Catherine's self-discovery

Chapter 1 - catherines selfdiscovery

Catherine sat comfortably on the large, plush sofa, her long auburn hair fell past the tops of her shoulders, silky smooth and soft to the touch, it framed her face accenting the slight hint of weight her face had acquired over the past few months. Her eyes were focussed on the television watching a back log of soaps she'd recorded, she knew they were kinda corny and crappy viewing, but for a woman in her situation they were just the touch needed to her days. While her gaze was focussed on the box, her arms were on another task, with a large tub of heavy ice cream tucked under her right arm, the left seemed almost on autopilot: spoon in hand, it descends into the tub, scoops, and ascends to Catherine's waiting mouth, in the spoon goes only to emerge clean as a whistle, and then the hand descends for another copious scoop of the sweet treat and to repeat the action.

This cycle goes on until the metal spoon meets with the thin plastic of the tub's bottom, emitting a slight tap and then drawn along the empty, plastic surface only to ascend one final time to Catherine's mouth, in the spoon goes, and Catherine suddenly comes to the realisation that her spoon, heaven forbid, is EMPTY. Taking it out of her mouth she looks at the spoon inquisitively, almost confused, that is until she peers down. Looking down, Catherine sees her rather large bosom, easily an E cup at this point. Round and pert, yet soft and inviting, Catherine herself even found them to be something to behold, they'd certainly grown since the beginning of her pregnancy 6 months ago, she'd started out a large C, easily edging towards the D cup range, but now they were a sold E and still growing. When exiting the shower or getting dressed, whenever she'd see them bare she couldn't help but marvel at them and wonder how large they'll be by the end of her pregnancy.

The rest of her body had taken on some other drastic changes, up until 6 months ago Catherine had been a comfortable 128 lbs, standing at 5.3 feet tall she had been well proportioned. A decent bust, a soft ass with just the right amount of fat on it, occasionally she'd give it a sharp slap or 3 whilst admiring her body in the mirror before getting dressed, it would jiggle slightly, ripples passing all the way through it, some even spreading throughout the rest of her body, and when it would stop a second later she'd place her hands at the bottom of her buttocks, lift, and then drop them. It was a tight ass if she was honest with herself, soft and round with a nice width to it on her wide hips. She would always finish off her little inspection with a nice stroke of it, always making sure to go over the glowing red, self inflicted hand print, it would tingle and almost throb, if she concentrated she could almost feel it pulsing as her body registered the pain and set to work healing any possible damage she may have sustained.

Looking past her breasts she saw it, the now very empty ice cream tub tucked neatly under her right arm, setting her spoon down she lifted the tub and looked at it carefully. It was empty alright. "That's strange", she said in a slightly whispered voice, then she looked at her belly, her gaze didn't have to travel far as it was quite a belly now, her stretchy, fitted turquoise t-shirt was stretched a little tighter than it was earlier, and a small sliver of pale flesh was now peeking out between the shirt's hem and the waistband of her jeggings. Before her pregnancy she had always been slim, not big on exercise but she could never be called lazy, she would often forego using a car to get anywhere in the city and walk instead, the public transport system was frequent and reliable enough, plus she would never have to worry about finding a parking spot, or paying car park fees, it seemed like those prices were always on the rise, and on top of it all she would get exercise. Her belly had been flat for the most part... ok not really THAT flat, but it didn't bulge, it had a very low running, mild slope to it and was always yielding when she would poke a finger into it, but now... oh boy, that slope had exploded. Catherine had always strived to eat well before getting pregnant, no processed foods, little fast food (little, not none at all) and whatever she cooked it was always from scratch with fresh ingredients but she did have a tendency to serve herself, and finish off, "unlady-like portions", suffice it to say she liked food and she loved to eat. However she did have one major weakness, it had always been there and probably always will be (and with the evidence acquired during her pregnancy that "probably" will quickly vanish): chocolate. Damn sweet, creamy, smooth chocolate. Of course this had snowballed somewhat since her pregnancy began, small regular sized bars grew in number, and then in size to the larger ones one would imagine consuming over the course of perhaps a week, certainly not in an hour at work, or whilst waiting for the bus, or sitting in the ... doctors waiting room? But then chocolate started to not cut it for Catherine's tastes, she wanted something bigger, fuller, creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeamier, ice cream being logical choice in her mind. She'd eaten plenty of ice cream over the years, with boyfriends, with girlfriends (both kinds), or just by herself on nights in, but never in such quantities as she did now, she would take a few scoops in a bowl and then put the tub back in its icy prison. Over the months a few scoops grew to a few more scoops, then seconds, then thirds, and it was a nice companion on nights she woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. For about 2 months now the little on in her oven tended to kick up a storm in the early hours of the morning, so on these occasions she would figure, "meh, why not, I'm pregnant, and maybe it'll calm down this little monster down", running a loving hand over her rounded, and growing rounder, belly.

A LOT of this thinking had built up to the situation she now found herself in: 6 months pregnant, single, and roughly 35 pounds heavier. Catherine didn't worry about her weight, she was very healthy and happy, and was managing singldom well, all she had to focus on was herself and the little life growing inside of her. She'd had plenty of friends who had practically starved themselves during their pregnancies afraid of their spouses not finding them desirable anymore if they picked up a few extra pounds, never really showing until about the 5th month mark, but when Catherine's belly started rounding out (more) towards the end of her second month she didn't worry, she took it in her stride and got herself another guilt-free serving of her now favourite treat.

Setting the empty ice cream tub down next to her she placed her hands upon her big belly, giving it a slight squeeze, then a small nudge, it wobbled and bobbed for a semi second before returning to its stationary state, then gave it a long rub from top to bottom, then side to side. "Ok, yeah, that is strange", things started working in Catherine's mind, to her realisation it certainly was strange that... she wasn't full. Catherine knew she should have been, heck, she just polished off a whole, large tub of heavy, fatty ice cream, yet she wasn't. In fact, the truth is, she could even... go for more? Catherine smirked at the thought, how silly, of course not, that'd just be totally greedy, but what if she did? What if she could? What IF she could finish off ANOTHER tub? She sat for a moment pondering this, struggling with it internally. Should she? With a sigh as if admitting defeat, quickly followed by a small smile, she rocked back once and pushed herself off the sofa to make her way to the kitchen to fetch another full tub of thick, creamy, double chocolate and fudge ice cream, even with a slight spring in her step. Half motivated by curiosity and half by hunger/cravings, then she thought to herself "... Ok, perhaps a little more curiosity than the cravings, maybe 60-40? 70-30?" Ok, she didn't know the stats exactly, but truth be told she was damn curious if she could finish another tub like the last one. And so Catherine plopped herself back down on the sofa, and taking up her spoon again, she popped the lid and looked at the ice cream, honestly she was a little scared, "am I really doing this? I just finished one whole tub to myself and I'm starting another one, and I'm not really hungry". With that she closed her eyes, took a deep breath, put spoon to ice cream and scooped, brought up the mouthful and put it in. With her eyes still closed she exhaled, and trapping the tub between her elbow and belly, she rubbed her belly long and hard, relaxed and settled herself into the corner of the sofa. With her spoon hand she gently fiddled with the buttons on the remote and pressed play starting her cycle again, it was like she'd never left that spot on the sofa. As her mind gently settled back into her little routine, she couldn't help but think, "I should really do this more often."
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Darkwarrior 11 years
I am definitely not a writer - I can kick ideas back and forth, and proof-read, but stringing them together in a flowing manner is not my forte.

However, as a prolific _reader_, I can agree with STGpron, you are a very good writer. Once you finish Catherine's story, I look forward to seeing more work from you.
Escape60 11 years
Thank you very much, STGpron, that's very kind of you to say so. As I said in my earlier comment, this is the first time I've turned my hand to writing and I'm rather enjoying the experience and hope to continue.
STGpron 11 years
This is undoubtedly the most well-written story I've ever seen on FantasyFeeder. Pregnancy might not be my thing, but I can appreciate writing talent when I see it, and I mean it when I say that this is a bloody good story from start to finish. Fantastic job.
Escape60 11 years
I'm only planning on taking this story to the end of her pregnancy, and I'm currently finishing off chapter 12/13. Chapter 12 has reached a length that I'm thinking of breaking it up into two chapters. I'm only taking it to the end of the pregnancy because that's just as far as I want it to go, and I'm already throwing ideas around for a new story, which will also be preg wg orientated, but in which the main character will be fattening up in a less voluntary manner. In the most recent chapter I'm writing Catherine's only just 8 months, so there's still plenty more to come. Even though still-to-be-posted chapters are finished I'm open to altering them if any decent ideas come up in my inbox or on the comments section.
HappyBigBelly 11 years
That's a hot pregnancy, I tell ya smiley Perhaps a second pregnancy down the road...where she cements her fate as an ice cream goddess? smiley
Darkwarrior 11 years
While I don't know how much you've planned out, one possibility for Catherine's future that would (in fantasy) let her keep growing and stuffing is becoming a professional Surrogate Mother. Maybe something to explore in an "idle thought/fantasy" during a stuffing, or something for an epilogue or sequel?
Escape60 11 years
By the way, if anyone has any suggestions or ideas of things they'd like to see come up in future chapters then feel free to let me know, always appreciate input and advice.
Escape60 11 years
Thanks for the idea Darkwarrior. On DevientArt there's a sequence you type at the beginning and end of where you want the italics or bolt text, etc, different sequences for different effects.
Darkwarrior 11 years
Well, back in the days of the dinosaurs, they would put single-quotes around thoughts, and double-quotes around speech. That may be your best option, don't know what encoding fantasyfeeder supports.
Escape60 11 years
I've certainly had fun writing it, in all honesty despite being aware of this fetish of mine for some years I've never actually written a story about it before, so it's all very new to me. I'm just a little vexed as following chapters include parts of what Catherine is thinking and I use italics for those parts, but for the life of my I can't figure out how to put italics on what I upload on here.
Darkwarrior 11 years
Looking forward to it, this sounds like it will be an amazing story.
Escape60 11 years
Well so far I've got 11 and a half chapters written and in the most recent Catherine's just hitting her 8th month, so there's plenty more to come.