chapter 1 - hypnotherapy

"As I count up from zero to ten you're going to come out of your trance and wake up. Zero, One, Two - you're starting to wake up. Three, Four, Five, you're feeling more and more alert as you come out of your trance. Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, and... Ten. You're awake, aware, alert, and feeling fine. You won't remember anything about your hypnosis session except for the subconscious triggers that I planted in your mind."

Hanna hears her therapist's voice, and as the woman counts upwards Hannah realizes that she has been listening to the young doctor all the time, but has suddenly become consciously aware of her again. She glances around the room, remembering where she is - sitting in the comfortable chair in her therapist's office being treated for her smoking addiction with hypnotherapy.

"Are we done?" Hannah asks, getting up from the chair. "Yes." The doctor smiles. "I don't think you'll have any more issues. I've just implanted a couple of triggers in your subconscious mind. Every time you think of having a cigarette you will feel a little bit uncomfortable, and the more you crave them the more uncomfortable you'll feel. For most patients the cravings die off within a few days.

"Great." Hannah says, reaching for her coat. "You said a couple of triggers?"

"Are you in a hurry?" The doctor asks. "There is another issue I'd like to talk to you about..." Hannah puts her coat back on the hook, stifling an irritated sigh.

"I actually am in kind of a hurry - I need to get back to the office - I've got a lot of work to do. Between you and me I don't even really want to quit smoking, I'm only here because my HR officer at work insisted that if I didn't come for smoking cessation treatment they would raise my health insurance premiums. I'm the only one in the office who smokes, and the only one who isn't overweight - draw your own conclusions! The fact is that I'm the only one who does any work as well. If the rest of them spent half as much time working as they did sitting around snacking and talking we'd get twice as much done, and they wouldn't all be obese!"

The therapist gives Hannah a patronizing smile, glancing deliberately down at her own positively full-figured body, then meeting Hannah's gaze once more. Hannah suddenly realizes her faux pas. She hadn't really noticed the doctor's physical presentation before, but now she takes in the woman's round face, her dark eyes framed by thick spectacles, her long brown hair hanging down to her shoulders. Her generous breasts are framed by the dark red dress under the woman's lab coat. Hannah's eyes are drawn to the doctor's plump waist and wide hips.

"Oh - I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to be rude - I mean - you - you're not obese - not that there's anything wrong with that..." Hannah stumbles, embarrassed at her lack of social graces. The doctor smiles back at her, letting Hannah stammer her apology.

"You know Hannah, your colleagues at work think you are quite rude. The think that you look down on them because you are skinny and they are fat, and they don't like it."

"Well maybe they should eat less and get more exercise, shouldn't they? I mean, you're a doctor, it's not healthy is it?"

"Hannah. That's exactly the kind of attitude problem I'm talking about." The doctor smiles. "You're going to find that you're quite calm, but that you're very sorry, and you need to apologize for your rudeness, and offer to make amends." Hannah is a little taken aback by the woman's command, and begins to respond angrily. Halfway through her outburst she stops, not certain why she was being so confrontational.

"You - you're right Doctor." Hannah begins, uncertain at first, but then with more conviction. "That was rude of me. I don't know what I was thinking of. I've been under a lot of stress at work. I'm sorry for taking it out on you - is there anything I can do to show you how sorry I am?" She shifts uneasily, and for a moment the thought crosses her mind that perhaps her change of heart might have something to do with the hypnosis, but as rapidly as that thought arises it is gone.

The doctor smiles knowingly. "Thank you Hannah, I forgive you. There is actually something you can do for me. Hannah nods attentively, eager to show willing. "I'm feeling a little tense myself actually, I could do with some relaxation." Sitting down in the chair, the doctor spreads her legs wide, pulling up her dress around her waist. Hannah's eyes are drawn reflexively to the woman's lap, and she notices that the doctor is not wearing panties.

"Kneel down and pleasure me with your mouth, Hannah, a little bit of pussy worship is just what I need while I explain the situation to you." While some part of Hannah is surprised by the command, it feels like the most normal and reasonable request in the world. She finds myself kneeling between the doctor's thick thighs, her head cradled by the woman's plump legs. Her hands gently grip the doctor's milky thighs as her tongue begins to gently explore her hairy pussy. Instinctively Hannah feels that she should begin with long, slow, lapping strokes, moistening and massaging the delicate folds of the doctor's sex with her mouth.

Hannah looses track of time, the sensations of her task pushing away conscious thought, the scent and taste of the doctor's pussy filling her brain with contented pleasurable feelings. She's reassured by the feeling of the doctor's hands on her head, pressing her face into her chubby sex as the doctor begins to talk. "You've been a bad girl, Hannah. You've treated your female coworkers poorly. Made them feel demeaned, as though you think you have the right to police their bodies and look down on them for their weight. Apparently last week you even called one of them a fat bitch? They've asked me to rectify that."

Something about what the doctor is saying sounds as though it should be alarming, but at the same time it feels reassuring and right. Hannah's mind tells her she HAS been bad. She DOES need to be corrected. She carries on kissing and licking the doctor's pussy, enjoying the taste of her arousal, pleased to notice the implied praise of the gentle bucking of her hips against Hannah's face as her tongue explores her deeper.

"I've implanted a trigger in your brain Hannah. Whenever a fat person gives you a command, you will obey it instantly and without question. Furthermore, you will try to anticipate their needs, and work to go above and beyond to please them." This seems obvious to Hannah, how could it be any different? She carries on pleasuring the woman's delicious pussy, glad to be of service as she laps at the pillowy lips of her sex with her tongue, feeling that this is the highest use to which her mouth could ever be put.

"Every time you see anyone eating you are going to feel tremendously hungry Hannah. You're going to need to eat at least as much as they do. If they leave anything on their plate you are going to need to ask if you can finish it. You're going to bring donuts and other snacks to the office Hannah, and you're going to eat at least half of what you bring. You're going to fit in much better at work Hannah. You're not going to be repulsed by fat women's bodies - you're going to be aroused by them. You're going to crave eating full plump pussy, you're not going to be able to be sexually satisfied by anything else. You're also going to be sexually aroused by your own growing body. As you fill out you're going to enjoy caressing your rounding belly and breasts."

"That's enough for now Hannah." The doctor says with a deep sigh, pulling the girl's face away from her flushed pussy. Hannah doesn't wipe the sheen of moisture from her mouth and nose, the scent of the doctor is too intoxicating. Instead she kneels in front of her, simply waiting passively for a command. Somewhere in her mind she worries that this might not be appropriate, but every cell in her body feels content with her obedience. "You can go now Hannah. You need to go back to work. Your colleagues are looking forward to seeing you."
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Growingsofter 8 years
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