Village life chapter six

Chapter 1 - village life chapter six part 1

"205 lbs. Oh my, Lisa, you're coming along great, right on track I'd say, but I think there's plenty more growth left in you before you're ready... To give birth, I mean", Flow said casting an appreciative eye over Lisa's rounding form as she stepped down from the scales after another examination. Gazing at Lisa's rear it was wide, fleshy and hungry looking as it appeared in the process of devouring her underwear, the seat of her soft, black cotton panties was wedged up her ass crack as they gained mass and width. Small frays in the material were showing around the leg openings and waistband as they struggled to hold it together under Lisa's growing size. Flow would need to go shopping again soon as Lisa's choices in clothing was once again starting to dwindle, and it seemed that despite Flow's constant reassurances Lisa had taken to trying to conceal her increasing form as best she could, stating that she felt a little awkward having so much of her pale, stretching skin constantly on display. Flow had reasoned that the more at ease Lisa felt, the easier it'd be to continue nudging her along the path she and her cohorts had set Lisa down. In truth most of Lisa's wardrobe did leave her rather exposed, none of her shirts, neither T nor buttoned, came close to covering her large belly now, and with nothing to cover her belly all the way it usually meant revealing either trouser buttons held together with elastic hair bands or anything with an elastic resting under her bump almost exposing her pubic area.

Running a hand over Lisa's belly Flow smiled, "You're growing so damn much these days it's hard to keep track, isn't it dear?"

Lisa hesitated to respond, honestly a little nervous, "...I suppose, yeah", she answered looking down at her various mountains of flesh. At what Lisa estimated was about her 30th week, she couldn't deny that she was getting huge, but while in past months she had taken it all in her stride, accepting her growth as a natural part of her pregnancy, over the past couple of weeks concerns had begun to swirl in her mind, concerns such as "what if all this growth isn't entirely natural?" Recently she had noticed Flow and the other people of the village behaving rather oddly, near constant offerings of food, strange looks from passers-by, it seemed almost like they were sizing her up like a piece of meat, and with the amount people kept running hands over her curves, she certainly felt like a piece of meat. As the weeks had gone on she had grown more and more worried, both about the villagers' behaviour, but also about her own, she had realised she was incapable of saying no to anyone about anything, her will was like putty in anyone else's hands but her own. She hated to admit it, but the truth was that she ate out of fear, Lisa was afraid of what might happen to her if she refused something, or if her carers came to realise that she was resisting, so whenever anyone would offer her anything it had become something of a knee-jerk reaction to accept. This had obviously led to many an occasion when Lisa would feel on the verge of popping if she tried to consume anything else, in her mind her continued survival in the village depended on her ability to eat.

"I'll leave you to get dressed, Lisa, come on out when you're ready, but there's no rush", Flow told her placing a hand on Lisa's shoulder.

Once Flow had left the room Lisa sat down on her bed, her knees felt weak when her near naked body was being "assessed". Tears welled up in her eyes as she rubbed her hands from one side to the other of her belly and up and down her waist. Nipping and prodding herself in various spots revealed just how much she had softened up, if it weren't for the life she could feel in her growing womb, its kicks and punches, she would swear she was just fat, but she knew she was actually fat AND pregnant. She didn't want to get dressed, she just wanted to hide under her covers and wish she was somewhere else, somewhere other than there, she remembered faces and voices from a long time ago, like a distant echo in the back of her mind, but the only things she could clearly recall was all that had happened since she arrived in the village. When she's try to remember it was as if something would always come up to distract her from her concentration, more often than not it would be a rumble from her large gut.

As if on cue she felt it rise from the huge mound of soft flesh, it seemed to almost quiver with hunger as well as rumble, and she knew that as soon as she steps out her bedroom door she would be greeted by a loaded plate in Flow's hands and an inviting smile. Resolving that she does it better sooner than later she rose to her feet and got dressed, although not that it did much nowadays to conceal her modesty, her enormous belly bulged out in all directions and she didn't own a scrap of material that could cover it completely, she felt uncomfortable having it so on display, allowing everyone to see just how much she was growing. She chose the largest shirt she could find, soft, powder blue cotton, it was made for women in their final months of pregnancy, but Lisa was quickly outgrowing it, it clung to her torso like a wetsuit, showing off every curve and pound, even showing a fair amount of skin of her underbelly as it was incapable of covering her all the way. Looking in the mirror she felt it made her breasts look huge as it moulded around them, the straps of her bra could easily be made out through the fabric, then Lisa realised that her breasts were actually just huge, the top wasn't really necessary to emphasise that point. She shushed her stomach as it emitted yet another moan of hunger, then it actually ached, making her double over, the twinge of pain lingered for a few seconds until it voiced its hunger again. This wasn't the first time she'd felt this kind of pain, which was another point of concern, she felt as if her body was turning against her, punishing her for not reacting to its initial pleas. When these twinges started occurring she would naturally react to them, reading the signs that her body was giving her, and it appeared her stomach had grown quite accustomed to her quick response time, however now she was trying to resist, but Lisa knew she couldn't hold out for long.

Trying as quickly as she could she put on a black pair of yoga pants, once they had been pulled up her chubby thighs she found she actually had to stretch the material to pass over her hips and buttocks, causing the material of her underwear to be pulled up even further between her cheeks and across her sex as well. The tight grasp of her bra on her large 36F breasts and her sensitive nipples had ignited a small flame in loins during the examination, but she tried to push it from her mind, remain focussed, aware... alert. The sound of snapping threads in her pants made her wince as she pulled the tight material over her rear, she let the waistband go and it snapped against her soft lower back causing a minor jiggle through her lower half. After composing herself from yet another hunger pain she looked in the mirror and couldn't believe what she saw. She cast her mind back to several months ago, standing in that very spot and checking her profile for if she was showing at all, never would she have imagined that she would reach this size, this weight, she had been so slim before her love affair with food, before she started giving in to every hint of hunger, indulging every craving, and her inability to refuse any and all morsels of food offered to her.

Lisa could feel another rumble rising up from the depths of her belly, which prompted her to quickly turn and head out the door before she had to suffer another twinge throughout her being. Opening the door to the light lit main room of the diner Lisa locked eyes with Flow, as expected she was standing next to a heavily loaded table upon which Lisa counted at least 9 plates holding 9 different breakfast foods, and even some non-breakfast foods. "Come sit down, Lisa, your breakfast's getting cold."

Lisa stared at the table and gulped, smelling the aromas her belly fluttered and her mouth watered, she needed to eat, putting on a fake smile she hesitantly walked forwards, her hands pressed to her belly rubbing it and licking her lips while a small internal voice kept whispering to her, 'Control yourself, Lisa, resist!', she told herself inside. She sat down at looked at the various foods in front of her, a large stack of pancakes on one plate, a mound of bacon on another, sausages, fried eggs on one and scrambled on another, fried onions, fried bread, breakfast muffins, chocolate muffins, yoghurts and several other items Flow obviously intended Lisa to fill herself with.

Flow passed Lisa a shiny knife and fork, "Go on, eat up, you've got to keep your strength", she winked and smile.

Taking the knife and fork she tried her best to serve herself a sufficient portion, making sure not to over fill her plate but trying not to appear unappreciative of Flow's culinary efforts.
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