Growing gifts

chapter 1

Recent graduate Molly sat in her small, two bedroom apartment. Without her roommate Erin, they wouldn't be able afford a place this "nice." Graduating with a degree in General Fine Arts was easy, but the job market was minuscule. Molly's paintings were rarely sold, and her freelancing illustration practices barely made many editorials. She was lucky to make 500 a month from her artwork. Because of how bad her business was doing, Molly spent her time working at a clothing retailer in the mall, making just enough to cover her half of the rent and some cheap food for herself.

Erin's contribution to the apartment's rent was always needed, often covering whatever Molly couldn't afford the month. With a degree in Marketing, Erin became marketing communication representative of a highly known retail corporation, pulling in more than enough money monthly for the both of them. With that being said, Erin did have other means of making revenue, which Molly was unaware of until one day lounging around the apartment.


After working an 8am to 5pm shift at the clothing store, Molly was exhausted. Standing on her feet all day, greeting customers in a friendly manner, and just dealing with assholes daily tired her. She'd come home, raid the fridge, find nothing that was hers to eat, and make a pack of ramen for herself. After preparing a packet, she sat at the desk in the living room, sitting using "hers" and Erin's computer, which Erin bought and they both happened to use, more Molly than Erin. There, Molly would watch Netflix, Youtube, and just be her usual lazy self. She considered looking up new jobs, maybe some Magazine looking for an illustration, but later decided to look at her facebook. Being only 22, much of her facebook was friends getting new jobs, engagements, weddings, or even new additions to the family. Typing an 'F' into the search bar, the usual result would lead her to Without overthinking it, she typed F and enter, taking her to a website different than she's ever been on.

"" Molly read outloud, looking at her blue and pink screen. "Join our fat positive community?" Molly sat up in her chair, staring deeper into the page. She looked at the upper right hand corner, noticing the username "ExpandingErin" with a picture of Erin in a circle. With a click, Molly was led to Erin's profile.

On her profile, the activity page was filled with pictures of Erin and her body, along with her commenting on forums. Erin's profile was only a couple months old, but it appeared her body had gained at least 20 pounds within those months, something Molly hadn't noticed till now. Her About Me page read, "Working woman, Feedee who wants to keep growing with your help ;), message me if you love to help me gain." From there, Molly clicked on 'ExpandingErin's messages, many men encouraging her to grow, telling her that they send gift cards in the mail, money through paypal, all to help her growing continue.

Molly was appalled by this, her best friend was ruining her body to gain some extra cash she didn't need! Molly decided if her friend did need the extra cash that she would help and even get a second job. Looking around the apartment, she noticed the extra amount of snacks that littered the kitchen, all of which was Erin's that Molly would never dare to touch. Boxes of mini-powdered donuts, strawberry pop tarts, cartons of ice cream, and large bags of chips as well as other snacks just laid out across the kitchen. When Erin would get home, Molly decided that she would mention what she saw, ask her friend more of why she was doing this to herself.


Erin was driving towards home after finishing work at 6:30pm. Her seatbelt was positioned uncomfortably under her noticeable new muffin top, with added to the discomfort of her too tight work pants. One of her encouragers, Jason, had ordered her pizza at a place near her house, where Erin was told to pick it up. After grabbing the pizza, 2 Large Supreme Pizzas and some bread sticks, she hurriedly drove home to to find Molly sitting in the living room waiting for her.

"Oh hey, I bought Pizza's home for dinner if you wanna have some, they were having this great deal 2 for 1 pie, free breadsticks too!" Erin laughed, smiling and putting two slices of pizza on her plate. She knew she needed to eat more, but decided to start slow since she was still full from her lunch at McDonald's. Erin ploped herself on the couch and started munching away while Molly looked at her disgusted.

"Uh, hey." Molly started awkwardly. "Today I was on the computer and I fell upon this site you use, FantasyFeeder? Anyway, I had a few questions to ask about it..." After Molly mentioned the website name, Erin stopped in her tracks, more, her bites, and placed the half of slice back on her plate.

Erin shifted in her seat, uncomfortable from the recent discovery and the too tight belt on her waist. "It's a little personal, but I guess you can ask?"

"Why are you trying to get fat? Do you need the money, cause I can totally get another job if you really need financial help!" Erin looked at Molly for a second before chuckling.

"You think I'm fat already?" Molly was about to interrupt Erin but Erin Continued, "I do love the extra cash, but I also love the extra curves on me too." Thinking about it, she remembered Erin's shape before, average but not very curvy, very flat both in the chest and butt. Now, Erin's hips flared out, her ass wider yet her chest still a small B cup. Though she was gaining more curves, Erin's flat stomach now stuck out, puffy and looking constantly bloated. While Molly was inspecting Erin's new curves, Erin quickly polished off her two slices and went into the kitchen for some more.

"So, people just pay you to gain weight?" Molly asked, looking at Erin's softer figure in her tighter clothes.

"Well," Erin started, "They sometimes pay through paypal, or buy me food or food gift cards. Other times they'll buy me larger clothes and I'll send them 'gifts' back. You know, pictures, videos of me eating, it's kinda hot, you know?" Erin looked at Molly with this look, with such passion in her eyes.

"No, I actually don't know." Molly said, shaking her head. Erin walked back into the living room, circling the couch then sitting next to Molly closely.

"Well, think of it this way," Erin said with food in her mouth, swallowing before continuing, "the more weight I gain, the curvy I get," with this, Erin dragged her hand across her own body, emphasizing her curves. "the more money I get, and then more of me to love for everyone who wants me. It's a win win situation for everyone."

Taking another bite of a breadstick, Erin scooted away from how close she was to Molly, who just sat there watching all of this. "If I were you, I'd try it. If you don't like it you can easily lose the weight." Erin leaned back on the couch, untucking her shirt and unbuckling her pants, letting some of her bloated belly exposed. With this, Molly sat up, looking back at the computer screen with Erins profile on it. Getting up, Molly walked over to the computer, looking at all the messages Erin had been receiving and the new comments she got since she last looked.

'Lookin' great babe, love to feel you in person'
'Sexy!! Just messaged you, i wanna help you grow.'
'Getting fatter everyday, hot!'

Molly signed off of Erins profile, and instead pressed the sign up button. Hesitant, she filled out the required boxes, creating a unique username. After all the boxes were filled in, Molly pressed 'sign up', with that she decided to try it for a bit, see how much money she would make. Her new profile MakeMollyMassive was going to be an interesting start to a new chapter in her life. After all, she did need the money, it shouldn't be too hard.
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GrowingLoveH... 3 years
Really enjoyed re-reading this gem of a story. Is there more? I hope so. I see so many possibilities here. Thanks for sharing your talents.
Theswordsman 5 years
I wonder if her boss is a fan of her extra work
Akwolfgrl13 5 years
Lol getting a head start already
Aquarius64 5 years
I was trying to imagine a doughnut with jelly on it, then I remembered there is some transatlantic differences. Here, we call jelly, ‘jam’ and you call jelly, ‘jello’. No wonder I was getting confused! Instead of picturing a jam doughnut, I was picturing
Jazzman 5 years
Wow.There was a similar plot a few months back.It is a Marvelous premise.And 10 lbs a month is a nice realistic pace.Its not easy but is completely possible with dedication.