chapter 1

"OK... Fanny is it?" The young nurse asks, looking up at you from her tablet. You nod nervously. "Good to meet you - I'm nurse Anders - don't worry - it looks like you're just here for your daily probation check-in - is that right?"

"Erm, yes." You manage, shifting awkwardly from one foot to the other. "I - I mean, the judge ordered me to report here every day for three months as part of my, erm, sentence."

"Well don't be nervous Fanny, I'm not going to hurt you!" The nurse says. "Just pop your dress off, and take off any other clothing you're wearing - except your belt of course!" Your face flushes with embarrassment at the nurse's casual joke about your punishment belt, but her friendly demeanor is reassuring.

You lift your loose-fitting sun-dress over your head, trying not to be self-conscious as you unfasten your bra, exposing your breasts to the young nurse. You think about the silly rituals of medical visits - the privacy of undressing, the paper gowns, the illusion of modesty that a sheet draped over you provides. Its only with their absence that you appreciate the reassurance they provided. "Don't be shy." She says as she watches you cover your chest awkwardly with an arm, half turning away from her in modesty. "I've seen breasts before!"

Of course, what is really on your mind is the steel chastity device fixed tightly around your waist and between your legs. While you know that your punishment is invisible to most people, you flush with shame at each encounter, imagining that everyone you speak to can see your humiliating predicament.

The nurse nods and smiles kindly. "Good - now just hop up into the chair and we'll get going!" Reassured by her friendly tone, you climb into the gynecologist's chair, placing your feet in the wide stirrups. The sensation is strange, the position would normally expose your pussy, but the steel belt covers your crotch with an unyielding metal plate. You can't decide whether the situation feels more or less dignified.

"Good, now the rules of your probation mean I have to apply these restraints before I take your belt off, so I'm going to secure you and then we can get going!" Before you can ask what she means, the nurse has secured each of your ankles to the stirrups with wide velcro straps. "...and your hands..." She says, and in a moment your wrists are secured to the side of the chair. "There, now let's get this off you and begin work!"

She presses what looks like an electronic key card against your metal belt, and you feel a slight click as the device springs open like a clamshell. As the nurse removes it, you don't know whether to feel more relieved to be free, or embarrassed at how completely exposed your most private parts are now. "So - how were your first twenty-four hours in the punishment belt Fanny? Any problems? I mean, apart from the obvious!"

You flush awkwardly at the joke, not sure how to respond. Being in the belt was much harder than you had imagined. Not being able to orgasm didn't seem like a huge deal when you were sentenced to probation with enforced chastity, but the way the metal device constantly reminds you of your inability to masturbate is incredibly frustrating.

"I-erm, I'm not sure that I completely mastered washing with the, erm, you know - belt on yet?" You mumble, hoping that your attempts to rinse the belt have washed away any evidence of your frustrated arousal last night.

"Don't worry Fanny, cleaning you up is part of my job." The nurse smiles knowingly, delicately swabbing your pussy with a moist wipe. The intensity of the sensation makes you gasp as the nurse separates your labia with a practiced motion, delicately washing your most intimate parts as you try not to squirm with embarrassed need. Even 24 hours of denial has left you with a level of sensitivity and arousal that you have never felt before.

"I know what you were up to last night!" Nurse Anders says casually, grinning as she lets her hand linger on your tender vulva. Mortified, you try to stammer an apologetic explanation, but she cuts you off. "Fanny - even if I couldn't see and smell the evidence, the belt takes biometric recordings!" You blanch with embarrassment and fear - interfering with your punishment is a serious crime, and you are sure that the judge would increase your sentence if he knew about the hours you had spent trying to find a way to stimulate yourself to orgasm.

"Don't worry!" The nurse laughs. "You're not in trouble - I only report girls who are successful, and there are not many of those! The belt's pretty effective, isn't it?" She asks as she finishes cleaning your vulva and makes a quick inspection of the rest of your pelvis and crotch.

"Erm - yes." You murmur uncomfortably, recalling the intense frustration of not being able to release your sexual tension after being fitted with the belt.

"Good." The nurse says. "No signs of any chafing or rubbing - looks like it is a perfect fit. I'm just going to give you some maintenance stimulation and then we can get you belted-up again and on your way."

"W-what?" You manage, watching in confused panic as the nurse produces a large wand style vibrator.

"Oh don't worry - you'll enjoy it - I like to give a little preventive treatment to all the women under my care just to head off any atrophy of libido. You see, chastity punishment for men is simple - you just fit the device and then their own sexual urges do the rest!"

You gasp as you feel the nurse press the tennis ball sized head of the vibrator against your vulva. The vibrations are electric, stronger than anything you've ever felt before, and you immediately feel your body respond to the intense stimulation. "Oh God!" You hear yourself cry out, your pelvis thrusting instinctively against the machine, no longer caring about the indignity of your situation.

"For women the process can be more complicated." The nurse continues, evidently enjoying your responsiveness. "A lot of women have a sex drive that is reinforced by good sex. When starved of sexual stimulation their libido simply drops until it is virtually non existent." For a moment she takes the head of the vibrator away from your pussy, and you feel your body thrash in frustration at the cruel interruption. Grinning, she separates the wet and swollen lips of your vulva with her finger, then replaces the vibrator. "A woman in a chastity device will sometimes have no problems at all going months without orgasm. To be effective as a punishment the denial must be paired with sub-orgasmic stimulation."

"What? No! Please! That's not me - my libido is super high - I don't need it - please no!" You protest, the hunger in your loins spreading throughout your body, a sweat already covering your toned skin as you begin to pant with need. "Please no! Please I need to cum! I'm so close! I need it! Please!"

Grinning mischievously, the nurse presses the vibrator hard into your sopping pussy once more before finally withdrawing it, smiling as she watches your body writhing with unsatisfied hunger, your hips bucking against the now empty air. "There we go, now let's get your belt back on and I'll see you again tomorrow!"

"Oh God no please!" You beg, gasping as your body convulses with frustrated hunger. "Just a minute more please! I'm so close I can't bear it please let me cum I need it so much I need it I need it!" But the nurse only grins, wiping your stolen vulva once more, the cool sensation doing nothing to slake your need.

She lifts your hips gently as you continue to shake and plead, positioning the belt once more, then fastening it around your waist before clipping the crotch plate into place.

You sob in humiliated defeat as she smiles with satisfaction "I'll just let you cool off for a minute before I release you, then you're free to go until your next visit tomorrow!"
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You have produced a number of real fine but seemingly unfinished stories. I hope this one fares better.
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