Village life chapter 8

Chapter 1 - village life chapter 8 part 1

Once again this week Lisa had been rudely awoken by a now rather familiar sensation, her belly rumbled audibly beneath the thick, soft duvet. Looking down at her mountainous middle she pouted miserably as she ran a hand over the stretched skin under the heavy bed cover, "Not again...", she whined to herself as her mind cleared away the cobwebs of sleep, "How can I be hungry again already? They fed be until I thought I'd burst right before bed last night", Lisa complained quietly. Looking at herself as she peeled back the duvet she felt a pang of dread as she assessed her size, for some time now Lisa had been unable to lay on her back, the weight of her enormous belly and engorged breasts had proven to be too much for her and had on many an occasion caused her great difficulty in breathing. Now she opted for sleeping on her side or propped up on the many pillows Flow had furnished her bed with. Almost all of Lisa's time was spent in bed nowadays, she had swollen and been fed to such a size that her mobility had been severely impeded, she knew that over the months the likelihood of this happening was high, but she had imagined the experience to be one of ease and relaxation rather than worry. It had been a week since Flow had put a stop to Lisa's work at the diner and had imposed Lisa's sentence of bed-rest, ever since that last weighing and feeding she had found herself incapable of resisting the urge to stuff herself, and on top of that her sex-drive seemed to have skyrocketed, but without any type of companion to aid her in such matters and now being so large she was incapable of dealing with it herself she took out her pent up sexual frustration on food. Lisa had found that if she wasn't hungry she was horny, and if she wasn't horny she was hungry, but either way there was a sure bet that she'd be eating.

Hearing another rumble her head flopped back on the pillows, "What's happening to me? I can't need to eat again already, I just can't", she sulked as she tenderly rubbed her hands over the great pale expanse, as she explored her stretched flesh she absentmindedly let one hand drift up to her tender, engorged breasts to rub one of her erect nipples, feeling a small spark of electricity as her round thighs curled inwards she snapped out of it and swatted the thought away, "I can't, it'll only make it worse", she told herself. Feeling a roll and bump under her hand from the life growing within her Lisa shook her head, "This isn't normal, no pregnant woman gets this big, at least no pregnant woman I've ever seen...". Wincing slightly as her body gave her short but sudden jolt her belly emitted the loudest of grumbles of the morning, "Please, not again, I'm not hungry, I'm NOT", she moaned.


" Ooph, I won't... This is MY body, I decide when I want to eat", she told her complaining gut as she bit her lower lip, wrapping her hands around her belly Lisa rolled onto her side in an attempt to curl herself around it, as if trying to sooth her raging hunger, but to no avail, she felt her resistance slipping as she felt her baby's movements more and more as if in distress. "Flow!", she cried out through gritted teeth, "Flow!...", she moaned again as a tear ran down her cheek before being absorbed by the violet bedsheet.

Cutting through the room like a blade, light poured into the darkened room as Flow opened the door, "What is it, dear?", Flow asked with a knowing tone.

"B-breakfast... I'd-I'd like some breakfast, p-please...", Lisa stammered in a defeated tone, curling her head to look at her massive swell her lips began to quiver as the pain gently eased to a dull ache accompanied by the rolling rumbles and churns of her bestial appetite. A sickening quiver ran down at her spine at the thought of what her appetite at reduced her to, unable to resist her appetite for more than a few minutes and her own body even turning on her and her unborn child to make her eat. Squinting her eyes tightly her sight was assaulted by a cascade of sunlight of Flow sharply pulled apart the curtains and turned to Lisa with a smile, in fact it was more of a grin, a smug grin at that.

"It seems like that appetite of yours starts kicking up a fuss earlier and earlier these days... And more and more too", Flow added as she gazed down at Lisa's round, gestating form before leaning down and rubbing long, wide sweeps over Lisa's tight, pale belly and waist with a satisfied smile. "This waistline really has taken a beating this week, hasn't it? We've been rushed off our feet keeping up with your cravings and hunger pangs, honestly can't remember the last time we had one that kept us this busy", Flow said with a ponderous tone as her fingers drummed lightly on Lisa's rumbling and gurgling middle, "But you are pregnant after all, and we haven't had to deal with too many girls in your situation who were in the family way, if you will." Hearing another loud grumble emanate from Lisa's bulging gut Flow saw Lisa attempt to curl herself around it in discomfort accompanied by a slight moan. "Oh listen to silly old me prattle on, it's time for your first feeding of the day and I know how you hate to be kept waiting."

Most of what Flow said had gone in one ear and out the other as Lisa tightly gripped her mammoth middle while she felt it squirm and churn with monstrous hunger, the odd words about previous girls and "her situation" had stood out and caught her attention more than the rest, but as she heard the last few words she peered up and caught sight of Flow's face, and judging from her expression it seemed less like her words were directed at Lisa herself and more... at her belly.

"I'll be back in a few with your morning feast, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, which is exactly why we like to make sure you have several", Flow chuckled as she walked towards the door.
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