Fat passions (story 1)

Chapter 1 - a night in

You came home to find me lounging in lingerie, empty fast food wrappers surrounding me. My huge belly spilling off our couch as your loving eyes take in the beautiful sight. Since we moved in together I had really packed on the pounds. It was quite easy since I worked from home and the Italian place down the street delivered. I motion for you to come toward me and you plant a kiss on my lips. You begin to rub my swollen tummy remarking on how I look and feel fatter than I did when you left that morning. I just giggle as you lift up the lacy nightie barely covering my swollen tummy. We make out momentarily,my fat pressing against your hard chiseled body, then I pull away and waddle off to the kitchen. I return with a tray of cheesecake bites in my hands. I set them down on the coffee table and give you a wink. I get comfy on the couch as you move closer toward me. You free my massive expanding body from it's tight lace cage. My massive tummy and breast spilling out. You straddle what should be my lap, not much left since my tummy keeps expanding and hanging lower. Kissing me deeply you run your fingers all over my big soft fat body. You grab the tray and put one of the bites to my lips. I take it into my mouth and lick and suck the bits of chocolate off your finger tips. I feel you pulsating hard against me. We still have 23 more cheesecake bites to go. Half way through the tray my pussy starts to get dripping wet. You remove my soaking wet panties and softly start stroking me with one hand while feeding me with the other. Your strokes are so rhythmic and methodical. You bring me to the edge of an orgasm multiple times but always stopping just before I climax. As you pick up the last piece I feel your cock needing to burst free from your pants. I teasingly stroke you, a few times hearing a small moan escape from your lips. Before scampering off to our bed you kneel down before me on the couch. My full bloated tummy covering my soaking wet womanhood. You push my belly out of the way and proceed to flick your tongue wildly around my clit. I come close to another orgasm as you pull me to my feet. Once in our room you finally free your cock from your pants. He springs to life. Your raging hard on is pulsating and a drop of precum is forming. You stand before me and softly kiss my forehead as I begin to lick the head of your cock. I deep throat you once and suck on your balls before I position myself on the bed. You throw my legs back and insert the head of your cock at the entrance of my tight juicy hole. You gaze lovingly and deeply into my eyes. I can't stand it anymore I need your cock. I scream " Fuck me Blake !! Fuck me baby and make me fatter!" You thrust hard into me, your body shaking. I start to flex my pubic muscles attempting to milk your cock. "You want me to cum in your tight fat pussy Michelle?" He ask. "Yes, Blake I need you to cum inside me. I need your cum inside me to make me fatter. Your cum just helps make me so much fatter!" I respond. You blow a huge load inside me as you professes loudly your love for me. I can feel it deep inside me. This time it really is making me swell. Suddenly my body expands a bit as my pussy milks the last drops from you. We lay there in the glow of the moment. You remark about how I feel fatter than I did earlier. I just smile and kiss you . As you go to turn on the shower I step on the scale to check my progress. I delight as the number flashes 485. "Seems like you helped me gain 5lbs just by fucking me." I tell you. I check myself out in the mirror trying to see if I look fatter. "It all went to your tummy," you call to me from behind the curtain. "Now get your sexy fat ass in this shower so I can drop another load down your throat into that fat sexy tummy!"
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Leuco 6 years
Dou paint pictures in my head and those make me horny
Wisconfa 6 years
extremely well wriiten Please write more
QuebecFA 6 years
I loved this story! :-)