Introduction to stroking... the keys.

Chapter 1

I'd not long been wanting to play piano. It had appealed to me ever since I saw this man on the television. many years later, and now I am 19 years old. I finally got my wish and my parents started to pay for my piano lessons.

I went to this lovely teacher called Miss Whittaker; she was only a few years older than me. But she wore these clothes that gave her a very indistinct shape. Which I thought was rather strange, I eventually found myself alone with her in her house at her piano.

We started with the basics, whilst all the time chattering like old time friends, who were catching up. We began at first by talking about nothing all that important when suddenly Miss W struck a bad note and turned to me asking the question.

A question which I hadn't ever heard from anyone before. "are you horny? as I am really rather bored of playing now."

"umm..." was all I could reply, eloquence of the young.

She began rubbing around my crotch, and leaning into me. Her indistinct body started to press against me, and it felt softer than her face would indicate. It seemed almost as if she were carrying a soft blanket under there, of gel.

"I see you are starting to get a little aroused my young student." She said as she giggled at my sudden erection. I started to burn red. "here take my hand I think I should at least give you your money's worth, and teach you two lessons."


My first time. I can't quite describe it. There was something primal about it. what fascinated me most was the smoothness of her skin, and how occasionally it would ripple, as we gently touched on the basics.

She told me that I was a natural, and that she’d definitely want to teach me a few more lessons. Naturally I was eager to learn. But she told me to be patient. I’ve never been attracted to fat before... But this encounter... The warmth and feel of it.

I don’t quite know what to think of myself anymore.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~

My next lesson went very similarly. We both talked throughout the 2 hour session. Finally as it drew to a close I felt I had to ask. “Miss Whittaker....”

“Call me Mary. We are friends now of course” she smiled sweetly.

“Mary, why do you wear those clothes, they hide your beautiful body. I think it is such a shame.” I said whilst looking to the ground a little embarrassed by my revelation.

“Now, are you saying you enjoyed my body” She asked with a cheeky glint in her eye.

I took a deep breath. “yes I do, you shouldn’t hide it. In fact you should show it off to the world.”

“Oh really?” The mischievous tone of voice was very teasing to me. “This isn’t you just trying to get me into tighter clothes is it.” She said as she poked her talented tongue out.

“Of course it is” I exclaimed comically, making her giggle. Sometimes she really seemed to be like such a school girl when she laughed.

After a short pause where all was silent, she cleared her throat. “Well, aren’t you a lucky boy, I think you’ve persuaded me.

To be Continued.....
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Theswordsman 5 years
What if they start dating? It would be interesting to see how his parents react.
Dicklovesbabs 5 years
The M&M's are a nice touch, so here's an idea to take things to the next level: every time the protagonist gets a melody wrong, Mary eats an M&M. But every time he gets a melody right, then she eats an M&M and a Hershey's kiss. As he progresses to more ad
Ateitall 13 years
My piano teacher would line "m&ms" on the the piano...and when I did something correctly she fed them to me... If I was incorrect...she ate them!
Juicy 13 years
Yes, please continue. And don't make the mistake of moving too fast--the charm is in the combination of heat and discretion.
Balloon 13 years
Good start, please continue!