Amanda's life

Chapter 1 - a night at fatty's

Amanda wasn’t always a big girl. In fact, she was quite the opposite, at one point in her life. But anyone who saw the now 260 pound 20 year old would have trouble believing such a thing. “Oh my god, Liam. This is legitimately the best fucking burger I've tasted. It’s like, so good” Liam nodded, and replied “I told you! This restaurant only opened up a few weeks ago. No clue they were even planning on building a Fatty’s around here.” Liam paused to take a bite out of his quarter pounder, “It’s about time honestly, Mcdonald’s gets old after awhile. Especially those salty fries. Those sad, flaccid fries” Amanda added, and liam snickered. Amanda was a relatively short girl, being only 5’5. She carried her weight well, as it mostly lied in her belly, and lower body. Her ass had recently been hit with a couple extra layers of flab. It was difficult for Amanda to find any clothing that fit her particular aesthetic, considering her size. Despite her efforts, she had kept shopping at hot topic. Sticking with stretchy mediums and large band t’s. She had her hair dyed a vibrant, neon pink tied up in two pigtails. Thick, rounded off glasses with red rims sat atop the bridge of her nose. Her face was speckled with plenty of freckles. and the freckles themselves found their way down to her shoulders, her thickening arms peppered with them. Today, Amanda had chosen to wear a sleeveless grey satin tank-top. The band logo on the front was indecipherable. But stylish. Her soft gut was outlined by the creases in the fabric, and the general tightness of the shirt. While sitting down, her belly pushed towards the front of the t, often she would tuck her growing belly into the front of her leggings. But the restaurant was almost entirely empty, so that wasn't exactly the case tonight. instead, a small sliver of skin was visible, poking out from underneath the shirt. the meal she had ordered had taken almost half an hour to finish. “Oh, shit. Amanda. I have a smartphone on me for a reason.” Liam had just now noticed how late it had gotten. “We should probably head home for the night. I totally wouldn’t be opposed to visiting this place again so. It’s pretty dang neat” You better, not be. Ughh. This place is too good to be true” she said. liam smirked. “Nah, it’s just good enough. It’s not like this is a classy place or something like that” Amanda knew that Liam had a point. But it wasn’t a point she particularly cared for. “Alright. But like, how many “classy” places actually serve good food. Answer me that Liam.” Amanda’s opinion resonated with Liam. “hmm. What about olive garden?” he replied. “More like Olive Pardon, me this food tastes like absolute dog shit” the couple shared a laugh, and more than a few meals that night.
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