A mistress for christmas

Chapter 1 - Do You believe in Magic?

A few words from the author:

You may say that I should finish my old stories completely before starting with a new one. Well, You might be right, but this one came just over me. Take it as my Christmas present for FF, please.

Furthermore this story is dedicated to Iza_FFA, a very adoreable lady.

It was our first own house, well… our first own rented house, small but just enough for me and Sandra. We both were busy in our jobs so we needed a practical house, not too big, easy to keep.

And then came our first Christmas in this house! After a pleasant Christmas Eve's party with lots of friends in a pub we went to bed quite exhausted and fell to sleep instantly. During the night I had to go to the toilet and to my great surprise I saw a golden light in the living room and heard… singing… very strange.

When I entered the room I couldn’t see anybody but suddenly there was a rush in the chimney and with a explosion of golden stars there was Santa Claus with his big bag just right in front of me – I was absolutely stunned. When I took a closer look I realized it wasn’t Santa, it was a more younger female version of Santa: A very beautiful blonde Miss Clause in a red costume that hardly went over her bum and exposed long legs. Before I got back to my mind she greeted me:

“Merry Christmas! You must be Quert, right!?”

“…… Yes…… Miss……”

“I’m Mistress Christmas!”

“Mistress Christmas” I asked “but I thought that’s just Rock’n Roll.”

“As You can see: It’s not! But now let’s have a look on my list: Q, Q, Quasper, Q, Quert – oh yes, very fashionable! Elves!!”

By a hit with her stick (must have been a magic wand) the big bag opened a lots of tiny elves came flying out, they were as beautiful as their boss but not bigger than my hand.

“Elves, take off the clothes!”

Obviously she meant our clothes because they took of her red coat. Goodness! Apart form stockings and red cap she was naked: Huge tits, shaved fanny, flat stomach and the naughtiest smile You can imagine. I became stiff immediately! Then they dropped my pants, what brought me back to reality:

“Hey, what are You doing!!?? You can’t… I mean… we shouldn’t!!”

But they giggled and grabbed my stiff penis:

“Look, Mistress, he likes it.”

“Of course he does! But what about me?”

Two elves started to rub lubrication into her fanny, it was like getting mad, the sexiest thing I’d ever seen.

“And now, my good friend, let’s have some fun!”

“But what about Sandra! I’m married…. I don’t want…. I mean I can’t!”

“Why don’t You shut up – it’s Christmas”

It was impossible to resist her, she was too sexy and I have to admit I wanted her. I laid down on the carpet in our living room (which thankfully was very thick) and she sat on top of me - no playing around, no cuddling, she slid my cock into her dripping wet fanny and went for it. OMG – this was wonderful, she was so tight, so wet – this was sex from heaven.

“Elves! Don’t dream about! There’s more to do, wake up!”

The elves returned to their bag and came back one by one again, everyone loaded with food or drink. A cushion was placed under my head and then they started to feed all this food to me. Again it was wonderful, so tasty, so perfectly done, I just dived in. I munched away happily – whatever there may come, this was a perfect Christmas! Fuck and food, food and fuck, fuck and food…

Suddenly I realized that I just had munched away my second turkey – MY SECOND TURKEY!!?? I rose my head from the cushion and saw that my belly had grown into a beachball sized thing, round and tight.


One of the elves stuffed a chunk of pastry into my mouth what silenced me for the next 20 seconds. When I tried to speak again, another elf dumped food into me. I tried to hold them of with my hands, but they were to quick, giggling they stuffed me on and on, singing a song that ‘good men eat a lot for Christmas, shallalla… something’.

Mistress Christmas started to massage by swollen belly:

“Seems that our sexy belly needs a bit of relief, doesn’t it! Bring some more to drink!”

The elves came up with a golden barrel, the sign on it said ‘most thick creamy hot chocolate’.

“Oh no” I moaned, “oh yes” naughty Miss Clause said.

They put a funnel in my mouth a started to pour: Glugg, glugg, glugg – gulp, gulp, gulp.

“And down here” my mistress noticed “there could be a little more, too!” She swang her wand and my penis grew 10 centimetres deeper into her tight wetness, while my balls became uncomfortably big between my legs. She grinned:

“Oh yes, that’s better!” And I cummed like never before.
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FrecherTyp 8 years
hehe alone the title is geniusly choosen ^^ but your story is even better ahhh how i like the image of a sexy girl in santa clause clothes ;-)
BeSoft 14 years
Very well written!
Garfield 14 years
perfect Christmas - I wish, I had it in real...