Caught by vivian

Chapter 1

I studied at university (doesn’t matter what and where) and enjoyed life! Learning on the one side, party on the other side; who ever studied as well may know what I’m talking about. And lots of girls around all the time, to watch, to meet and to love. So everything turned up to be perfect and I was about one year before finishing university when I met Vivian.

She was a few years older than me, nearly as tall as me and a beauty, a real tough woman, easily to be recognized even while being dressed. She was not the type of woman I would have thought to get keen on – but I did immediately and so did she. She had a nice flat, nice car, nice… well, for a student like me it was amazing luxury! Very soon we had a tight relationship and I enjoyed her wonderful exercised body in bed. She liked to be on top and I had my pleasure… well, you may imagine what I’m talking about.

Besides she was a magnificent cook (unusual for such a sporty lady) and prepared the greatest dishes for me every time I was around. While I had keys for her flat she even made sure that the fridge was always packed in case she would be away when I turned up.

And I ate and ate, more and more every day, it tasted wonderful! Nothing did I know about the secret ingredients in her food: Chemicals that would raise my appetite and hormones that would store all the calories straight in my belly…. and so my belly started growing! At first a slight bulge was to be seen, but soon it grew over my trouser’s waistband.

To my great surprise Vivian didn’t bother, she loaded my plate again and again and told how healthy and happy I would look like! With such encouragement my appetite grew, I tell You! Besides Vivian joined in our university-life, we hanged around at parties and night-clubs where she pushed me to drink a lot of ale or beer until I was really pissed. Then she usually guided me home, seated me on my comfy chair at her kitchen-table and made me eat a heavy midnight-meal. It was such a night when she first fed me, I mean really like a baby! I just sat and swallowed while she fed me spoon after spoon until I was full. After such a stuffing there was only collapsing on her bed and sleeping.

But in the mornings we had incredible sex, especially since I became used to being fat and full, laying underneath and getting fucked by my… well, I started to realize that Vivian was more to me than a girlfriend or a relationship, she was a kind of “above me” if You know what I mean! She once called me “dear”, “my man” or “love”, but slowly changed to “good boy” or “sweety”.

Altogether it was a slow development into a new life for both of us. I started to neglect my courses at university, gave up my own flat and moved to Vivian completely. By being around all the time I recognized that she went to the gym every day, the reason why she grew stronger, leaner and sexier every day while I grew fatter, weaker and sexier every – I was no match for her in arm-wrestling anymore, she became the dominating part in our relation and I became more and more submissive.

And while all of this happened Vivian stuffed me with her intoxicated food and let my belly balloon, she fattend me up and was her awaiting feedee. The only clothes still fitting me were some t-shirts, the rest of my body stayed uncovered while I waddled around her flat or enjoyed her loving care.

After a short while there was a new step in development when she called me “her piggy” the first time and so on: “Come to me, my fat little piggy, Your mistress is back and wants to stuff You right full!” “Well done, stupid piggy, now carry Your full belly to bed and prepare to serve Your mistress!”

And she changed her style of using me in bed: One evening after a filling dinner I was laying on her bed, caressing my stuffed belly and awaiting my feeder. She came to me, sat at my side and started stroking my already hard cock: “Hi boytoy, what about fucking me traditional style tonight? Want You?” Of course I wanted! I rolled onto my knees while she layed down in front of me and spread her muscular legs. Oh what a sight! Her strong tight body, her greedy eyes and her juicy balled pussy, I was so keen on her! I tried to mount her, but only managed to drag my overstuffed belly over the blanket in between her legs, there I got stuck and wasn’t able to lift my massive gut up to fuck her. In a quick move she got away from me and jumped on my back like on a horse, poking my fat belly with her heels:

“Oops, has my stupid piggy become too fat to fuck me like a man? What ashame! What should we do now?”

“Let me lay on my back and fuck me like You always do!!” I begged but she laughed.

“Oh no, not yet, first my stuffed piggy must serve his mistress to prove to be a good…. licky-piggy!”

She rolled my helpless stuffed body over and sat on my mouth. I enjoyed licking my mistress for half an hour before she fucked and relieved me.

More and more we grew into our new roles and more and more Vivian stuffed me to become even more dependent. Those days she started to force-feed me by tube: Instead of pots and pans I found a strange machine on the table when I waddle into the kitchen on my feeders wish. She told me to sit down, open my mouth and relax while she tied my arms to the chair: “Don’t be afraid, my piggy, this will not hurt You! Instead this is going to be the greatest pleasure You’ve ever enjoyed!” and so she gently pushed a tube down my throat into my stomach and attached it to the machine. Click! The machine got switched on and Vivian emptied some flasks with a very thick liquid into a funnel on top. Soon I felt that the machine began pumping me up with this liquid, my belly started growing, bulging, I moaned in pleasure…

“Oops, nearly forgotten!” Vivian giggled and attached some kind of electrode to my belly: “By this useful thing the machine will notice when Your pumped to the maximum… and stop.”

I was in heaven! I never imagined this being possible or me enjoying being a pig-slave, but it was overwhelming! I became stiff instantly!

“Obviously my piggy enjoys to be stuffed this way! Good piggy! I think Your mistress can help You with that little, oh no – big problem!” She took a rubber-glove over her right hand and started wanking me off, with the left hand she refilled the machine and into my ear she whispered:

“Now You are a real fat piggy! During the next few days I will pump Your belly to a size that You won’t be able to walk on Your own or touching Your cock, so You will never leave me and will be completely dependent on me!

And there’s more to come! Didn’t You realize that all the food I stuffed You with was chemically well prepared to let Your belly grow to this immense size? You really didn’t realize, You stupid pig! You big fat licky-piggy, soon You will serve Your mistress!

But I’ve more plans with You: Today came a delivery of new hormones that will make Your balls grow to the size of coconuts and Your cock to a size easy to reach for me even under such a belly! And with such an udder, always full and ripe, You won’t be my piggy anymore… You will be… my cow!”
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Giantjay 13 years
Very unusual, but imaginative fantasy piece! I liked it!
Td0057 16 years
Great imagination! Please let us read some more.