Chapter 1

Dean went to the door with a sense of trepidation. He could see through the window that

it was Samantha, and again, she was in tears.

He opened the door and let her in, andmiring how her top barely conceeled her

650 pound body, and half thinking about what he could get up to with her.

“What on earth is the matter?” he asked.

“Me and Mum had a big fight,” she said, “And I walked out. It is my life, I am

twenty one now for crying out loud! If I don’t want to loose weight, I don’t have to.”

“And why should you?” asked Dean, hugging her, and rubbing her tummy, “Come

on, I’ll get you some food.”

“Oh, er, I have already eaten,” said Samantha.

“Come on,” said Dean, “I am sure you can manage some more. you do want to get

really fat don’t you?”

“Of course I do honney, it is just..., oh, go on then.”

Dean returned from the kitchen with a big pile of chease and ham toasties and a

steaming mug of what looked like tea, made with gold top milk, for extra fat.

“I don’t have much food in,” said Dean, “If you want more, I shall have to get a

Take away.”

Samantha tucked into the sandwiches and swilled her tea down.

“That tea does taste a little funny you know,” she said, “You know, I feel hungrier

than before you fed me, is that mad or what.”

“O.K.,” Said Dean, “time to come clean.”

“About what?”

“I have spiked your tea.”

“Deano, what are you on about?”

“It is a new drug we have been trialing, it allows your stomach and skin to expand

very fast, if you don’t want to use it, ignore it and the effects will be gone by morning, but

if you don’t want to ignore it, it will allow your stomach to expand as much as you want,

and you can eat till your hearts content. But if you stop for more than three hours, it will

wear off, but your stomach will stay expanded. So, am I dumped?”

“No you are not dumped, get on the phone to every take away in the book that

delivers and order one of everything on the menu, start with a Pizza place, I fancy some


The first of the Pizzas arrived within about an hour, as the delivery boy staggered

under the 20 family sized boxes of food.

Before Dean had paid for the food, Samantha was tucking in with gusto. Her huge

belly was already starting to fill out.

“So how big do you wanna get?” asked Dean, as the second Pizza boy called

“Well,” She replied, “You’d better sell this place and buy an old aircraft hanger. I

wanna be visiable from space.”

Samantha’s top was growing tight, and Dean offered to un-button it for her, but

she refused, prefering to go for popping the buttons off in a few minutes time.

Indeed, the buttons did pop off, and Samantha’s belly, now surged forward.Her

Jeans ripped, and her huge belly surged onward, now un-restrained.

“Man, that feels good,” she said, “Come on, stop staring, more food.”

The pizzas now dissapeard at an alarming rate, untill eventually, she had eaten one

family sized pizza from every delivery place in the town.

“Wow, look at the size of my belly,” Samantha said.

“I am not surprised,” Said Dean, you have eaten 128 Pizzas!

“Ah, wow, right, what is next?”

“Kebab shops, they don’t have much variety, so I have just ordered 20 Chicken, 20

Donner and 20 Shiskh from each one is that ok?.”

“That is cool, that is 60 from each shop, and there are 6 shops, so that is 360

Kebabs, cool. Look out my beauty,” She said, talking to her belly.

The kebabs disapeared so fast Dean thought she’d inhaled them! Then it was onto

the chinese. There was only one chinese take away in town, so Dean had just ordered

enough food for 100 people from their set meal menu.

When the driver dropped the food off, Dean gave him a tip and asked him to order

another 100 meals as soon as he got back, as he felt he would need them.

By dawn, Samantha had eaten over three tons of food, and her belly was an

awesome size.

“Ah, wow, Mum is going to do her nut!, “ she said.

“Had enough? asked Dean

“You are joking, the burger bar is open for breakfast, and the cafe in the town, I

want their entire stock, in my belly, for breakfast.”

“Then what?”

“Then I need some sleep, I have done some eating last night!”
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Circumference 2 years
It was good. Reminds me of stories from Dimensions I miss that site. Lol
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Yeah, slow it down a bit, apart from that more please!