Hey big boy

chapter 1

Alex lugged himself and his suitcase towards the sleek tall building, which would be his home for the next 3 years, he was studying for a degree in art and hoped he'd one day be able to open his own art gallery. Reaching the heavy silver doors, he made his way inside, taking note of the bleak reception before him.

The room in front of him was quite barren to say the least, to right of him was a typical receptionists' desk stacked with paper and other stationary items, a stereotypical bell also adorned the desk. The seat which was to occupy said receptionist was empty, and the remains of a sandwich was the only evidence anyone had been sat there at all. To the left of him was some stiff purple chairs with an oak coffee table to match. Ahead of him was a long corridor with an elevator at the end.

Alex rang the bell that sat upon the desk and waited patiently. All of a sudden a flustered boy came flying out of a door behind the desk, and on to the small chair.

"H-helloo how can I help you today?? My name is Matt and I can help you with what ever you need". The boys cheeks were round and held up circular glasses, behind those glasses were two sky blue eyes. He had a button nose with freckles spraying said nose and cheeks.

"Oh um hello...I was wondering if you could check me in f-for the student accommodation?" Alex fiddled with his sleeves taken back by the boys appearance, he was short he could guess around 5,4 himself being 5,7.

"Yes of course, right away!" The boy turned to a computer tucked away behind a stack of paper, his fluffy yet also curly soft brown hair bouncing infront of his face "May I have your name?"

"Alex Turnam" Alex replied continuing to scan Matt up and down.

Matt was chubby. He wore a blue polo shirt that clung to his mid section, camouflage shorts, which seemed to strain around his thighs and large soft hands with small dimples at the knuckles. But who was Alex to judge, himself wasn't exactly a football model, size 34 jeans fit better than 32s and the small pudge of a stomach wasn't exactly the 6 pack he so desired.

"Turnam, Turnamm...ah yes Alex Turnam! Room 408 in block B, which is just left to this building, each Block has their own food hall which will be on floor 2 and if you have any issues with anything just pop on over and I can try to help!" Matt beamed, his smile making Alex's heart flutter.
"Here's your key! Hope you have a good day!"

Matt tossed a small silver key with a plastic green key tag attached to it, the number 408 written messily on the slip of paper inside the tag.

"Thanks Matt hope to see you around" Alex couldn't help but smile as he left the reception building, the blue eyes of Matt swirling his subconscious.
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MangaBL 5 years
Soooooooooooooooo CUTE!!
MangaBL 5 years
I am starting to love this! When I read the title I thought it was going to be a guy who unkownly befriends multiple attractive male feeders who keep giving him food as he unkownly started a harem!! That would be soooooooooooooooo HOT!!😍👬&