chapter 1

She had just broken up with her boyfriend.

Jackson had pressured her into gaining weight for some weird fetish called feederism. "It's just gross and seems predatory" she told him. He tried in vain to get her to see the new side of it all encouraging her to research what it was and to show that she didn't have to go immobile to please him. Even if she would just eat a lot in one sitting and let him rub her belly, it would be enough. But she didn't find it pleasant. So Janette broke up with him

She regretted it instantly. Although she was a bit chubby Jackson would make her not feel self conscious about becuase she knew that at least one man liked her and that that would be enough. And it was until he had to make it wierd. Jannette fell in to depression and she found the only way to make her self feel better was to eat. So that's what she did. She would feel bad and order pizza to dampen the pain with good tasting food. Jennette didn't find the irony in this funny

So before she knew it she was climbing the scale. Where she used to be 150 she was now God know what. She was afraid of the scale after it had read back to her 160. When this happened she though to her self "how in the hell did I gain ten pounds in 3 weeks! That would be at least half a pound a day!" This made her feel worse and so the cycle would repeat. It started out as feeling sad about a breakup to feeling sad about coming from chubby into fat. And it didn't help that when her depression would start to die down it would only be kickstarted by someone making a remark like "Jeez you used to be a bit heavy but now..." Or "you should really hit the gym if you ever want to get another man."

Eventually she decided she needed help when she became a nuesence to another passenger, her thighs spilling into another passengers seat and him asking to be moved to an empty seat in the back, on the way home from a flight to her parents house. (Who constantly made remarks about her weight) she practicly cried when she had to turn sideways trying to get into the bathroom on board. She didn't know what her weight was but she was finally going to receive help.

"Um yes I uh.. Had an appoitment scheduled for a therapist" Jannette said nervously.

"And what is your issue" the secretary said almost as if she wanted to here her admit it.

"Eating habits" she whispered hoping to not bring attention soon her self.

"Okay we actually have our specailtest in eating disorders getting done in just a bit" she said, super loud. But before Jannette could give that skinny bitch what for, the therapist called her in.
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QuebecFA 7 years
I really love the story so far! I can't act for Chapter 3! :-)