Betrayed by her own body, part 2

Chapter 1 - the next week

The morning sun was already streaming through Sophie's dorm room window when she awoke wrapped tightly in her duvet. Freeing herself she jumped out of bed, running to the bathroom and looking in the mirror for any signs of her ordeal. What she saw surprised and calmed her - her petite figure, tousled by sleep, but still wearing her floral print flannel pajamas. She unbuttoned her top, freeing her breasts, and examining them in the mirror for any signs of sticky fluid residue, and, finding nothing, began the process of making herself a cup of coffee.

"Can it possibly have been a dream?" She wondered, recalling vividly the events of the previous night, and feeling an ache in her thigh muscles. I must have pulled something during cheer-leading, she rationalized, remembering the instruction to gain three pounds of weight each week and shaking her head at the impossibility of what she was rapidly coming to believe must have been a dream.

It was a realistic dream though, she shivered a little as she recalled the details. The humiliation, not just of being naked and abused, but of being made to participate in her own debasement. The awful realization that she had been powerless to resist her own most primitive desires.

Remembering the distended feeling of fullness in her stomach from the syrup she remembered swallowing, she went to the bathroom, pulling out her scales, and slipping out of her pajamas to stand naked on the machine. She glanced down at the needle between her feet, noticing that she was weighing in some 3-4 pounds heavier than yesterday. Was it her imagination, or was the rounded form of her belly ever so slightly more pronounced? No, it must be water retention, she thought. She must have stayed out too late at the party last night, drunk too much, perhaps overdone the water to prevent a hangover, made her way home, and passed out, forgetting the details of how she made it back, got undressed, and went to bed.

That must be what happened. And yet, something in the back of her mind remained unconvinced. What if her memories were more than a dream? What if someone was determined to ruin her carefully constructed life by forcing her to gain weight? Someone who knew her well enough to know her routine, and someone resourceful enough to infiltrate her Weight-Watchers' records and kidnap her without causing alarm, torment her horribly, then return her to her own bed? The more she contemplated it, the more ridiculous it sounded, and the more she determined that she needed to forget all about it, get dressed, go to classes, then cheer-leading practice this afternoon. It wouldn't take long to loose the extra pounds, especially if they were largely from water retention. Yes. That's what she'd do.

At lunch however, she vacillated more than usual over whether to choose a salad or pizza, and whether to have water, or a soda. What if she was wrong? What if failing to put on three pounds this week would trigger some awful consequences? Perhaps she should play it safe. Keep the three or four pounds? But then what about the next week? The extra weight would rapidly add up. Perhaps this was all a sorority joke, and it would blow over in a week? These thoughts weighed on her mind almost constantly through the week, and her decision changed every few hours. One moment she was determined to forget the whole thing, another she was so terrified by the vivid memories of her ordeal that the thought of gaining weight seemed the lesser of two evils. By the time the next week rolled around and she arrived at her Monday evening Weight Watchers' meeting she was in a cold sweat. Her eating behavior had been erratic, but she had not been weighing herself in the week, she was too anxious - besides, her scales never read quite the same as the Weight Watchers' one.

When she walked in the rest of the group was already there. Of the eight regulars most were students, although there were a couple of junior faculty who attended, all women. Two members of her cheer-leading square, and two girls she knew to be from the Kappa Delta sorority attended, and she had always had an informal rivalry with them, smiling sweetly and complacently as she invariably weighed in on target, while they were less consistent. She would occasionally give them 'tips' which, while good-natured on the surface, were barbed with subtle insults about the girls' will power. She could not help but look at these girls and wonder whether any of them could have been involved in her abduction. But no, she had decided, it had all been a dream.

"Sophie?" She was woken from her daydream by the group leader, and it was time for her public weigh in. Adjusting the scales, the tall, toned group leader, usually always gentle and nonjudgmental, could apparently not help herself from taking a sharp intake of breath. "Oh dear Sophie - 129 pounds - that's four more than last week - whatever have you been doing?"

Veiled in concern, Sophie could not help reading smug condescension into the question, and she blushed, muttering a vague explanation about willpower as she returned to her seat to a round of sympathetic smiles and tuts that the humiliated girl could not help but interpret as schadenfreude. She spent the rest of the meeting in shamed silence, not contributing her usual smug advice to the group, or sympathizing smugly with the others, but hanging her head while thoughts of relief and shame rushed around in her mind.

The week passed uneventfully, except for a moment of panic when she realized that her cheer-leading leotard was unusually tight. It was a moment of revelation to her, a realization that this fantasy was having real-world consequences for her. She resolved at that moment that a dream over a week ago was not going to send her into a spiral of weight gain. She would loose the extra pounds once and for all, and in the process prove that the whole thing was just a nightmare that she had allowed to get out of control.

At her weigh-in the next Monday she had put on only another 2 pounds, weighing in at 131. While she was subjected to the same humiliating gauntlet of fake concern and advice from the other girls, she resolved that, having made the decision mid-week to resume her strict diet, she would be able to rapidly return to her old weight. Leaving soon after the weigh-in, she headed straight for the gym, running for an hour and doing sit ups, before collapsing into bed after a light salad, comforted by her decision to put the whole thing behind her.

When she woke, to her horror, it was not to the gentle stream of sunlight, but rather to harsh sensations that were causing her body to scream out for relief. She shook her head, trying to reassure herself that this must be a dream, but the feeling of a blindfold tied tightly round her head, and the ache in her jaws ache from a steel wire spider gag that gripped her top and bottom rows of teeth, its metal circle painfully forcing her mouth into an obscenely gaping 'O' told her otherwise.

Her moans of fear and discomfort were still clearly audible despite the gag, and adding to her humiliation and misery, she felt that drool was starting to drip down her lower lip onto her chest and between her naked breasts.

Struggling, she realized that her bondage was secure, but that it allowed her a significant range of movement. She could feel that she was suspended off the ground against what felt like a cement wall. Her slender arms were tied together with rope at the wrists and pulled tight above her head, pulling her hands and arms high above her.

Her feet were pulled up, each ankle tied to the thigh of the same leg, bending her knees yoga style and putting the strange image of a frog into her mind as she became aware of the sensation of the soles of her feet touching each other just below her naked and exposed pussy.

Twitching and struggling in discomfort, she found that she was able to strain her thighs to relieve the pressure on her wrists, pushing her whole body up by levering against the ropes that also served to keep her legs widely and lewdly separated unless she worked hard to close them.

She experimented with her predicament, realizing after a while that her wrists were beginning to hurt as the weight of her body hung from them, the rope cutting them cruelly. She flexed her bound thighs, pushing the soles of her naked feet together as the muscles in her toned legs pushed her torso up, her squat thrust relieved the pressure on her wrists as her knees straightened slightly. As she grunted in effort, the space between her legs formed by her feet, knees and crotch slowly expanded from a flattened diamond to a square shape.

For a moment she felt better, the relief from pain in her wrists distracting her from the fact that her legs were already tiring, her thighs beginning to burn with the strain of holding her weight. Even in the least exhausting position her bondage allowed, with her legs spread lewdly and her arms pulled high, pushing her breasts forward, she was only able to maintain for a few minutes.

She slumped slowly, allowing her tender wrists to once again take the strain. Her body was already beginning to sweat with the effort of shifting between the two positions, one painful, the other exhausting.
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