Catherine's self-discovery chapter 8 part 1

Chapter 1 - catherines selfdiscovery chapter 8 part 1

It was Sunday morning, the house was silent, the Catherin's bedroom was a sun-soaked scene of tranquillity, the only sounds were the peaceful, rhythmic breathing of the large bed's chubby, and chubbIER occupants. The sunlight streamed in through the voile curtain that hung against the window, bathing the room in an its golden blanket . Catherine and Amy laid in the bed, sleeping soundly, both naked, Amy spooning up against Catherine's back, pressed against her soft flesh almost mimicking her position save for her right arm laying almost protectively over Catherine's robust chest, hiding her enlarged nipples from the glaring sun and the morning air.


After yesterday's turbulent adventure, Amy had stayed the night, after everything that happened yesterday, and the clean-up after, and there was certainly a lot to clean up, Amy had struggled to pull heavy Catherine from the sofa. After languishing in the fog of orgasmic euphoria for same time after the explosive climax, and after some limited clean up, both thought bed would be a wise idea. Labouring up the stairs, Catherine's freshly stuffed and weighted belly became quite the burden, each step seeming harder than the last to climb. With Amy behind her supporting some of her weight, steadying her and maintaining her balance, they made the climb together. By the last step Catherine was once again flushed, red faced and panting, but for totally different reasons than the last time. Ambling through the hallway towards the bedroom both girls took extra time and caution in light of Catherine's new size and the narrowness of the walkway, until eventually they entered the bedroom and Catherine flopped onto the bed backwards. Already half undressed, her panties lain in a shredded heap downstairs still, and her trousers not far away, but still intact, her sizable lower regions were garment free. Catherine's upper body, however was still imprisoned within her rolled up t shirt and tight, pinching bra.

Taking her wrists, Amy pulled Catherine into a sitting position, causing some discomfort to the tightly packed female, adding unwelcome pressure to her engorged belly. Freeing the folded up t shirt from the weight of Catherine's breasts, Amy grasped the edges of the shirt and proceeded to peel it over her chest, head and up her arms until it was off. Then there was the bra, stupidly inadequate, it squeezed her large F cup breasts together and up in an uncomfortable fashion, and the straps biting into her tender flesh didn't help.

"That's ridiculous, I can't believe you wore that."

"I went to buy more-" yaaaaaaaaaaaawn "- today at the mall before we met. Mine were all too small, so one was just as bad as another", Catherine responded.

"Why not just go braless?"

"Get this thing off me and I'll show you why braless wasn't a good idea."

Amy wasted no time in reaching round Catherine to unhook the cruelly constricting item, but as soon as she did the hooks were yanked from her fingertips as her now unsupported tits fell under gravity's ruling. Removing the bra all together Amy finally got to see Catherine's giant breasts, they were incredible, despite their size they remained pert and stretch mark free, although they did sit heavily on top of her huge belly. Such was inevitable due to the size of both the belly and the breasts, they were sure to meet at some point. Her nipples were dark and round, gradually becoming stiff as they were exposed to the cooler air outside of the bra, they tensed up. Amy wanted desperately to wrap her lips around one of them, work them and add light pinches with her teeth only to release and sink her maw into the soft, loose flesh of the upper breast. They truly looked sumptuous.

Catherine caught her staring,

"Right, come here and give me your hand."

Amy obediently approached with her right hand outstretched, Catherine took her wrist and drew the hand closer to her exposed chest, and scooping a free hand from the side under one breast she lifted it and dropped it into Amy's open palm. The soft flesh spread out along the surface of her hand, filling every line and indentation. It was warm, her skin felt silky soft, but Amy couldn't believe the weight of it, it had to be at least a few pounds, and that was just one, her eyes widened at the realisation.

Catherine saw Amy eyes and reacted, "Heavy, isn't it? Now you know I love tits, and I do love my own, but these things are heavy, and when they're moving and sliding along the top of my belly without a bra it becomes a bit distracting, they're very sensitive nowadays and even WITH a bra on they still... distract me. But at least when I'm wearing a bra they're held in place for the most part which limits the rubbing, plus without the support the weight of them sometimes makes my back ache. Before I was pregnant I wasn't anywhere near this size, so I'm not exactly as used to big breasts as you are, you've had yours a lot longer."

Amy took Cat's rant on board, but still couldn't resist the temptation of giving them a jiggle and squeeze in her hand with an excited grin, to which Catherine quickly swatted Amy's hand away. "It's nice being with a girl whose breasts are bigger than mine, doesn't happen often." She walked closer to Catherine's exposed and sitting body, taking it all in, the changes she'd gone through during her pregnancy were on a scale Amy had never seen before, her weight and growth blew Amy's mind. Her round thighs were pressed tightly together supporting her huge bump, which reached out almost to her knees covering her pussy completely, and rounded out so it was now flush with her waist. "Ha, what waist", Amy thought, and it was true, if anything it was rounding out, a small hill of fat building up where once her waist had been, forming a small crease as it folded under the weight of her belly.

Pregnancy had sure as hell fattened her up well, and she was enjoying the process too, most women in Catherine's position would be freaking out at such developments, but she was loving it, knowing the bigger she got the hotter she got, and Amy had to agree. The extra pounds were distributed perfectly over her rotund body, her skin had remained tight and blemish free save for a few light stretch larks that were barely visible on the surface of her belly, but everywhere else was clear. Her skin was tight, yet supple, stretching to accommodate with accumulating fat chub. Her upper arms had lost definition as well, where once Amy could remember a defined line of muscle many months ago, not there was only the smooth expanse of skin all the way round, they were definitely slightly rounder, but there was no sag, but the small build up of chubby, little creases at the top when her arms were held against her torso made Amy smile.

Her face, while having accepted its own part of the added weight remained stunning, only slightly rounder and less defined, Amy still thought Catherine had the face of an angel, with lips that looked like they were sculpted for oral, tight, plump lips that could form smiles that could melt even the coldest of hearts.

Catherine looked up at Amy from the bed, knowing what was coming as she drew closer.

"Can I ...?" Amy asked, trailing off but looking hungrily at Catherine's exposed breasts.

Without even finishing her request, Catherine knew what she wanted, so rolling her eyes playfully, with sweet and jokingly put out smile, she said, "Oh, alright."

Amy kneeled down in front of Catherine, her face getting closer to the engorged tits, looking up at Catherine's face on last time, she closed her eyes, opened her mouth and took one of her stiff nipples in and suckled, her tongue lashing over and around the nub the nipple, she slid her hands around Catherine's waist, grasping her firmly in place and pulling her large belly against her own chest.
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