Catherine's self-discovery chapter 4

Chapter 1 - catherines selfdiscovery chapter 4 part 1

Well she'd done it, it was no easy task. It took time. Planning. Determination, and a hell of a lot tugging, shimmying and breathing in, but it was done: Catherine was finally dressed. After her morning inspection she rummaged through her wardrobe for something to wear, her tight underwear would have to suffice for the time being until she bought some more, which would only be a short time later. Finding a plain white t-shirt, Catherine deduced that it would be a good to start her ensemble, simple yet effective, yet it took some work to get it on. Getting it over her head was no trouble, but once that was out of the way the work began, and so began a battle of wills to pull that shirt over her mountainous... well, mountains, really. On multiple occasions she ended up pulling her tight bra off of her breasts when the hem of the tight shirt caught on the edges of the bra's straining cups, thus making her abandon her struggle for a moment while she reset her bra.

Catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror she had to admit that she looked less than elegant with a rumpled, tight, white T under her chin, her bra literally under her breasts, red faced, and all in a pinchingly-tight pair of black, lacy French knickers. After resetting her over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder, Catherine worked on inching the shirt down, little by little, careful to pull the shirt perhaps a little more than it could handle to avoid the edges of her cups. Once it was past that hurdle it slid with little effort the rest of the way down the exterior of her bra, then the real game began. She knew there was no chance that this shirt would accept all of her corpulent form, but all she needed was for it to reach AT LEAST past her belly button, even if it was by a millimetre. She'd found that since her belly button had taken it upon itself to scream its presence to the world by popping, many items of clothing would tickle her now protruding belly button. This had proved to be of great annoyance to Catherine as she would have to frequently scratch the area to dispel the tickle, but on one occasion this scratching had caused a few buttons of a rather tight button down to pop off, thus exposing her expanded flesh to onlookers. It wasn't until some hours later that a colleague of hers brought this to her attention, causing Catherine to want to curl up and die with embarrassment. So to avoid such possible occurrences again she had decided to wear a another, buttonless, layer under the items that did have buttons.

With a sharp tug, swiftly followed by the sound of snapping threads, Catherine held her breath and began sliding the second skin-like shirt down her belly, she could hear the shirt straining under her abundant curves, she was just waiting for it to rip up the side seam, or heck, even down the front, it wouldn't surprise her. Lower and lower the shirt went, it was so tight it was almost like a liquid film descending down the surface of her belly taking her in until she was completely covered. "Pfft, fat chance of that happening" the responded to the
mental image.

Finally the shirt was down, by some miracle it had actually reached past her belly button, a feat that was easily achieved some weeks ago. Admittedly the shirt was ruined and had no chance of returning to its original formfitting size, but it would suffice. And so Catherine felt it safe to exhale. RIIP!! Catherine cringed at the sound, she closed her eyes and hung her head in defeat, emitting a sharply whispered "shit!" before raising her head to assess the damage. Looking in the mirror she turned this way and that, searching for the source of the sounds, only to find the threads of the right side seam half way up her torso had pulled apart, the stretched material hung open like a gaping wound exposing her bulging skin to the air. It could have been worse, yes it was a hole, but it would be covered, so it was no biggie, so Catherine let loose a sigh of relief, then it dawned on her. She'd done it, she'd actually torn an item of clothing from getting so damn big. Her panties suddenly grew very damp, she clenched her fist, bit her lower lip and resolved NOT to act on it, she would resist. With mild difficulty she changed her knickers for a clean, rather less creamed pair and set to finishing off getting dressed, she had things to do after all.

She chose a simple pair of black slacks to wear for her outing, they were perhaps a size or two (don't laugh) too small, but thankfully were made from a material with enough stretch that she could make them work. Setting herself down on the bed, she let loose an "oooph" as her expanded rear spread out under her weight, the bed creaked and the springs whined, eliciting a humorous "shut it!" from Catherine at the strained mattress. She slid one leg in and pulled the trousers up her shapely legs, the black material grasped Catherine's chubby thighs and stretched around them, pulling her feet through the openings at the end, before placing the second leg into the opposite opening. With both legs in she pushed herself up from the bed a let loose a long breath of exertion before pulling up the trousers over her fattened ass. She shimmied from side to side, working the material up and over her buttocks until they were where she needed them to be. She was happy not to be hearing the sounds of snapping, only the almost paper like whisper as the material accepted its corpulent occupant. Ah... the button. "Crap", this was going to be a challenge, but she'd got this far and wouldn't be beaten now. Grasping both sides of the opening, she breathed in deeply and held it, and tugged, but was thankful to find it required a lot less effort and trouble than the t-shirt she was now sporting. The material stretched and met, but there was a fair amount of fiddling in joining the two sides and Catherine couldn't see a damn thing that was happening under her belly, but with ample dexterity the two sides were joined. The zipper was swiftly pulled up and Catherine slowly exhaled, not wanting a repeat performance of what happened last time. The waistband audibly stretched and moaned, but held fast. Catherine mimed a silent "thank you" to the heavens in relief.

The final addition to the outfit was a tasteful, crisp, deep red, button down shirt, taking it from its hanger she slid her arms in, finding it a snug fit on her upper arms, but that was hardly surprising. Pulling the material tight Catherine attempted to unify the two sides of the shirt, the buttons with the button holes, it took some work, pulling and tugging here and there but the job was going smoothly. Buttons slid into button holes trailing up Catherine's large belly, however the top 3 buttons had to be left open on account of the wearer's impressive bust, the material had no chance of meeting around those puppies, which suited Catherine just fine.

Sliding on a comfortable pair of shoes Catherine headed out the door to the nearby bus stop. Her destination: the mall. Her primary objective: buy suitable and well fitting clothes for work, plus underwear. Optional objectives: Eat.
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