chapter 1

Sophie struggled to lift her self off the couch, and after three tries she got up to go to bed. Sophie was 21 and 432 lbs. She wasn't a gainer yet, She just has no self control. The 432 lbs mainly went to her lower belly and her ass and thighs. She was in college, but hated it there because she couldn't do anything with out being made fun of. Never to her face. She was heading to class but had to stop because she was so out of breathe she had to stop. After catching her breath she went back to class. She had to squeeze into the chair with a lot of her huge ass hanging off the side. Her big stomach hung over the top part of the text leaving only a bit of room to do work which was hard to reach for her. Most people would stare and lean over to her friends to talk about her behind her back, but this one boy was staring at her in a way unlike the rest. When class was dismissed he went up to her and introduced himself. "Hi my name is Jordan, nice to meet you, do you need help carrying any of your stuff."
"No I think I can manage(as she struggled to breath and needed to sit down) it's only two binders." Jordan replies "I am sorry to come on strong, but you are just so beautiful, can I take you out to dinner." Since she doesn't get asked out much she said yes.
"Great, meet here at 8, you will be able to find me."
She was deciding what to wear and finally found an outfit. She went to take off her yoga pants, but when she tried to pull her leg through the leg hole, but tripped and fell. The whole apartment shook. As she fell he whole body jiggled. She some how got the strength to pull her self up and looked in the mirror. Her stomach cover half of her huge thick cellulite thighs. Her butt had dimples and were like to yoga balls and her boons were huge but were not perky, just very fat. Her arms were weighed down by her huge bingo wings. She put on her nice clothes and left.
She entered the restaurant and looked around to see him, and saw him sitting in a booth. She waddled over there and traded hellos as she tried to squeeze herself into the booth her big belly hung over the side of the table a few inches. They talked for a while then the waiter came over and took there order.
"Hi what can I get for you guys." She forgot she was with someone and order a medium pizza, fried mozzerella, a large chocolate milk shake, and a medium fry. After this she apologizes for order so much and he says I like a girl who can eat.
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