Appetizingly beautiful

chapter 1

Naomie had never been confortable in her own skin. It could've been a very stereotypical feeling for a blossoming teenager... But nothing was more annoying at the age of 21. She hadn't come to terms with her body, which nobody had really been able to see beneath her ample, shapeless clothing, to the point where she didn't pay it no mind. The fact was that she had a huge potential, and it was truly a shame she didn't take it into account. Naked, she was astounding, but no one had been there to let her know. To put it simply, bluntly, it was a terrible crime against humanity -and against herself - to be maintained in the ignorance of sucha beauty. She had little regard to the perfect curvature of her butt, did not give a damn about her streamlined legs, had no interest in her voluptuous bust, regardless of her fine pair of breasts which pointed out, prouder of their own roundness than she would've wished. Naomie hid her embarassing assets
beneath ample clothing, just like an oyster would hide her pearl, completely unaware of the jewel it kept inside itself. Her face, despite her big green eyes, wasn't treated any better. She framed it in a prison of stiff hair, dark like ink, with which she could've done wonders had she ever shown the slightest desire. Instead they hanged loosely, following their own will, sweeping accross her face under the form of messy bangs sprouting from a neglected bun.

In fact, the only part of her body she genuinely liked was her mouth. She didn't use lipstick since her lips had a natural crimson color which constrated already with her beautiful clear skin. Moreover, she found a considerable satisfaction within her 32 perfectly aligned teeth, whose large and shiny incisives were slightly separated from each other, just like two bright, ferocious twins. But Naomie didn't bring out her ivory soldiers at the first opportunity given! It was extremely rare that they appeared in a sincere smile, and whenever that happened she swiftly hid them with a quick hand, a gesture reminiscing the embarassment of sporting braces - despite never having had them.

No, Naomie kept her teeth for only one task, the one for which they had been made: eating.

She was fascinated by all kind of food textures, and specially loved cereal or chocolate bars, for these offered a wide variety of crusty, moist, tender and crunchy which were able to satisfy the destructive drive of her molars, as well as the liking of her canines towards quick and precise slicing.

Things could've stayed the same for a long time, without having anything coming to disturb Naomie's complete unawareness of her own body. But this neglect also meant a complete lack of interest towards all kinds of physical activity, paired with a diet which was fairly random to say the least. Her metabolism assaulted by sugars and fats only had youth's strength on its side to keep fighting, but since she had been frequenting college and its countless vending machines since about a year ago, the frequency of the creamy coffees and chocolate bars she ate hadn't slowed down the least. She kept visiting the vending machines during each break, which during her longuest days was up to five occassions, thus taking up a good part of her scholarship money. She ate just as much as others listened to music; in the bus, at the library, while having a walk. Her pockets were full of all kind of wrappers, and it wasn't rare for her to have a few crumbs on her shirt, or even on her (pretty cute) nose.

At noon, she frequented the cafeteria, where as a regular, she had become familiar with most of the employees. The majority of them were surprised by the incredible amount of food such a tiny girl was able to swallow.

Where did she put all that?

That kind of questions specially caught Julien's attention, a student who was in charge of the sandwich shop during midday, three times per week. Julien knew that many young people, once discovering the restaurant U's treats, had quite a bit of trouble keeping their figures slim. But he also knew how the taste of french fries and daily pizzas only lasted as long as they were thin, the first fat rolls a quick reminder to reality. When spring came, it was a swarm of first year students stuffing themselves in too-small athletic wear, in the hopes of reversing their poor eating habits' consequences. Not everybody reached their goals, but at least they had the decency of not joining anymore the queue for the american menus. But not Naomie. The young woman seemingly stayed skinny as a little child, at least as much as her ample clothing and shy posture let know. She hadn't adopted the traditional black sports legging, neither the running shoes. She still kept her generously carb-filled french fries, and never opted for the optional healthy water bottle in her XL meals. During the second semester, her only new resolution was to come back for second helpings, instead of trying to make everything fit in a single food tray. To the point of making Julien wonder wether she was one of these girls suffering of bulimia, making themselves puke after each meal.

As the college year went on, he decided to keep an eye on her.
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for the rest of the story in French! There is a last chapter that should be finished soon. I don't have a translator at the moment smiley And I might not be fluent enough to translate myself!
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I'm anxious to know where this will lead you by posting more chapters or by sending the Deviantart link in French.