Her descent

chapter 1 - set the stage

Chelsea got home and slammed the door in a rage she didn't even know she had. She had just gotten home earlier then she expected because she had gotten let go from work. They said she was a "good" employee but her position was being outsourced to a cheaper firm elsewhere in the country. She was also responsible for training her replacement who she didn't even know over a conference call over then next few weeks on top of her regular work load. Chelsea didn't know how to handle this new load of stress along with her being underpaid and overworked already which left her with one response and that was tears. She sat her office softened body with force and began weeping and ranting.

"What in the flipping hell is wrong with them?!" she screamed into an empty apartment. "I worked so hard to be where I am and all I get in return is this shitty salary and let go. OH and I gotta train my shitty replacement AND do my work. Fuck them and fuck people, I sacrificed EVERYTHING for them. I work late, I lost my friends, I became a *** and for nothing but a severance package which barely fixes my fucking rent for a couple months. I am so sick of people telling me what to do and why shouldn't I command them. I have been with them for 6 years and way deserve it more then that bitch."

She weeps and rants and eats for what feels like hours but it doesn't help. The early afternoon sun turns into sunset while her kitchen becomes cleared out of her snack food supply. She mindlessly eats anything she can get her hands on in hopes of feeling any kind of better which doesn't help or work. She felt her middle feel quite tight so she ripped off her already tight suit clothes without care and didn't even bother putting anything else on while she gorges herself to drown out her misery in the only friend she had left which was fattening foods. Only after cleaning out her fridge did she finally feel any kind of full and calmed down for the first time since she left work in a frenzy. All she wanted to do now was go to bed and call in sick tomorrow so she went into her room but first she catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror in that moment and gives herself a once over.

Chelsea's naked body gleaned with the sweat of her rampage over the last few hours and further amplified how out of shape she was. She was clearly not in shape anymore from her high school days as a softball player. She never really did anything with it past a hobby but her high active lifestyle diet persisted well past her sports days. She had lost any hard tone years ago and let herself develop into a much rounder person then she once was. Her butt was much larger then when she remembered last, expanded from years sitting around in college and office work. As her eyes worked upward, her belly developed a large pouch which protruded from her wide frame and hung down just slightly from her waistline which she hid with her clothes without thinking about it. Her breasts were also expanded and sagging with excess fat which she also tried to push up and make look as good as possible in the working world. Even her face was more round and plush then what she remembers or what she lied to herself she looked as without any makeup or clothes on.

She stood there for a little while and judged herself physically and socially for what felt like a while. She thought she felt and looked humongous which made her feel like a garbage person as she went to weigh herself and pulled herself from the mirror. Chelsea stood on the scale and waited for the result, 248 pounds was the result and wasn't surprised. It was just another feather in her cap of feeling like the shit pile that she was. She fell to her knees and slammed herself against the floor in the bedroom. She felt tired but wanted nothing more then to ruin what put her in this state. She felt a strange mix of intoxicating rage and exhaustion that she just wanted Vengence on the company who destroyed her life and would do anything to make it happen.
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Thank you for your kind words. I got about another 3-4 chapters planned but it depends on how much more I want to have happen to the character.
Eisphio 6 years
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