My weight gain so far

Chapter 1 - update 1

Hello all, Jessica here.

just wanted to let you all know how things have been going for me so far since Iv been away.

well when I first joined ff I was only about 400lbs and had no real goal for gaining. I just knew that I wanted to be as fat as I could. I ate and ate and ate, taking in almost 10k in calories every day.

I started blowing up like a blimp, plumping up and gaining more and more fat as the months passed by.

Now I weigh almost 825lbs and needless to say, I am having trouble with a lot of every day activities. I am on a few meds for high blood pressure and high blood sugar but I thankfully have very few health problems. most of my issues come from not being able to fit into places. like having a 5 foot wide ass is quite sexy but also makes it very hard to find seats.

also, iv fallen in love with two very special people and they are helping me grow every day. I still am always looking for rp partners however and would love to meet more female fatties out there. and for all those females fatties, I love fast fat gaining rp with lots of blubber love. if your up to chatting some time my yahoo info is below. I prefer to engage in long rp lives where each of us plays a number of rolls and any time we chat we pick up where we left off seamlessly.

also im not into any kind of rp that involves scat, health issues, animal ***ing etc...
if it doesent involve either of us as humans getting enormously fat very quickly or one or both of us becoming huge via some kind of inflation(blueberry, cream, water, air) then im probably not into it.

I also love to just chat about fat with other women and sometimes men. just the word fat gets me all hot and bothered. I also love it when I meet another hugely fat woman who loves the same things I do, just something about finding like minded people.... kindred spirits and all that.

anyway, I hope that you all are doing well and I hope to talk with you all soon.


always fatteningly yours...

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Cresttarterc... 6 months
if you are ever on you should shoot me a message I would love to do a long term RP! I am a professional at them smiley
Carlos Franc... 1 year
well done job congrats
Zoroark3D 4 years
That is the awesome story. You really inspired us to be positive with our body.