Dreaming, wining and dining

  By Bb35

Chapter 1 - ANGY

I was dreaming of you, but it was so real... I could touch you and feel you and hear you. You were sitting in front of me in my favorite restaurant. It's located just around the corner of the central market in the city I visit so often. I go there as I have to visit a customer, that needs continous follow-up. So I stay in the hotel, at the central market. But the hotel has got no restaurant.

My favorite restaurant is just around the corner.

This evening, I had checked into the hotel, and I was set to go and have dinner. After a good days work, a nice dinner is rewarding. It was chilly outside, wind and rain made it feel like a bad autumn day. It has been cold and raining for days now.

So I rushed out of the hotel and ran to the place. I entered into my favorite restaurant, pushing a solid door, taking with me a wave of wet wind inside and went to sit on my favorite place. Luckily my table was free, how nice, I wink at the waitress, who was taking an order, but saw me come in. She gives a wink with her eyes into the direction of my table. I take off my coat, and lay it on the chair in front of me. The waitress knows me and quickly joins me. She says 'nice to meet again' and asks if all is ok. She ask if I like a little wine, and I say: yes please. She knows I am into red, and she even knows I take the housewine, which is excellent.

It is not too crouded in the restaurant, and people drop-in bit by bit and install themselves at the gentle guidence of the waitress. While I get my glass of wine, the waitress tells me about a special on today's menu: A grilled steak with wild mushroom sauce. Great, with some backed patatous please.

As a starter I take my usual saladbar. The waitress leaves and I want to stand up and walk to the saladbar. The moment I stand up, the door opens and this lovely girl comes in. She must be 30-ish, maybe a bit more. About 5'7 or 5'8, nice hight. While entering the place, the wind swirls her half-long light brown hair, and she almost gets blown into the middle of the restaurant, the door slaming behind her.

'oops' she says 'darn wind!'. Funny to observe. Cold as it is, she wears a thick wintercoat, a bit early in the season, but can't blaim her, it is a chilly evening.

After I gave her a close look, I continued my way to the saladbar. I let my eyes scroll over the plates and am about to set my mind on a lovely tunasalad, freshly brought to the bar.

In the corner of my eyes I see this lovely lady is seated next to my table. The waitress asks if someone will join, and she says 'no, I am alone'.

The waitress quickly takes away a set of plates to leave just one for her. She takes her coat off and I see she has a beautifull curvy body, well proportioned, and shows so nicely in her slightly tight black stretched top.

She's a natural, little bling-bling, just a nice watch and little earrings.

She sits down and observes the restaurant, the people who sit in all different corners, alone or in groups.

I see she starts looking at my direction, so quickly I start looking for something else to put on my plate. I would not want that she notices I was looking at her. I feel a little ambarrased, as she sits so close to my table... I hope I have not made a bad first impression or something...

OK, let it go...I fill my plate with some egg salad, take some pieces of bread and walk slowly to my table. I had to look where I am going, of course. But I can't help to give a quick glimse to this lovely lady, who sits almost next to me at the neighboring table.

She sees I looked at her, and I just give her a smile. While walking closer to my table, I notice she still looks at me, so I say 'hi'. She opens her eyes to the full and starts to glow... as if she had trouble finding the words 'hi, nice to meet you'. Hmmm, I notice she has a nice soft voice.

She looks at my plate and says 'it looks nice, I think I am going to have a salad too'. While the waitress passes she quickly orders a large coke, she stands up and heads for the saladbar. As she stands up, only now can I fully admire her full figured hourglass-like lovely bodyshape. While she stands up, she discretely lowers her tight black top, that had curled up a bit. I see her lovely behind, as she turns around the table, taking her plate and heading for the bar.

Her stretched pants need also a discrete adjustment around her lovely behind, but in the corner of her eyes she must have seen I was looking at her. She just redoes the top a bit down on the back and the side. I feel guilty looking at her all the time, so I force myself to look on my plate.

The waitress quickly brings the large coke for her, and asks me if everything is fine. 'Yes' I say.

Meanwhile my lovely neighbour has arrived at the bar, and she walks around it, to see what is appealing to her. She walks again to the other side... maybe a patatosalad? Maybe tunasalad? Or is it maybe so she can see me under the lights that hang over the bar?

I see she glimses my way just under the lights. She is not taking any direct action to put anything on her plate. While I take a first bite, I look again at her, to see she is still looking my way.

Where is my appetite? Normally I would have almost finished my plate by now.

She starts turning around the bar again, and I notice she keeps looking at me from the corner of her eyes. She hesitates and slowy puts some salads on her plate, walking around the bar another time. How lovely I can observe her, she has this nice wobble over her when she walks, and her tighs and belly jiggle a bit.

How sexy, I have hard times to keep my hormone rush down in my body. But I do not want her to notice I can't take my eyes off her. She looks so nice, I start fantasizing 'things'...

She finally slowly walks back towards her table and hile I am trying to look down, I still peek from the side of my eyes to observe her elegantly walk by. She finally sits down, it felt like ages... I look at her from the side and observe she really has nice boobs too, firmly wrapped in her bra, sticking proudly forward, leaving a nice cleavage that I regret not being able to see clear.

I see she gives me another look, which I notice and see she turns a bit shy.
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