chapter 1

Eliza was toying with me and she knew it.
Ever since she'd stopped going to the gym her body had gotten softer. She used to be trim and toned. She used to have a tight ass and small perky boobs. But one day she changed. Eliza quit going to the gym, with no explanation as to why. She didn't know about my fetish, at least I'd hoped not. No one knew about my love of fat girls. Yet as the weeks went by her body changed from that of a slim, toned fitness freak into the body of my dream girl.
The first week she spent a lot of time off sitting in front of the TV helping herself to my food. I didn't mind of course. I'd always said that if we ever shared an apartment everything would be shared. As the week quickly came to a close, however, I noticed her toned body had a slight layer of softness to it. Nothing too noticeable though. The only reason I caught on to it was because I spent nearly every day with her. Her slim belly had lost it's toning and her butt had lost its firmness, but that was about it though.

After the first month though the changes were incredibly noticeable. Her toned belly was gone completely, replaced with a soft, round belly that poked out slightly through the fabric of her shirt. Eliza would rub the fleshy dome in circles, massaging it after every meal and subconsciously playing with it while she watched TV or played video games. Her small perky boobs were now practically spilling out of her too small bra and rested on top of her rounded belly. She no longer had a tight ass but instead a jiggling booty that wobbled and bounced as she walked. Her face had become round and chubby and had the beginnings of a double chin. Yet she seemed oblivious to all of this. She continued to eat my food, along with her own food and a couple of take-aways every day. She spent most of her time in front of the TV or up in her room, doing whatever it was girls do. Yet she didn't even wonder why some of her clothes were a tight fit or why she was getting out of breath after just doing her laces up.

Two months down the line though something happened. I was making myself and Eliza a sandwich, unsurprisingly she wanted three while I just had the one. Suddenly I heard a scream coming from her room. I ran upstairs and found her standing in only her pants and a fairly new bra that was already straining to contain her plumping breasts. My eyes wandered to her rounded belly that hung out over the waist of her pants creating a pair of luscious, thick love handles. On the floor lay a pile of clothes and immediately I knew what was going on.
"What's wrong?" I asked, already knowing the answer.
Tears trickled down her adorably, chubby face.
"My clothes don't fit me" Eliza began "and...and I've gotten so fat" she cried as she placed a hand on her bulging belly.
I looked at her, studying the new Eliza that stood before me. She was no longer the slim toned twenty year old from several months ago. Her belly jutted so far forward that she could barely see her toes. It jiggled and wobbled as she moved and it refused to be contained beneath even the loosest of shirts. Her boobs rested on top of the fleshy dome that her belly had become and spilled over the top of her bra. Just like her belly, they too bounced and wobbled as she moved. Her ass wiggled and jiggled as she swayed her chubby hips from side to side. Both cheeks fought to break free from her tight fitting pants. Eliza's face was chubby and round, with a double chin that was on its way to becoming a triple. To me she was perfect. She was the girl of my dreams.
"I'm a monster. Aren't I?" Eliza cried.
"No of course not" I smiled back at her.
"Look at me. I've gotten so fat, I can't even see my toes. My clothes don't even fit me anymore. How could anyone ever love me looking this?" she grabbed a handful of jellylike flesh and sobbed.
"I love you like this".
"Don't joke with me Chris" she cried.
"I'm not joking" I said, as I placed a hand on her soft belly.
"You mean it?"
"Honestly, I have a thing for bigger girls" I said "this might sound a bit wild and out of the blue, but would you be my feedee?"
"I don't know Chris" she said, looking down at her bloated figure "what would people say though?".
"Who cares what people say" I said "and be honest with me, you like the feeling of being fat, right?"
She paused for a little while and rubbed a hand across her thick, doughy body.
"If I'm totally honest with you, I do find my body much more attractive with this extra weight. I was unsure at first, but the fatter I've gotten the more I've fallen in love with it" she laughed and lightly slapped her rounded belly "okay lets do it".
"Great!" I grinned, struggling to hide my excitement.
"Feed me until I explode" she laughed, groping her flesh with both hands.
From that point forward our relationship changed for the better. I fed her until she couldn't eat anymore. I would massage her belly or play with her love handles while she stuffed herself. Every now and again she would try and fit into her old clothes just to see how her ever expanding form would look. Buttons would fly off, seams would rip and flesh would wobble and jiggle. We had food sex in every room of the house, including the bathroom. One evening while I was taking a shower she sneaked into the bathroom, as best as a fat girl could sneak. I felt her rounded belly pressing against my back and her fattened form squeezed around my thin body. I turned around and placed my arms around her jellylike body, feeling every inch of fat that her body had become.
"Tell me how much you love me" she begged as she fell to her knees.
"I love you with every fibre in my body" I smiled, and she smiled back.
"Tell me what you love about me" she grinned, as she ran her hands over her bloated form.
"I love everything about you" I said "I love your rounded belly that's always hungry. I love your boobs that spill out of your bra. I love your wobbling booty that jiggles as you walk. I love your fat hips that bounce from side to side. And I love your chubby cheeks that look oh so cute when you stuff your face".
Eliza grinned and looked up at me, while she played with her belly.
"Feed me Chris" she grinned "and I'll feed you".
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Metis 6 years
An excellent story. Nice emphasis on the aspects of weight gain and I enjoyed your use of words.