Asha's ordeal

Chapter 1 - introduction

"I just don't know where my tuition is coming from for next year." Sobbed Asha to her roommate.
"Well, you can always take a semester off to work and raise some cash can't you?" Suggested Tina.
"I can't - my visa is only for study - if I'm not enrolled in school I can't stay in the country any longer and will have to go back to India. I just can't face that - my family has this guy that they want me to marry, and then settle down in the village."
"Oh dear." Tina comforted. "Let me think about some options. We'll figure something out. You know that I waitress at a local club, right?"
"I know you do, but I don't even have a work visa."
"Oh no!" Laughed Tina. "It's not that kind of club - they're not going to check your ID and work eligibility, I promise!"
"Really? What kind of work is it?"
"Well..." Confided Tina, with a shy smile. "It's waitressing, but, you know, there are ways to earn extra tips, if you know what I mean."
"Oh! Oh my!" Flushed Asha, clearly a little embarrassed. "But - I mean, you know, you're, well, your body - you're thin and beautiful, and I'm, well, I'm a little, I don't know, dumpy?"
Tina looked her friend over, to be sure the girl was short, and definitely a few pounds overweight, although with her loose fitting dresses it was difficult to say exactly how much. Her rounded face, John Lennon glasses, and bobbed black hair definitely helped to give her a heavier and more staid look.
"Here, take off your dress, and we'll take a good look at you." Laughed Tina. The tall and athletic blonde couldn't have been much more of a contrast in her tight shorts and skimpy t-shirt.
"Really?" Demurred Asha. "I feel a bit weird taking my clothes off in front of you."
"Come on! We've known each other long enough, and you'll have to get comfortable with it if you're going to come work with me!"
Asha was still half-heartedly protesting as Tina approached her, towering above the Indian girl's 4 foot 11 frame, and, clasping the top of her dress began to lift it over Asha's shoulders. The girl cooperated, lifting her arms and shimmying to let the dress slide upwards, and Tina was suddenly aware of the scent of Asha's body - powerful, but not unpleasant, Tina described it in her head as a mix of fresh sweat and pheromones that made her body react instinctively, her belly tightening with arousal at the earthy and primal scent.
"Wow - Asha - you smell... Great - what are you using?"
"Nothing Tina, I don't wear anything, I just wash every morning and let my body smell however it does."
Tina looked again at Asha, her arms lifted high as the dress came off, and saw the girl's body for the first time. She was chubby, her short body carrying a lot of weight, her breasts some of the largest Tina had ever seen. Asha's bra looked a little worn, it was a black sport's bra type with thick straps over the shoulders and fabric below the bust that held her breasts tightly in position. Her under-arms were thick with black hair.
"How heavy are you sweetheart?"
"About 190 pounds." Asha responded, looking down. "And, erm, I'm a 36G."
"Yes, I can see that!" Smiled Asha. "Now let's take a good look at you!"
Tina let her eyes take in the girl's body. Her dark skin had slight variations in tone, with light colored stretch marks clearly visible on Asha's belly and thighs. Her white panties framed a dark fuzz of thick pubic hair which protruded towards her belly button and down between her thick thighs. Asha's rounded belly overflowed her panties, her generous muffin-top spilling wide of her hips, and her thighs pressed together, concealing the cleft of her sex.
"I'm sorry Tina - this is silly - of course I couldn't work in that kind of club." Mumbled Asha, fumbling for her dress.
"No, wait a minute Asha - there are a couple of girls that have your body type who work there, they do very well, it's all about how you present. You just need to work the 'belly dancer' angle, you know? There are also some special jobs that play well to different body types."
"Oh no Tina - I couldn't do that, that would be so humiliating! There are so many stereotypes about Asian girls, I couldn't, I just couldn't!"
"Asha - it's ok - I felt a bit humiliated the first time, but you get over that pretty quickly when you start getting tipped! Besides, you've got to work what you've got! Look - try it. I'm working tonight, so come down to the club and see what it's like - you don't have to work, just hang out and talk to some folks. I'll pick you up at 9 - I promise you - your money worries will be over!"
Asha struggled back into her dress, her face flushed with shame as Tina waves and leaves her dorm room. She reflected on the fact that she'd never let a boy see her body before. The handful of dates she'd been on since starting college in the US all ended with awkward attempts by boys to kiss her, or worse. She stared at herself in the mirror, unable to imagine being in her underwear in a roomful of people, and equally unable to imagine anyone being excited to look at her body.
Asha was so torn on the issue, going backwards and forwards, weighing the pros and cons of going with Tina. Her upbringing and values, her feelings about her body, her morality, and her lack of any money and the prospects of deportation and forced marriage. When Tina knocked on the door, Asha opened it shyly. "Are you ready?" Tina asked, looking the girl up and down.
"Erm, yes." Whispers Asha.
"What are you wearing sweetheart?" Tina asked sympathetically.
"Erm, this?" Asha says, indicating her long sleeved brown sweater dress with an Indian pattern on the front.
"Hmm..." Said Tina. "Actually, I don't think that's a good idea, plus, I meant what are you wearing underneath that!"
"Oh!" Flushed Asha. "I, I thought you said I would just be talking to people."
"Well you can, but in case you change your mind! Let's find you some proper undies - now - show me your under wear drawer!"
Embarrassed, Asha pointed to the closet in the corner of the room, and Tina threw open the doors, pulling out drawers until she found the piles of panties and bras. Rapidly sorting through them she located a large pair of black lacy panties and a large black bra with some lace decoration that looked the least like a sports bra. "These will do - now put these on and let me pick you out an outfit."
"N-now?" Stammered Asha. "While you're here?"
"Oh please Asha! You're SO funny. It's fine to change in front of me! It will do you good to get used to being naked in front of other people!"
"Naked? You never said anything about naked!" The girl squealed.
"Here!" Tina throws a short sleeve sari type outfit onto the bed as Asha lifted her brown dress over her head and coyly unhooked her bra, letting her heavy breasts hang free. They sagged pendulously, and Tina noticed the large dark circles surrounding the girl's enormous nipples. As Asha bent to remove her panties her breasts swung free, their weight apparent as she straightened to pick up the new bra and secure her breasts back in position. As she stood up Tina saw the girl's thick bush of pubic hair, covering her crotch in a heavy mat and extending down her legs.
"Don't laugh." Said Asha shyly, and Tina looked away, ashamed to realize that she had been enjoying her friend's discomfort. After bucking her bra and putting on the new panties she looked at the sari. "Oh Tina - that barely fits me!" She objects. "That's my old 'special occasions' sari from back home - it doesn't cover me up at all!"
"Asha - you'll be fine - try it - I bet you look sexy in it!"
"Well... There won't be anyone there we know, will there?"
"No, of course not!"
"OK then..." Asha took the long piece of fabric, wrapping it round her waist, then throwing it over her shoulder, gathering the surplus material at her waist, and tucking it in. Her ample belly protruded from the side of the dress, the folds of fabric framing her belly button, her breasts clearly visible under the wrap.
"Oh Tina - I can't wear this - I can't! People can see me whenever I move!"
"Asha - you look fabulous - you're going to be great - come on - there'll be no one we know there!"
"Why do I let you talk me into this?" Asha mumbled.
"Erm, maybe because you're broke and desperate?" Tina replied, with just the faintest hint of impatience.
"OK then - let's go!"

The basement club was unmarked from the street, and Tina knocked on a door, which opened a crack. A burly man looked at her before opening the door. "Wait." He said. 'Who is this?"
"This is my friend Asha. She's trying out tonight."
"OK. Come in, but you know the rules?"
"Of course! She's fine!"
Tina ushered Asha past the man down a narrow corridor and they entered a darkened and smokey room. It was large, with a long table set for maybe 10 people in the center, and a stage at one end of the room. There were several men seated at the table, eating, drinking and laughing as loud music played. Two naked women are dancing lasciviously with each other on the stage, and several women in various stages of undress were serving food and drinks, joking, flirting and laughing with the men.
"Oh no Tina - I didn't think it would be like this!" Exclaimed Asha - beginning to turn away.
"Wait Asha, just wait for a few minutes and take a look around first, ok?"
A well dressed man approaches the two of them, nodding to Tina. "Good evening Tina, who is this?" He asks.
"Hi Drew, this is Asha. She's here to check out the club, and see if it might be a good fit for her."
"Well, welcome, Asha, why don't you have a drink, and make yourself at home. We can chat a little later and you can ask any questions you want to. I'm sure that Tina has told you that the girls who work here are very well compensated, and in return we expect the very strictest standards of confidentiality, and we also expect very high levels of service. But I'm getting ahead of myself, please, make yourself at home.
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