Catherine's self-discovery chapter 6

Chapter 1 - catherines selfdiscovery chapter 6 part 1

"We really need to get you out of here", Amy told Catherine in a hushed voice, trying not to attract attention from the other customers of The Fat Panda. Amy had just witnessed possibly the hottest display of her life, a short time ago she bumped into her rather pregnant, and rather heavier ex lover, whom she took for a meal at an all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet. Upon discovering Catherine's new and hidden love of stuffing her pregnant belly, Amy proceeded to do just that, as well as bloating her with her favourite fizzy drink, thus resulting in Catherine bursting from her clothing and climaxing in a very public way. This was an unspoken fantasy come true, then why the hell was she crapping herself? 'Oh wait, now I know why, my ex is still writhing in a puddle of her own juices, flesh exposed, all the while coming down from a food induced orgasm in a public restaurant. Shit, we need to get moving, I need to snap Cat out of her daze.' Placing a hand on Catherine's should, as much as it pained her to do it, she attempted to shake Cat back to reality.

Through a blur of warmth and bliss Catherine gradually clawed her way back to her senses, opening her eyes she looked at Amy lustfully, a twinkle in her eye saying she had ideas brewing, but then it came back to her. A gurgle starting from the pit of her very stuffed gut shot up her oesophagus and out her mouth, "Burrrp! Oh god, what the ***." She fidgeted in her spot, which proved to be a serious mistake, as her ass cheeks suddenly slid from under her on the slick imitation leather beach, her arms shooting out to grasp at whatever she could to stop herself from being swallowed up by the dark gap under the table. Amy's hands shot out and clasped Cat's upper arms and pulled her up and into a more stable position. Then she realised the red, imitation leather bench upon which she sat was in fact slick with... "Holy shit" throwing her head back with an air of despair, then she looked down and realised the severity of the situation she and Amy were in, realising they could both get into serious trouble if anyone caught a proper look at the pair of them right now. She shot a look of panic at Amy while grabbing the gaping sides of her open, red shirt, pulling it closed to cover herself as best she could, which really, wasn't very much at all. "***, I need to get to the bathrooms and change, there's no way I can be seen like this, I can't believe you made me stuff myself until my clothes burst", she hissed at Amy.

"Don't say it like you didn't enjoy it, because I know you did. The state of the bench under you is evidence enough, but I'll admit we did MAYBE get carried away. Either way, we need a plan and fast." Both of their hearts were pounding like jackhammers, then Amy said, "Right, I know it's corny, but I'll cause a distraction while you run to the bathroom, and I'll bring the clothes bags along to you once I'm clear."

It sounded crazy, but it was all they had, Catherine knew she was sure to be seen by at least a few onlookers during her dash to the bathroom, but it would be a hell of a lot less than if Amy DIDN'T catch the attention of almost everyone in the restaurant with her desperate distraction. Amy exited the booth and went round to sit on the opposite bench, catching sight of the button which had earlier held Catherine's pants, and of course her belly in check. Cat shuffled nervously down the bench ready to make a break for it.

Amy saw her chance, one the many cooks from the restaurant carrying refills for a multitude of food containers from which the customers took their food. She gave Catherine a short kiss before hurrying off to put their loosely constructed plan into action: colliding with the cook head on, sending all the food he was carrying flying through the air before coming down, accompanied by a very loud and very alarming CRASH from the crockery that had contained the food. All eyes in the restaurant turned towards Amy and the cook, at which point Catherine laboriously pushed herself up from her seat, this of course proved much more difficult than originally anticipated in light of her much larger and heavier midsection. She was momentarily thrilled by the realisation of what she and Amy had accomplished with her body, before snapping out of it and making her mad dash for the bathroom door with her hands clasped tightly across her belly trying in vain to hide her exposed flesh. Bursting through the bathroom door and almost slipping on the tiled floor, Catherine made a beeline for one of the stalls, got inside, slammed the door and locked it. She pulled down the toilet covering and sat down, her heart racing, 'That much physical exertion whilst carrying this much weight' she thought looking at her over-filled belly, 'I suppose I'm lucky I made it here without another incident.'

"I am SO sorry, I don't know what happened, are you ok?" Amy climbed to her feet, quite dishevelled and shakey thankfully food and splatter free, and offering the Fat Panda cook a hand to help him to his feet with an apologetic and mortifyingly embarrassed look on her face. If she hadn't run into the cook on purpose, she had little doubt she'd have curled up and died right then and there, but as it was, she was quick to apologise and help, making amends as best she could before scooting off to collect Catherine's clothes bags and going to rendezvous with Cat in the bathroom.

Calm and collected, Amy walked into the bathroom, it was quiet and seemingly empty, although on stall door was very obviously closed, "Cat? Hellooo? I've got the bags," the door shot open as Catherine reached out and pulled Amy into the spacious stall.

"Thank ***, where the hell were you?"

"Sorry, but it would have looked a little shitty if I'd collided with that cook and just ran off. I had to try and smooth things over, you know, apologise and all that. Duh!"

"Ok, fine, sorry, but it felt like I was waiting in here for ***ing ever."

"Aaaw, poor baby, feeling a little cramped in here, huh? I'm not surprised with the size you are now. I can't believe how much bigger you are, you're seriously bulging", she ran a hand over Catherine's now exposed skin, not taking her eyes of the belly. "So how do you feel?"

"Urgh, three Hs: Huge, heavy, and a little horny, but definitely not hungry anymore", Catherine responded, both hands on the side of her belly, giving a slight squeeze, shocked at how tight and unyielding it now was. Her belly now produced a low, and almost content, growl as it adjusted to its newly expanded size.

Upon hearing the growl Amy looked at Catherine, "you sure you're not still hungry?"

"YES, that was just... I don't know, digestion I suppose, my belly's quite a big job to get through as you can see."

Delivering a playful pat, a rub and a knowing smile, "yeah, just a little, but you know as well as I do that it won't be the last "big job" it'll get through before the end of your pregnancy." Amy pressed Catherine against the wall of the stall, her hands sliding round to Catherine's back and grasping her firmly, she whispered into Catherine's ear, "You know I was totally serious about us doing better than a measly 50 pound gain on your chubby ass", finishing with a playful squeeze of her disappearing waistline. "Mmm, deeelish."

Giving a sharp slap to her right hand, "Oh no, don't start again, I just want to get dressed into some clothes that fit and get out of here. We can continue our fun back at mine, but right here and now I want to change, pay for our meal and leave."

Feeling slightly dejected, Amy found it hard to argue with Catherine's reasoning, there was still the mess Catherine had left on the bench in the booth out front that would no doubt attract some unwelcome attention. "Ok, fine, I'll wait outside the stall for you, let me know if you want a hand... or anything else" she said with a wink before exiting the stall and waiting patiently.
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CrowsEye 10 years
THAT is how you write some good fat-smut. You have a talent, my friend.
Escape60 11 years
Really happy you're enjoying it so much, there's plenty more to come, don't worry smiley
Escape60 11 years
Thanks, I really appreciate the compliment, I'm happy you're enjoying it. I see you've also added me to your Watch List on DA too.
Escape60 11 years
Tanks a lot, I really appreciate the comments and compliments, I'm never sure how well my stories are going down, so it's nice to get a little feedback. The next chapter will be up soon, but if you can't wait then you can go to DeviantArt, chapters 1 to 11 are up as well the the fist 2 chapters of a new story I'm working on called Village Life.