Fast food job

chapter 1

Ballena is a small skinny fit girl, aged 18, she weighs around 85 lbs with a six pack and virtually no boobs.
She recently became unemployed!! There was an opening for no skills, it was McDonald's for a food tester job, it said that you may gain weight. But Ballena knew that due to her great metabolism she couldn't gain a pound!! So she applied. She had to eat over 80 mcdonalds burgers a day and knew that it would be hard but great. In her first day she arrived and was greater with a batch of ten burgers for her previous shift breakfast.breakfasted She gobbled them up and got into the back, where she realised a small bump on her once flat stomach, she was scared of this job, needed money and it paid well. After around three hours of just plain stuffing, her bra split right open exposing her once flat breasts, and she looked to check her weight, she was still 85 lbs, but how did she rip her clothes?
Anyway as the day was done she had a huge round stuffed belly, and her once too big of a shirt looked more tighter than ever, she walked out with no bra on and no buttons done up on her shirt or even her pants, what she did not realise was that there was a massive tear on her now round butt, after work she went shopping for new clothes. She must have eaten over 8k calories of pure junk food with 80 cheeseburgers and around five large fries. When she arrived at the mall she seemed out the clothes shop and tried on b sized bras, they were way too small, then she tried on c and they fitted perfectly. Then she bought Small Tracksuit for her to wear at work rather than the tight clothes. After all of this rushing around she was hungry, so she got a mcdonalds as it was easy and she got an employee card where she gets everything for free. She went in and ordered 9 nuggets, after she gobbled them up, she was not full so she went back for more this time buying 80 nuggets as they were completely free. After her clothes she wore to work were basically long gone she bought a dress as well when she was shopping it was three sizes bigger than her last dress. She rushed to the toilets and slipped it on. She revealed her new small bump. She drove home, eating a large pizza from pizza Hut and when she got home, she was greated with a cake from her friend. It said Ballena congratulations on your new job, as you would gain lots of weight I will start you off with a cake, she refused to eat it but she scooped pieces up gradually and finished it within 5 minutes. She then got undress and looked at herself naked in the mirror
next chapter : she wants to gain and over 100lb.
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