Dinner with the ex

chapter 1

As we walked from the car, I could see her entire body ripple with each heavy footfall. Her gigantic ass rocked from side to side, cheeks pressed firmly together, closely resembling beach balls. "I hate that I can never get parking any closer whenever I come here" Mel panted, as she brushed her long blonde hair from her face. To be honest, we weren't that far away. At Mel's current size however, any amount of sustained exercise took its toll. "Ok, just lemme sit down for a minute, these shoes are hurting my feet". I couldn't help but give a little smirk at her flimsy excuse to sit down. Her chest heaved up and down as she caught her breath. "Have we got time to get something to eat, before the movie?"

Mel and I used to date, a few years back. She knew I was an FA back then, but probably didn't appreciate the extent to which her heavy frame had on me. She carried her weight fairly evenly over her body, although her belly had always been one of her more defining features. She was a natural brunette, but had dyed her hair recently. She had strong, brown eyes to match her personality. Standing at around 5'6 she had weighed around 300 pounds in her early 20's. But there was just no way she was still that size, I thought to myself. Her added girth was particularly evident while I watched her get out of the car, the suspension lifting significantly upon her exit.

We had stayed in contact now and then, but it had been about 7 years since we'd properly seen each other. I wasn't sure how to react when she called me up and asked if I wanted to catch up with dinner and a movie. "Just as friends" she had said over the phone.

"What are you staring at?" Mel asked abruptly.
"N-nothing, I was just thinking" I stammered, snapping out of my daydream, trying to figure out just how big she'd gotten.
"Let's get Thai", Mel puffed, finally standing and readjusting her pants, "It should be quick". She wore tight jeans that firmly cut her belly in half, leaving a thick roll of flab sticking out the top that was clearly visible, clinging to her top.

I was lost in thought again, planning how I could get Mel to stuff herself full of food before the movie. I smiled as the small Thai waitress approached us, with a smile. She was petite, standing as high as Mel's chin, so was met with this buxom blonde's mammoth belly. Mel was about 3, probably closer to 4 times the size of this young woman.
"Hi, table for two please" Mel said sweetly.
We were escorted over to a table by the wall when Mel grabbed my arm and pulled me in to whisper in my ear, "We can't sit there" she hissed, frantically, glancing over at the table, then back to me "That chair, it's got arms. My ass, it won't fit" Her expression changed then, her eyes widened as she silently begged me to intervene and spare her the embarrassment. I quickly looked her up and down. She was right, no way was such a big girl going to fit within those arms. I questioned whether it would even hold her weight. I glanced across the room and found a more suitable table, with chairs free from constricting arms. "Oh, is that table free?" I asked the waitress "It's a bit nicer", I smiled. She smiled back and nodded, ushering us to our seats. I'm not sure she even realised the crisis we'd narrowly avoided.

"Thanks for that" Mel whispered, as the waitress went to get us out menus. The chair creaked, as she slowly lowered her weight into it, testing its strength. "Oof!" She panted, as she finally let her full weight be taken by the chair. The chair groaned in protest. It was basically an armless version of the chair we'd just avoided and I was again wondering if it could hold her weight.

The waitress came back with our drinks, beer for me, glass of white wine for her. Mel quickly wiped the sweat from her face and began fanning herself. I couldn't work out if he was sweating from the short walk from the bench outside to the table, or if it was from the anxiety of almost being outed as the fattest girl in the room. Probably both, either way it was hot. I tried to discreetly readjust myself as I was now firmly pitching a tent. Mel glanced down and gave a brief smirk before smiling and taking a sip from her wine. "So, what's been happening with you, how's work?" She sighed, her breathing now under control.

More to come. This will mostly follow real events although dramatised. Feedback and suggestions welcome. What would you like to see happen?
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Moho91 4 years
She most definitely is Theswordsman. What do people want to see/read though?
Theswordsman 4 years
I think its safe to say she is only going to get bigger
Moho91 5 years
Yes, Jim is the same character. Apologies. I switched perspective a few chapters in to avoid rewriting the whole story, or starting a new one. Also apologies that the last chapter isn’t fully complete yet. Had two or three ideas of how to finish and could
Math Machine 5 years
I’m confused, is Jim the narrator from the beginning, or is he a different character altogether?
Chasingfall 5 years
There are some great ideas pictured here and your writing style is top notch. If you’d like to continue this one, I would encourage it. However, if you decide to take up another story, I doubt we’ll be disappointed.

In the event that you do continue th
Chasingfall 5 years
Damn this just gets better and better!
SyabLovesChub 5 years
Keep the story going dude
Moho91 5 years
Hit a bit of a walk on this one. Don’t know whether to keep going or to start on a new one.
Chasingfall 5 years
Excellent work here! I'm only on page five, but I'm sure it gets even better. I'd like to see Mel start to get aroused by her weight and maybe some deliberate gaining. Anyway thanks for sharing your writing!
Iafeeder 5 years
Please continue! This is a great story that many of us have encountered! Bravo!
Fatffa 5 years
So NICE to see well written stories here again! ❤️ I don’t mind telling you that this place was a wasteland of illiterate garbage for quite some time. Please keep writing. You’re doing very well.
Moho91 5 years
Thanks Jazzman. I've been a little concerned with readability as so far I've only written it on my phone.
Jazzman 5 years
Nice story and really Skillfully written.
Edxl 5 years
A lot of fun!

Would be interesting to find out why they split up back then, and what has changed since that might make things work now. Also what she might have learned about her own desires since then.
Johnxyz 5 years
That is why I like web sites like this. In real life, I have liked large women all of my life, but nobody liked their weight. I was never allowed to discuss weight, and in many cases not even allowed to touch fat areas. This reminds me of my ex-wife, w
Moho91 5 years
Thanks everyone. This is where the story will start to deviate. I've embellished certain elements so far but there's only a few more scenarios that I'm going to cover before it goes full fiction. Any thoughts on how things should proceed?
Yuri33 5 years
Wooow beautiful beginning!hope to see much more of this story soon! This little situation are described very well, it seem to be here with them!exellent!
Theswordsman 5 years
You could make it to where they become a couple again and as a result her weight sky rockets
RFBurton 5 years
Stacking up nicely. I love this genre of weight gain....and 7 years may have really added up. Well done, and looking forward to more.