Betrayed by her own body part 3

Chapter 1 - therapy begins

A second knock on the door shakes Sophie from her dozing. The door opens, and in walks a tall man in a white coat with a case and clipboard.

"Good morning Sophie - I hope you're feeling ok. I'm Dr Richards, I'm going to be treating you during your stay here. Don't worry, we're going to get you back up to a safe weight and discharged in no time at all. Now, let's have a quick review of your charts and then we can discuss treatment options. Let me see... You weighed in this morning at 149 pounds, which for 5 feet 4 is very low. It says here that your target weight is 281 pounds. The good news is that you've gained slowly but surely since you've been here. Did the nurse discuss with you that you've been asleep for three weeks? I realize that may be a bit of a shock for you, but when clients come in as dangerously under weight as you did keeping them drugged for a couple of weeks while we feed them up is a useful therapy. Any questions so far?"

"But - there must be some mistake - my weight is fine. I'm not underweight - I.."

Dr Richards cuts her off. "I know Sophie, it can be hard to accurately perceive our own weight. You have a mental illness that means you don't realize how dangerously thin you are. I'm going to help you to adjust. Now, let's examine you briefly, and we can begin your healing."

Sophie is taken aback, and cannot paralyzed by doubt and indecision. As Dr Richards stands at the foot of her bed, adjusting it, she wonders whether he might be right?

"OK now Sophie, scooch down please." He says, and she notices that he has pulled two stirrups up from the base of the bed, presumably for her legs, she thinks, remembering the humiliation of her gynecological exams. The question of why he would need to examine her 'there' flashed through her head, but in her confusion she moved down the bed, her modesty still protected by her sheet, and placed her feet in the wool covered stirrups.

"Don't worry Sophie," reassures Dr Richard, noticing her discomfort as he pulls tight two straps, securing her ankles to the stirrups, "this is standard procedure for all young ladies - it's not uncommon to get a little resistance to therapy before it begins to take effect."

"P-please - don't hurt me" Sophie whimpers, trying to sit up, but finding her elevated and restrained legs make it difficult. Dr Richards places a hand on her chest and gently presses her back down onto the bed, reaching under the sheet and across her and pulling a strap over her abdomen, fastening it to the other side of the bed. It isn't tight, but she is frustrated to find that it prevents her from sitting at all, keeping her in a prone position, her legs separated and elevated.

"Relax," Dr Richard instructs her, "nobody is going to hurt you, I'm here to help. Now, I shouldn't need to restrain your arms if you're well behaved." He positions himself between her legs, and she gasps as he throws off the sheet, revealing the lower part of her body, and fully exposing her to him. He opens his case, placing it on the floor out of her line of sight.

"So, Sophie, the therapy we're going to try you on is designed to re-train your body's dangerous perceptions of size and sensations of satiation and hunger. Retraining your body's own reward center is the most effective way to change behavior. I'm going to insert two devices into you that will monitor certain aspects of your blood-sugar and eating behavior, and reward you for maintaining both at a high level consistently. I'm also going to give you an electronic collar that will report the volume you swallow, and some hormones that will help motivate you. The elements work as a system. I think you'll find them quite compelling.

Sophie begins to protest, but Dr Richard places his finger to his lips "Don't test my patience Sophie." he warns "Now, the first element is an anal plug. The device monitors, delivers drugs and hormones, and delivers part of a reward schedule when deserved. If you'd like to relax, and bear down when I ask, it will be easier for you.

As Dr Richard ducks below her field of vision, Sophie cannot see what he is doing, but he reappears, a moment later, pulling up a stool, and positioning himself between her legs. He notices that the once neatly trimmed hair of her bush has grown out, giving her a full natural triangle of pubic hair. As he puts on gloves and squirts lube into one hand, Sophie begins to struggle "No!" She cries out - "Please stop - please - I'll eat - please don't do this - please!"

"Sophie I need you to be compliant with your therapy - if you're not then things can get very difficult for you - do you understand?"

She nods, fear of this man and the control he has over her overcoming her terror of the procedure. She squirms, squealing in shock as she hand touches her virgin ***, circling her anus, then squeals again as she feels a finger penetrate her ass, the slick lube allowing it to gently glide into her rectum. The finger is withdrawn, and she feels the cold firmness of a metal placed against her sphincter. The device is shiny, perhaps stainless steel, and shaped like a pear with a wide flared base. Dr Richard gently pushes the slick narrow end of the device against her anus, parting it slowly, the hole widening inevitably even as Sophie begins to scream and sob with the shock and pain of the penetration. Suddenly, the sensation changes, and the device reaches its widest point. She feels her *** contract involuntarily as it pulls the shaped intruder further in, her sphincter settling around the narrow neck of the base.

As Sophie settles into the sensation of fullness in her ass she observes that the device is plugging her in a way that she has never felt before. It is simultaneously an intruder that she feels she must try to expel and a strangely calming sensation, reassuring her with its almost soothing presence. She lies, panting, squirming with the new sensations, unsure of what to expect of the device.

"Good job Sophie, only one more - this one is easier!" Dr Richard says cheerfully, producing another similar looking device from his case. This is longer, its flared base more curving and shaped. Again Sophie gasps as she feels the doctor's fingers on her intimate parts.

This time his slick finger parts her nether lips at their lowest point, slowly separating them by dragging his finger up between them, following the cleft of her sex. This movement elicits a gasp of shocked violation from Sophie, who sobs as the doctor places his hand on the top of her mons, and begins to introduce the device to her vaginal canal. It slips in easily, and he positions the curved triangular base so that it covers, and touches, the girl's pubic area, the shaped tip of the triangle nestling next to her clitoral area. With a deft movement he turns a hidden part of the device, and Sophie shouts in surprised sensation.

"Don't worry, now that it is activated it expands to grip your vaginal canal, that prevents it from falling out accidentally. Now, let's get your collar fitted." He produces a three similar looking silver bands, attaching one to Sophie's neck, and the other two to the girl's wrists. She is too shocked to object, but when the job is done her hands leap to her throat - the band is tight, but does not obstruct her breathing, she feels desperately for a clasp or catch, but can't find one.

"Now, a couple of things you should know Sophie. The wrist bands that you have on are to prevent tampering. When I switch them on - there we go - you will get a very painful shock if the wrist bands get within 6 inches of your neck band or either your vaginal or anal probe. If you have any issue with them, please ask a member of staff - don't try to adjust them yourself - believe me you won't like it! The other thing you have to understand is that your diet here affects your metabolism. You've been on a pure nutrient diet for weeks, so your digestive system has adapted. Nothing is wasted, and consequently your body doesn't need to expel waste. When you do need to do that, perhaps every week or so, we'll remove the anal device for you temporarily.

Most important is that this system effectively rewires your appetites and rewards. Within the next few hours you are going to feel hungry, but also very aroused. Now, clearly you can't receive sexual stimulation through intercourse, and you won't be able to masturbate with those cuffs on. Luckily the anal and vaginal devices will give sexual stimulation whenever the neck cuff detects you swallowing and the blood sensors detect elevated levels of sugars. By eating enough you should be able to satisfy your hunger and your sexual arousal. Don't be surprised if you feel a completely overpowering need to orgasm - most girls find it quite disorienting at first.

So. I'm going to release you, and then perhaps we can meet some of the other patients later. I'm going to leave you with a day's supply of nutrient mix - it's a mixture of syrup and butter that is high in calories and fortified with vitamins. There's six liters there, 2000 calories in each one. You may find that's not enough, but we can get you more if you need it. I'll be back later and we can chat more."

Sophie is too stunned to react as he releases her feet and abdomen, and replaces the sheet, putting the stirrups back under the bed. He waves goodbye, and shuts the door as he leaves.

Sophie lies there, unable to move with fear and shame. She starts to explore the sensations of the devices attached to her body, searching for signs of changes.
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Karenjenk 3 years

Not sure how i missed this thrilling trilogy for so long
my legs are shaking.... for now
Vagosmoust 8 years
So you plan to continue the story?
Nok 11 years
Holy sh*t dude! how did you never finishe this one?! It's brilliant.
Di905 11 years
So far so good! Quality prevails. End of part 3? What now?
Di905 11 years
It is sinister enough to be fun reading. It is pretty coherent despite its length. Cannot wait to see more of it.
Internal contradictions kill most stories here. I am curious to learn if you manage to avoid that.
Nok 11 years
PS, it was worth the wait
Nok 11 years
O My fuccking god. You are a sick, amazing mother fuccker. best stories I have ever read. A++
FrecherTyp 11 years
hmm a very interesting and evil plit to fatten someone up ^^ but alone the fact that it is through sexual desire hehe is a very nice idea ;-) poor girl ;-)