Hannah and the harem

Chapter 1 - recruited

They were both relaxing on the beach during a summer vacation when they were first approached, the tall, slender woman dressed in casual but elegant clothes smiled as her gaze lingered on the two sunbathing girls. Of the two friends, Cyndy was the more at home on the sand, dressed in a tiny baby blue bikini that showed off her classically beautiful body. Her tall body had not an ounce of fat on it, her compact breasts stood perky and proud of her taught and long torso.

Hannah was built differently, her much shorter body and heavier set frame carried a full set of curves, and her large breasts looked even larger on her stocky build. She was self-conscious of her body shape, wearing a full cover black swim-suit that the catalog had promised would make her look 10 pounds lighter than the 140 pounds her five foot body carried. Her dark hair was cut in a short bob, her brown eyes hidden by sunglasses.

"Can I help you?" Asked Cyndy, somewhat testily.

"Maybe." Smiled the woman, handing each girl a business card with a name and phone number on it. "My name is Jennifer, and I work for a modelling agency. We're always looking for new talent, and you two caught my eye. There's no obligation, but if you want to know more, just give me a call."

The woman smiled again at the two, and began to turn to leave. Hannah already felt humiliated by the exchange, surely the woman had simply been being polite by implying that she was interested in both of them. She sat up, aware as she did of the folds in her belly that appeared when she was seated.

"Wait!" Called Cyndy. "What kind of an agency?" Hannah's heart sank. This was going to be embarrassing.

"It's a modelling agency owned by a member of the Kuwaiti Royal Family. It's a little different than most, because the agency picks girls with potential, and invests heavily in them with trainers, dieticians, body sculpting sometimes, and then acts as their agent as well. The agreement that we offer is a one year commitment - come to the Middle East, work with our team, take their advice, accept the treatments they recommend and then after the year is up you either extend your contract, or leave with a portfolio of photographs and a reference that you can use as you please. I hope I don't need to mention that the pay is very competitive."

Cyndy's face is lit up at the idea, barely able to contain her enthusiasm. Hannah is less impressed, an alarm in her head skeptical of the woman's story.

"The Middle East? The Kuwaiti Royal Family? She says scornfully. "It sounds like some of the stories you hear about girls trafficked into harems."

The woman smiles. "I won't lie to you." She says. The Prince does keep a harem of sorts, but it's the 21st Century. Everyone there is there of their own volition. This program does sometimes serve as a recruiting ground for the royal entourage, but he is very selective. Less than 10% of girls who go through the program are invited to join the entourage at the end of their year. Many accept, many do not, either way is fine, and those who enter may leave at any time, without any problems, so long as they respect their non-disclosure agreement. The one thing the family is very serious about is the press. I hope that doesn't sound unreasonable to you."

Cyndy and Hannah had talked about little else the rest of their vacation, and eventually Cyndy had persuaded Hannah to go. They both sought deferrals from their college, claiming that they were taking a study abroad year to their academic advisers, friends and family. Hannah had called Jennifer secretly, to ask her frankly whether she was serious about the girl. Jennifer had been kind, but professional, insisting that the program had roles for all body types, and that, in any event Hannah would be working with some of the best dieticians and trainers in the world. She reiterated that the only stipulation was that Hannah must agree to take the advice of the staff in the program, however hard that might be.

So it was that the two were picked up by a smartly dressed chauffeur at Kuwait City airport a few short weeks later, and driven for some four hours in the blacked out car. After the long flight both had no difficulty sleeping in the car, and when they woke they were greeted by a small Arab woman in a conservative gown who welcomed them to what seemed to be a palace built in a desert oasis.

The young woman introduced herself as Nadine, and led them inside what felt like a lavish hotel to two adjacent rooms, leaving them alone after instructing them to freshen up before their lunch. Cynthia was ecstatic, leaping into Hannah's room and jumping onto her bed. Even Hannah was pleasantly surprised by the lavish rooms and kind greeting, beginning to feel her initial reticence might have been unfounded.

The rest of their evening was uneventful, Nadine explaining that they would be alone for the first part of their stay, which would involve assessment and their allocation to one program or another. She asked them to finalize their agreements, giving them each a large bundle of paperwork to sign, which each girl did without reading every page, and after a light dinner the two girls retired to an early bed.

The next morning the two girls were woken by Nadine to a breakfast of fruit, and then, dressing in light cotton robes, taken to another part of the palace for their first induction. Nadine showed them to a room that looked very much like a doctor's office, with a range of medical equipment including a pair of gynecologist's chairs mounted next to each other. Nadine asked the two girls to sit up on the chairs and wait for the doctor. Slightly nervous, the two girls obeyed, and moments later a tall man in a white lab coat entered the room. Introducing himself as John, he explained that he would be taking a baseline medical this morning, and that they should not worry, since Nadine would be remaining in the room to make sure that they were treated well.

He spent some 45 minutes chatting and taking their medical histories, beginning with general information, then towards the end beginning to focus more on their reproductive and sexual health. When he asked them each to recount in detail their sexual histories, Cyndy found the courage to ask whether that was really necessary. The man's pleasant demeanor wavered for the first time, and he sternly insisted that it was.

"Nadine?" he said. "Please secure these two; you can take their histories down while I begin the physical examinations." Cowed by John's tone, and reassured by Nadine's calm and sympathetic nods, neither Cyndy nor Hannah objected as their feet were strapped into the padded stirrups of the chairs. Hannah was so terrified of gynecological exams that she said nothing even as Nadine attached wrist straps to her and cinched them tight to pull her arms up into a pair of cuffs level with her shoulders.

Cyndy began to protest as Nadine attached her wrist cuffs, but a swift hand from John resulted in the girl being fully restrained before she had had a chance to resist. "Let me go!" screamed Cyndy, struggling in the restraints as Nadine pulled her wrist cuffs tight, her arms wrenched into position at her shoulders, pulled back slightly further than she found comfortable, forcing her to push her chest forward slightly.

"Shhh." Nadine whispered softly to Cyndy. "Rudeness is not tolerated here." Unbidden, the small Arab girl unbuttoned Cyndy's robe, deftly removing it, leaving her naked and exposed in the chair. While Nadine did the same to Hannah, taking a moment to tighten the larger girl's cuffs, John approached Cyndy, standing between her legs and massaging her toned thighs as she squirmed in humiliation and fear.

"Now, while I get some baseline measures, a detailed list of your sexual experiences and partners, if you please. Any hesitation, or holding back, and you'll be swiftly punished."

"This isn't what we agreed to!" Protested Cyndy. "Let us go right now or we'll call the police!"

John smiled as the girl, fetching a set of electrode patches from a drawer and methodically attaching two of them to Cyndy's nipples, two more to her belly, and the last pair to her inner thighs.

"No! No! Please!" Cyndy calls out, wriggling fruitlessly. "Please no - please - I'll tell you!"

"Yes. Yes you will." Says John calmly, dipping a gloved finger into a pot of lubricant before gently running it from the bottom to the top of Cyndy's vulva, delicately parting the lips of her sex before attaching a pair of light electrode clips to her outer vaginal folds. The girl squirms at the violation, then screams as the clips are attached, begging the man not to hurt her even as he attaches the eight wires to a control box below the chair.

John takes a moment to examine the girl's restrained and vulnerable body, nodding in admiration at her pretty face and long blonde hair, her well proportioned breasts and toned belly. He looks at her lewdly separated legs, the thin fuzz of blonde hair covering the mons and lips, the small and delicate fleshy folds held open by the clips. "I wanted to get your pubic hair removed before we got going this morning, but that can wait until we can begin electrolysis next week."

"Now. Hannah," says John, moving to stand between the larger girl's legs, "are you going to need encouragement, or can we take your history while Cyndy here gets a lesson in obedience?"

Hannah nods in terrified agreement as John reaches up to squeeze one of her large breasts, nodding in approval, before trailing his hand down her plump belly to the dark triangle of hair between her legs. Adjusting the chair to push her legs further apart, he massages the ample thighs before separating Hannah's vaginal lips with a finger. Unlike her friend's smooth and contained sex, Hannah's vulva lips are large and a deep red, separating easily to reveal ripples of inner folds.

Hannah whimpers softly as John says "Now, Hannah. From the beginning please."
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