat and the table in front. "God, I hate that you can't move the tables or benches here, feels like I'm in a vice." She struggled a little and then sighed with defeat, looking at Amy with puppydog eyes, "Come round here and rub my belly please, it's so tight here", she said with a deflated tone.

Amy tutted and rolled her eyes, "Alright". She shuffled to the edge of her bench and stood up.

"Woah, look at you! The staff are gonna be wondering why two preggos are walking out now when only one came in", Catherine said with an enthusiastic tone.

Amy turned beet red as she tried to adjust her tight and frankly too small tank top as best she could as it had ridden even further up her tummy, which now bulged well over the waistband of her pants. Amy didn't even bother trying to button up her shirt knowing it was pointless. The waistband of her trousers bit into her soft flesh causing a serious muffin top effect at her sides, but only served to emphasise her pregnant appearance at the front. After a few seconds of futile fidgeting she zipped into the booth beside Catherine. "Wow, you're huge now, I can't believe how much you've grown", Catherine said with a wide smile.

Amy looked Catherine up and down,

"Pfft, look who's talking. Now do you want me to rub your belly or not?"

"***, forget about my belly, I wanna rub yours, it looks great."

Catherine placed the hand closest hand to Amy on her inflated paunch and began feeling her up, "My god, it feels so much tighter, definitely more like a pregnant belly". While Amy waited patiently, partially enjoying her one-handed massage Catherine had a quizzical look on her face. "Hmm, it's tighter and a little harder, but I think it's still a little too soft to be convincing up close."

Amy shot Catherine a look, "You're kidding, right? After the amount I've put in there?"

Catherine chuckled, "No, I'm not kidding. Come on, these women work with pregnant bellies all day every day, they'll rumble you in seconds if they lay their hands on here", she gave Amy's belly a gentle, indicative pat.

"Oh, but I'm so full already", Amy moaned.

"Well obviously not full enough. Now go get yourself a really big serving of dessert", Catherine ordered.

"Fine, what about you?"

"Oh I'll have the same as you, thanks babe."

Amy shuffled out of the booth and marched over to the dessert part of the buffet and returned a few minutes later with two large bowls piled high with treats. She placed one in front of Catherine and one in front of her own place before sliding back into her spot. She began eating and looked up at Catherine who hadn't touched her own bowl. "What's wrong, not enough?"

Catherine slowly slid her own bowl across the table towards Amy, "I've decided I'm adequately full for now, I'll have something at home later, besides, if I eat anything else while I'm sat her they'll have to call the fire department to come and cut me out like I'm stuck in some sort of car wreck. ", she said with a playful pat to her bulging gut. "So, you eat it for me."

Amy stared at Catherine with mean eyes, "You planned this before I even fetched dessert, didn't you?"

"Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe... What? Don't look at me like that. You want to pass yourself off as a preggo and the only way to do that is by getting your belly big and hard, so shut up and eat."

"Hmph, fine."
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