chapter 1

Maddy had always been slim. With her 5'6, and 110 lbs she had a toned body. Once a week she would go to the gym to do some cardio, but she didn't like it much.
She had finised high school, and she was looking forward to going to college, and living on her own. Maddy had heard about the freshman 15, but she didn't bother much: she had a good metabolism. In the months before college she had already packed all of her stuff and moved to the tiny apartment nearby the college.

"They care of yourself honey", her mom said while she hugged her one last time. Maddy sighted, she just wanted her mom to go away so she could relax.
"It will be fine mom", she answered. Her mom smiled at her, and then finally left. Maddie closed the door, and immediately dropped on the couch, but when she saw the time she realised she had to start making dinner. Not today, she thought, for today I have deserved take-out. So she ordered a pizza, and decided to treat herself with some Ben and Jerry's and brownies. I took a while before the food arrived so while waiting she munched on some Doritos. Mindlessly she watched some tv, not even realising the bag of Doritos was empty when she had to get up to open the door.
The pizza delivery guy handed her a big bag of food, and left before she could even get him a tip. Maddie returned to the couch, and lay the food out on the table. It seemed like she had ordered an extra large pizza by accident, and there were also like 12 brownies, and the Ben and Jerry's was a pack of 1 litre. She decided she would just eat her pizza, and put what would be left in the fridge and eat that tomorrow. She put on the tv again and started eating. Slice after slice disappeared, and Maddie didn't even notice she ate the whole pizza. Only when she found herself trying to get another a slice, she saw there weren't any left. Well, I didn't expect I could eat all that, but hey, I've worked hard today, she thought. So she opened the brownies. Taking the first bite she realised they were absolutely delicious. Bite after bite she ate the first three. She couldn't stop herself they were just so delicious. Within five minutes all brownies were gone, and Maddie was starting to feel full. But she couldn't just leave the ice cream? She had forgotten to put it in the fridge, so I'd she wouldn't eat it, it would melt, at least that was her excuse. She struggled to get up to get a spoon: her foodbaby got in the way. While getting up she noticed her pants felt tight. Probably just bloat, she thought while undoing her button. She plopped down on the couch again with a spoon and the Ben and Jerry's. She loved ice cream, and it felt good in her already stuffed belly. Sooner than the wanted the ice cream was gone too. Finally she realised how much she had actually eaten this evening. As long as I don't do this every night, it will be alright, she thought. Only did she not realise she would not be able to resist the food.
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