First day of class

chapter 1

I'm ready for class but realize that I'm a bit early. So I sit on the couch and space off for a few minutes. Then I check my phone and decide that it's time to leave. I quickly get up, put on my scarf, and head to the college.

I'm just walking onto campus when I hear the bell chime. Damn it, I thought, late again, always late. I check my phone to make sure I have the room number and building correct. I quicken my pace even more to make sure I'm on time to class. Timing on the first day of class is essential; arrive too early and you are forced to sit awkwardly while everyone else arrives, but arrive too late and you are forced to take a horrible seat.

I end up finding the room almost completely full. I contemplate sitting in the old-style desks in the very back row, but decide not to. Instead I sit in the back row of tables. I almost do not sit there because I see this chubby dude. If I sit next to him, I'll just think of him the whole time we're in class.

But I sit by him anyway. He's tall and his wide. I don't get a good look at his face; I don't want to look like I'm gawking. He's wearing horizontal stripes. For a split second I wonder if he had worn that ridiculously tight and unflattering patterned shirt on purpose, to make himself look bigger. But then I remember that guys in real life don't do that sort of thing. It would be very unlikely for someone like me to meet a gainer in this small town.

But I can't stop thinking about him during the class. He fidgets, pulling his shirt around and scooting around in his chair, like his clothes are uncomfortable or something. I still don't look at him directly. I look straight ahead at the lecturer. It's a medium size class. The lecturer is making jokes and entertaining the class in between the actual educational material but I just cannot concentrate on that. This guy sitting next to me, his arms are huge, his body's huge. I just cannot deal with it. I've been sexually frustrated for a while; I need a good lay. I'm totally objectifying him right now, but as a female fat admirer, I am used to that. It can be hard for me sometimes to remember that whoever I'm ***ing, or whoever I'm lusting after, had needs, feelings, dreams, emotions, sexual desires, just like I do. It's hard to realize that when all I can think about is their fat lard pounding the heck out of my pu**y.

This class is a three-hour lecture. The instructor shows video clips. Midway through the class, he offers an intermission. I quickly think of something to say to the guy next to me. I know it's terrible, but at this point, I'd do almost anything to get a fat lay. All the fat guys that I'd met for months on end were either taken or gay. My desire had never been so strong before (well, at least for a while). I can't stop thinking about him. Did other people get this horny in class?

"Is there like, a microwave or something in this building?" I ask him. "I wanna heat up some hot water for tea. I'm about to fall asleep."

He looks at me awkwardly, "I don't think so. Should have had your tea before class or something," he smiles.

I roll my eyes playfully, I knew now my best bet was just to keep the conversation rolling. "So what year are you?"

"Freshman. You?"


" ;Really? What are you doing in a freshman-level class like this then?"

"Just taking something easy to get credits."

"I see."

"What's your major?"

"Communications. You?"

"Chemistry." I roll my eyes again. "It's a tough degree. So glad to be graduating soon."

"You must be really smart," he smiles, "you'll ace this class, and you can help me," he winks.

Intermission ends, and for the rest of the class he fidgets less than before. I'm finally able to concentrate on the professor's lecture, when I notice this big guy pull out something that looks like a protein shake and make it right there on the table. Even if it's protein, it's probably chock full of calories. Maybe he is a gainer, I thought. Well, I'll have the whole semester to find out.
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Built4com4t 1 month
Excellent…love hearing her inner thoughts and desires. Very arousing to read.
Rrrtree 1 month
LOL decided this needed more, 9 years later.
Johnnyblaze 1 month
Hope you keep going, this is great
Lovesfatguys 9 years