A dream fulfilled

Chapter 1

This story is dedicated to Lissyny, who is a member of FF and inspired me with her great dream of being stuffed.

Elizabeth was a type of woman You all would like to meet: Beautiful, clever and well built. She had wonderful round breasts above a perfectly shaped tummy, nice and bulging. And she liked to show off what she possessed: During the summer she usually went bare-bellied and was the greatest sight in town, proud and sexy. So Lizz, as everybody called her, had always her pleasure with the boys and enjoyed sex.

On the other side she enjoyed food, to be honest really stuffing herself with delicious goodies until her belly was absolutely stuffed and stuck out like she would have swallowed a basketball. But she dreamed of more: She wanted to be pumped up with food like a balloon, like a water balloon, until she would have an immense belly she couldn’t carry her own, so she would be a helpless sex-toy to a strong feeder. Yes, indeed, she dreamed of an athletic guy to do this to her, using her and loving her. But should she talk about this to her lover? Or to a friend or ex-lover or… no way, she was afraid to be blamed as a perv and possibly right with this opinion!

This little dream stayed to be a black spot in her life! She enjoyed sex, as I told You, but even while her lover was able to push her over the edge – something was missing! For a real cracking orgasm she had to do it her own, one hand playing on her pussy, one hand striking her belly and then dreaming… of sucking and pumping and being filled, round and ripe like a fruit under control of a strong good-looking feeder. He would pump her full and then love her - no - fuck her… use her… oh yes, yes, YEEES!

This dream became intoxicating to her mind over the years, she finished with her lover and spent more time with her friends – and she began dreaming and playing with herself a lot, quite often, very often, so desperately she wanted her dream to come true. But she was a very intelligent woman and would not allow someone to take control of her, so she kept her secret! And after all it was simply impossible!

This summer a new ice-cream-shop opened in town, nothing special, like many ice-cream-shops, and they employed some students for selling the stuff. Lizz had a look one day herself and found it to be a nice old-styled shop, without all the modern rubbish, just selling a broad variety of ice cream and 3 types of soft ice – chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, the machine was located just behind the bar. And today a real cute guy was in charge, Quert was his name as she easily found out. She decided to come back soon to catch him.

The next day, it was a hot summer afternoon, she returned to the shop and find a sign at the door: “Closed for extraordinary duties until 14:00!” – 15 minutes to wait… staying here or walking about? She leaned against the door to think about it and found it open, oops, so she decided to walk in and wait for the guy to return. She took one of the high chairs at the bar, had a look around and immediately her eye caught – the soft ice-machine!

Her mind began to move:

“Wouldn’t it be perfect on such a hot day to be filled with soft ice, getting a big belly full of delicious ice cream.

No, no, no! Stop it, don’t drift away, don’t be silly!

But this chance may never come again, still more then 10 minutes to go, the machine is ready, no one around…

Rubbish, Lizz, rubbish! Behave Yourself! Someone may see me through the window, the waiter may return before the time, I could make a mess…

But it could be wonderful, adventuress, something out of my dreams becoming reality and… oh my, I’m so wet!”

Dare she? She did!
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Fatman 16 years
wow that was great!!!!
Lizzyny 16 years
Thank you for the dedication, Quert. It's a swell story.smiley