Tiny bikini enormous woman

Chapter 1 - fatima the blubber goddess starts a pool orgy

I think all women should where bikinis no matter how skinny or fat because everyones body is an amazing creation and no one should be ashamed of their body no matter if they are really skinny, really fat or any size and shape in between.I have a wonderful story about fat women and bikins I would love to share.My girlfiend's bff Fatima Barakat (i know what an awesome name for a fat girl) has what she loves to the all consuming blubber blob because if the closes her thighs together the fat spills way over her thighs and knees so that all you can see are her shins and calves.My gf mary weighs around about 360 to 370 but looks tiny when she is next to fatima. Fatima loves to swim and flaunt her huge body and really gets a kick out wear a way to small bikini at the pool to freak out the fat haters. One time she actually cleared out the pool by wearing nothing but a bikini sitting in a chair way to small for a woman who weighs about 600 and is over six foot three. Fat was spilling out everywhere and she just sat there with a huge grin while my gf lathered her all over with sunscreen. There was a large group of super skinny bithes and their boyfriends there staring in obvious disgust. It was about this time that my girlfried Mary lifted up fatimas belly rubbing sunscreen but if was too heavy and it flopped back over her thigh squirting sun lotion all over the place. one of the bony bitches couldnt take it and covered her mouth running to the bath room obviously to puke what little food if any she had in her. the other skinny chicks quickly followed tailed by a couple of the boys. the best part was though that the rest of their boyfriends stayed still staring at Fatima with very obvious bulges in their crotch area. A couple tried to hide their hard ons in vain. By this time Fatima, mary and I were laughing our ass off. Fatima being a very loud boisterous woman shouted out to the group of young men, " I know yall sexy young things like what you see boy don't be shy come on over and introduce yourselves and I just might let yall lather up my underbelly, its a little to heavy for my girlfried to lift but you big strong boys should have no problem with it." Every single one of the boys turned bright red and all except one huge muscular bodybuilder ran away like cowards. The large muscular type rushed over and profously apologized for his fat hater "friends". He then confessed that he found only found very large fat women attractive and only dated skinny girls because of peer pressure but he was tired of supressing his true urges and desires. He actually started to tear up a little and at This time fatima used her huge legs which have become quite strong and muscular (though you cant tell from the many inches of fat covering them)to lift her enormous self up and give this sweet young man a woderful fatty hug the best type of huge you could possibly receive. The boy sank into her huge belly pressing his face into the soft fleshy mound of fat which pushes her double F sized breasts apart he attempted to reach his arms around her but couldnt even get is finger tips to her back so he slipped his arms between the huge rolls of fat handing from her sides. He politely asked if he could play with her fat and she immediatly replied, "You and going nowhere until you play with my blubber and I mean all 600 pounds of it and ya better start now cause its gonna take all day." This huge grin spread across his face and just went to town grabing and jiggling her belly. He was in such a state of pleasure that he hadn't even told us his name and started to introduce himself when Fatima grabbed him and shoved his head in between her gigantic double belly then picked him up and belly flopped right into the pool ontop the lucky bastard. She then dragged him to the deep end ripped of his pants grabbed his member and completly enveloped it it her big deep belly button. Fortunatly the head lifeguard on duty was one of Fatimas close friends a little petite blond named pierce and who also happed to be a fat lover and a totally freak in general so she shut down early locked the doors and stripped down to her bikini and screamed " I dont know bout yall but im horny as hell lets all get in the pool and get this ***fest started! so we all got in and decided to strip necked seeing as we were a little behind Fatima and the young man who we later learned was named Willie Ray. All the bikinis and swim suits where floating on top the water and pierce picked up Fatimas enormous bikini bottom and attempted to where it strapping it over her shoulders like suspenders to all of our amusment. Mary pierce and i made our way over to fatima and willie ray and took turns pleasureing fatima first since there was more that enough of her for everyone to please them selves then we all just made one big fatty pile of pleasure. after a couple hours we were ready to get dry so we headed back to fatimas and smoked a bunch of good cali bud and gorged on stuffed crust meat lovers and which we liberally drenched in garlic butter with monkey bread for desert. then we layed in fatimas enormous custom bed specially built to with stand and least three super fatties like her. Fatima layed on her side so we could all use her super soft belly as a pillow. Willie said that this was the best day of his life and felt he could truely be himself now all because a very fat girl in a very small bikini. Fatima and Willie are still together to this very day and could not be happier. Now Willie takes fatima to the pool every day because he loves to show her off in all the litterally hundreds of bikinis he has bought her over the years. He especially loves it when his rail thin ex comes ocassionally just so he can whip out the sun lotion lift up fatimas hefty belly and slather lotion all under it and repeatedly flopping her belly up and down splattering lotion everywhere all whith a huge smile across his face. He close minded ex just looks at him with the most intense jealous stare while wearing a one piece because she thinks she is hideous after gaining a few pounds. i know that was quite a long post but i love that story and adore women wear bikinis especially the really big ones nothing is sexier than a fat girl that loves her body and loves to piss of the haters. One pieces should be outlawed for the sake of everyone
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