More beautiful by the day

Chapter 1 - the freshman fifteen

She was incredibly sexy from the beginning. She weighed around 125 lbs when we met, which was still quite curvy on her 5 foot frame. She had nice legs, not too thick for her to attract the average guy. Her stomach rounded out slightly, but was barely noticable at all. The highlight of her body back then, without question, was her breasts. Supple, firm, perky 34 C cups that most guys couldn't help but at least glance at twice. We were both starting college, which was the greatest opportunity I could ask for. She was going for her nursing degree, and I felt weak in the knees when she remarked how the instructors warned her class about the pattern of nursing students gaining weight. I had been waiting for a long time, and I knew this would be my ultimate chance. She did not get to enjoy treats such as cookies, candy, soda, or fast food growing up- both because her family was on a tight budget, and because her mother was very critical about weight. Naturally, that means once she got to try them (thanks to me), she couldn't get enough. I constantly spoiled her and kept junk food around her, making sure it all ended up going in her mouth. Her class schedule and homework loads were brutal, forcing her to rely on lots of sodas and chocolate bars to give her the energy to stay awake to study and make it through class.

Naturally, all these factors took their toll, and her clothes started "shrinking" pretty quickly. By the end of the first month, her once comfortable size 6s were impossible to even get past her thighs, and her size 8 "fat pants" were becoming unbearably tight. Coming to her rescue, I came home with some new "dress slacks" that she could wear with her clothes. They were loose-fitting, spandex exercise pants! They were very comfortable and professional looking, so she happily agreed to wear them, although she was a little concerned about more weight gain with the stretchy fabric. She decided that it would be better than having to fight with pants every morning, and if she gained a little more weight, it would be ok. She would just work hard to lose it later. These became her absolute downfall. Day by day I watched her grow- fuller, rounder, fatter, more beautiful. She properly finished her first year of college having managed to keep her gain to the legendary Freshman 15. Of course, she still had three years to go...
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Growin Guy 10 years
Which she always does.
Growin Guy 10 years
Consensual is a matter of timing. I would try to help her lose weight from time to time. Then she would crave chocolate, sweets, pizza... almost anything and everything. I was never strong enough to say no when she begged for delicious treats. She's honestly been happier when she isn't trying to lose weight or think about her weight. She eats what she wants when she wants and knows I'm only going to be more turned on if she gets fatter.
Whitestripes88 10 years
this is excellent