Daniel explodes

Chapter 1 - more gluttony than ever

Daniel is just about to explode.

Right now, his bulging body is having a bit of difficulty with the huge meal he has just eaten - lasagna, fried chicken, buttered mashed potatoes, white creamy chicken gravy, fried cornbread with even more butter, macaroni and cheese.

And now there is cake for dessert.

He looks tired, like he wants a nap. His expression is one of painful apathy. But the stuffing is far from over. He groans with pain but also with a bit of delight.

"Mmmmmmmmppph," he moans as the first slice of cake is stuffed into his mouth.

Daniel is stuffed beyond full, but he cannot stop. He has no choice, no opportunity to stop for even a few minutes. He has to eat.

That is because I won't let him stop.

I am Daniel's girlfriend, Desiree, and I am a feeder. This is what I do. I like to feed and fatten boys up. I have fattened many a boyfriend over the years. If you have never heard of feeders and feedees, you have no idea what joy you may be missing.

Not that poor Daniel is feeling much joy right now. He looks to be in more than a little pain. But it will all be okay soon enough for him.

First the pain, then the pleasure. It will all be worth it. He knows my routine well by now.

I stuff another slice of cake between his thick red lips. "There, there," I whisper tenderly as he struggles to chew and swallow.

He swallows a huge bite, and his rounded belly seems to expand a little bit more. Right in front of my eyes. Of course, that's not possible, I know. Still, it delights me to pretend that his belly is growing deliciously fatter with every bite of this tasty cake. I even imagine I can hear the threads and seams of his underwear sing mournfully with the extra strain of blubber against them.

Daniel has really packed on a lot weight recently - just in the last three months since I met him. He has gone from 152 pounds to nearly 200. The scales read 198 when I weighed him this morning. He will hit 200 today, and this makes me smile. I feel so much joy at his reaching this landmark, and I can only imagine how many more landmark weights I will help him achieve -- or rather, force him to achieve.

He is wearing the only outfit which still fits him. His clothes are very tight on his body; his slacks would probably split their seams if he dared to bend over now. If he even could bend over now. No chance of that in his present bloated condition.

And his dress shirt buttons are straining to contain that belly - all that soft white flesh which peeks out through the gaps between the buttons. He is in desperate need of a new wardrobe. I will have to take him to the mall tomorrow for some clothes shopping. I will convince him to get some clothes which even are a few sizes larger than he is now - room for future growth, I will tell him.

Daniel's waist was 30" when we first met. Now, he is hovering around 37". Maybe I can convince him to buy some 40"s. The way he's growing, it won't be long before he will fill them up.

Today marks great success in my plans - more gluttony than ever. I've really outdone myself this time. And so has he. This meal is the biggest I have ever fixed for him. He's done a great job of eating it all up -- until now.

The red velvet cake with dark chocolate creamy frosting sits on the table in front of him, next to a jug of cold milk. I made this cake especially for him, and I added a few extra secret ingredients - cocoa-flavored weight gain powders, some appetite enhancement mixture and, of course, Viagra.

The Viagra is to help him develop a proper attitude toward all this eating - so that he not only gains weight but also gains a wonderful feedee's sensuality. He will soon welcome the connection between being stuffed, being horny and getting off. Once I am done with him, he won't be able to have an orgasm without being stuffed, and he won't be able to eat without stuffing to the point of orgasm.

Of course, he knows nothing of the secret ingredients, nor of my plans for his body.

If all this seems a bit harsh or wicked, it really isn't. Not if you think about it in the right way. This is a gift I am giving to him - freedom to release his inner glutton, his inner lusts and appetites. Few men ever get such a chance, and Daniel is one of the lucky ones.

Of course, Daniel does not seem so lucky right now. He is breathing with some difficulty, and his eyelids are drooping. He tries to hold them up and looks at me with pleading in his big hazel eyes. But he knows it will do no good to say anything. What Desiree wants, Desiree gets! He knows that by now.

"There, there, babe, take a minute to rest, and I will get you some milk," I whisper as I cut another slice, this one bigger than the last. He knows he really cannot stop eating and getting fatter.

It isn't his fault that he can't stop fattening up. It's me, just giving him more food to eat than his formerly slender body was used to. I am the one making him fatter. He doesn't really have anything to do with it. He told me he doesn't even want to get fat - can you imagine? Soon enough, he will. He will accept this lifestyle willingly.

For now, he has no choice. He can never say no. I won't allow it, and neither will the stimulating chemicals and hormones I have sent coursing through his plump body. It really isn't his fault that he is so hungry all the time.

To Daniel, these last few months have probably seemed a flurry of overeating. Overeating and sex. What more could a young man want! I have kept him constantly filled with all sorts of fattening comfort foods and tasty goodies - junk food, plus my delicious homecooking. I love fat boys, and I enjoy fattening them up.

He's not my first boyfriend, but I think I have finally perfected a way to make everything go better than it has with my other boyfriends. They got a little fat, but then they got away from me. Daniel is not going to get away. I am going to make him too fat to get away.

Plus, my ex-boyfriends were such babies, always whining whenever I wanted to feed them. Sure, they enjoyed the sex, but they weren't willing to make the sacrifice of their fitness in order to enjoy all the sensual pleasures I could deliver.

Daniel moans again as I bring the slice to his mouth.

As I feed him with one hand, I poke his belly with the other. It is getting so nice and soft - like a Teddy bear's belly. He takes a deep breath, and two buttons pop off his shirt exposing his big fleshy belly. One button rolls across the kitchen floor, and my calico cat chases it.

Daniel looks shocked. He tries to speak, but I place more cake into his mouth.

"Shhhh, you don't need to talk," I say softly. "It's okay, dear. We'll get you a new shirt.

He moans and nods his head. After he relaxes a few minutes, I decide to tease him a little, add a little umph to his pain and worries. I do this out of love and caring. The more distressed he is now, the greater his pleasure will be later.

"I see you haven't been watching your weight," I say sarcastically as he blushes. "But I have. I have been watching your weight, and it's been going up, up, up." I giggle.

I reach my hand into his shirt and beneath his belly, unbuttoning his constricting pants and pulling the zipper down, as his belly surges forward so sexy and round. My hand slides beneath his belly which feels so heavy and warm.

"Such a greedy, greedy appetite for such a skinny boy," I whisper seductively. "Well, you used to be skinny. Now that you are getting a little bigger, you must be so hungry all the time. You're getting a big gut that needs to stay filled, dear." I hold a slice of cake to his lips.

Hearing my words, Daniel suddenly looks a little disgusted about all this, and seals his lips firmly together. He looks determined to stop me, but he knows he cannot halt my desires.

"Come on. Eat another slice for me. You're a fat boy now. Don't you want some more cake? I made it especially for you. A couple slices can't possibly be enough to satisfy such a big sexy belly as yours." To emphasize my words, I rub his gut firmly and sensually.

He opens his mouth to speak, maybe to protest, but instead, in goes another cake slice. It's not his fault he is getting so big. He swallows, and his belly grows a fraction more. I help him stand up a little just for a few seconds as I slide his slacks from beneath his fattened rear. He sits down again with a hefty plop, and I tug his pants off his thick thighs and calves.

"You can't fit into these any more, Tubby," I say. "I have let these pants out as far as I can. We'll go shopping for new clothes tomorrow."

He grunts as he chews and swallows. I bring the plastic milk jug to his mouth, and he reluctantly takes several swift swallows of half and half cream and full milk - with a few special secret ingredients I have added - a mixture of hormones to make him more docile and increase his sexual desire and satisfaction. I care for his happiness so much.

I place my hand atop his belly. I swear I can feel him getting fatter right this minute. All the calories and fat he has consumed in just these past few days are settling onto his body by now. Those calories plumpen his fat cells, making him flabbier. The fatter he gets, the more in love with him I am.

And the more determined never to let him leave me.

(more to come, of course)

(Quite obviously, I used noarthereonlyfat's classic BBW stuffing short story "Dessert" for inspiration. Here is the link to his story:

http://noarthereonlyfat.deviantart.c om/art/Dessert-123540682

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Badhansel 7 years
I keep coming back to this story - it is positively delicious! Thanks!
GrowingLoveH... 8 years
Thanks, otherland78! Yes, that is my intention to keep those two kinds of things going on in the story, and I am glad you can appreciate them -- and be turned on by them.
GrowingLoveH... 8 years
Thanks, Built4com4t! Hearing that from a writer like you is like getting a big piece of cheesecake from a lover.
FrecherTyp 9 years
yes reading it again i realized the hotness for me comes in the majority form the twist, that she seduces him but always tells him it´s his fault he got so fat and that he has no willpower due to her sexy seduction to resist and eat whaever she holds before him :....:_) the he this is just such a turn on the be so helpless cause of a female naughty seduction :-) really very excellenty put into a story
Built4com4t 9 years
love the details, nice!
GrowingLoveH... 9 years
Thanks for all the encouragement!
FrecherTyp 9 years
oh my awesome :-) :-) hehe u´m very intrigued to read more ^^^as always
GrowingLoveH... 9 years
Thanks so much! Yes, there are definitely more parts, and I will put them up once I update a few other stories here -- "Bewitched and Fattened" and "Love Song of Circe." I am glad you count this among your favorites, Breadmakesyoufat!
Sokotron 9 years
Awesome! Cant wait for another one!