Would you like some milk?

Chapter 1

Note from the author:

Apologies for this story being unfinished. It's waiting for completion since months, but I can't catch the writing-mood. Anyway, here You get what's already finished:

I had rented a flat on the 2. floor in a nice old house. It was quite a big one with high ceilings, but, like the rest of the house, really old and worn out, so it was cheap – lucky me! In my first real job money was short and work was a lot!

Life went by, I went to work in the morning, came back in the evening and saw my friends on the weekends – until Vicky moved in! She got the flat opposite to mine and it was inevitable to meet her quite often. I’ve never been a real courageous chatter, so for the first week we just exchanged a shy “hello”, but I really struggled to hide that I was fond of her from the very first day I saw her. Well, to be honest, fond of her tits. She was the most awesome girl I’d ever seen: She had a slim figure, a beautiful face with laughing blue eyes and big… no, massive tits. I had always been keen on tits and had a nice collection of certain magazines, so it wasn’t easy to impress me, but Vicky blew my mind off every time I saw her. Her breasts were natural, that was undoubted, and they were big as… as melons, hanging deep and heavy in her blouse, swaying with every step - in my dreams I heard the milk inside: slosh, slosh…. On a hot Sunday afternoon I went down the stairs and saw her coming up, she came nearer and I couldn’t help my self, I stared at her tits! Her blouse was unbuttoned and just tied under her milkers, she sweated and was wearing no bra, oh boy, You could see everything, got me? EVERYTHING! Two steps in front of me she stopped and looked up to me with these teasing blue eyes and said:

“Hi Quert! Like what You see!?”

I didn’t react, I was paralysed, I could only stare down to these wonderful globes. Then she giggled and rushed away.

OH MY GOD! How could I’ve made such a fool out of myself? I never ever could meet her again, she must think… whatever! It was so embarrassing!

Anyway, Monday came I had to work and over the week I was to busy to be embarrassed much longer. But on Friday evening, I had just returned from work, the bell rang and I pushed the button for the main entrance and opened my flat’s door – and there was Vicky. She wore beautiful tight jeans and that white blouse from last Sunday, but well buttoned! I blushed and didn’t know what to say.

“Hi Quert! Well, You know, I’ve invited the people living in this house for a little house-warming-party tonight and it would be very nice if You could join us. Sorry for asking that late, but You’re always out for work! Will You join us? In about half an hour?”

“Ehhh, yes… of course… thank You… wonderful idea! What I wanna say is….. Yes!”

“Goooood! So see you later! Byyeeee!”

Shit! Shit! Shit! I had a chance to be cool and mean and what did I do? Talking rubbish like a teenager in love – Oh my!

But I had to go to this party, otherwise this living tit-miracle would never speak to me again. Hurry now: Clean trousers, fresh shirt, shave is alright, a present!!?? Where to get a present? Bingo, there still had to be a bottle of champaign in the fridge, very lady like! Oops, nearly best before, well, who cares! Ready!!


“Hi Quert!”

“Hi Vicky!”

“Come in! Do You know our neighbours?”

What followed was a grand tour along all the other people living here but keeping completely invisible. I mumbled and pretended to remember all those names and faces: “Ah, hello Mrs. Cholmondely-Coppypean, how’s the cat? Mr. Cholmondely, good evening! Hello Captain Bottleneck! Hello Mrs… ehhh, sorry!” and so on.

Vicky really did her best, but it turned into a boring evening. She and me were the youngest people by far, all the others retired couples mainly. The 2 students living on the 4. floor were on holiday. So time crawled until 10:00 when the last of the elders left.

Now! This was the chance to chat her up! But it wasn’t necessary at all, she chatted me up!

“Ehh, Quert, would You like to stay for a drink?”

“Oh yes Vicky, let’s start the party now!”

“You’re funny! What would You like?”

“Just a beer.”

“Right! Take a seat, I’m back in a second!”

I choose the sofa and sat down, Vicky returned from the kitchen without beer.

“Sorry no beer left, but You may like something else…”

She stood right in front of me, knee to knee, I looked up and saw her pretty face and, well… those massive mams. Then she sat down on my lap, opened her shirt and with both hands she presented her big naked tits to me!

“Would You like some milk?”

- Knock Out –

She didn’t wait for me to react (she would have had to wait long): With her right hand she hold up her left tit and with her left hand she pulled my head down and pushed her nipple into my mouth. I started sucking automatically and her milk started to flow! This was the ultimate tit-sex, I was milking a big-breasted goddess! After 10 minutes I finished her left udder and was changed to the right. After this was empty, too, she let me off.

“Thank You, Quert! They are always so full and when I have to empty them myself it’s such a work! You’ve done a wonderful job! But now it’s time for bed, isn’t it!”

I walked to the door in trance, said something and went over the floor to my own rooms! Oh my goodness! Holy Vagina! Did this really happen? When I dropped my trousers it was proved to be reality: I had cummed into my pants without even touching my cock. I laid down on my bed and had 2 wanks before I drifted to sleep.
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FrecherTyp 9 years
i would be interested of what girls think about that kind of fattening up ? ;-)

any grils here who read this story ???
FrecherTyp 9 years
hehe somehow a little itriguing
Enoshima Sama 9 years
*** i rly wish it was finished ; o;
Badhansel 11 years
Can\'t believe I\'ve missed your story. Very wicked and sexy!
Giantjay 13 years
Really enjoyed what I read here. Neat take on the weight gain fantasy, and some kinky role playing too! Good work!
Td0057 15 years
Great story. I enjoyed reading it again. Thanks, and I hope you write some more soon.
Collegeguy2514 15 years
surprisingly i enjoyed this. cant wait to read more.
Tsap 15 years
Truly original story and well written. *enthusiastic applauses*